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Before He Wed His Wife, This Groom Cuddled Hard With His Best Man

Professional wedding photos are fine — the happy couple, the dressy looks, the glimmer of hope that binding yourself to another person will bring you a lifetime of happiness and

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Photo: Previously on Grindr II

He likes to de-stress in a guy’s mouth. Charming. Any takers?

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Man Crush Thursday: Laith Ashley

Transgender model Laith Ashley recently covered the June issue of Attitude magazine.  Ashley first came to the world’s attention in Barneys New York’s groundbreaking Brother, Sisters, Sons & Daughters campaign,


  1. Mandy
    October 02, 05:50 Reply

    Get a room, mister. A locker room, if konji hol’ u too much. Hian!

  2. Masked Man
    October 02, 06:15 Reply

    Number 20 though!
    Let me be his personal trainer.

  3. KingBey
    October 02, 06:46 Reply

    Damn cakes on number 20 ! All I need is one night with you babe.

  4. #Chestnut
    October 02, 07:02 Reply

    Hian! This is full-on fingering nah! Not just groping or grabbing; finger insertion is actually apparent in dat pix! These soccer players are waaaay too messy,lol.

  5. KryxxX
    October 02, 07:03 Reply

    See them!
    They haff come again!
    Masked man nd King bey leeeeeeeeeeeh!! Ha Ejiri anya ahu ngaa ike dosara! Tufia unu!

    Camera angle @ work here!! Or maybe he was just helping out by trying to adjust some stuffs. **giggles**

    • Masked Man
      October 02, 07:38 Reply

      Bitch, not today.
      If you don’t like cakes, then sorry for you.
      I can eat them everyday, thank you.

  6. Ace
    October 02, 07:21 Reply

    Sorry, number 20 is all I am looking at. The thought of him slithering with pleasure while I eat him floods my mind. ?

  7. kacee (MM's Bae)
    October 02, 08:33 Reply

    hmm i’m trying to interprept what is going on between 29 n 19.
    19: bros wetin you dey do?
    29: I just wan finger small.
    29: is it there?
    19: yes ohh my oooo right there, just keep thrusting in.
    the end…..

  8. Uziel
    October 02, 09:33 Reply

    Is this the new code for “Do you wanna hang out later?” ???

  9. Delle
    October 02, 14:00 Reply

    Is dat fingering I c? In public?!

  10. PP's bae
    October 03, 00:09 Reply

    wait o….i think one footballer slapped somborri for allegedly fingering him on the pitch….na the pishure b this?

  11. Dickson Clement
    October 03, 17:47 Reply

    What in heavens sake is happening here? Is this real or photoshopped? Camera angle can’t explain this – phyno and K.C cann blame their kiss on camera angle, but this? No this is totally scandalous

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