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Photo Of The Day XLI

I’ma just leave this right here and waka pass.

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What you wish that hot straight guy you’re tripping for will say to you. lol


  1. Ace
    May 23, 06:01 Reply

    Me: can I have two bottles of lubricants, some chains and ropes, two boxes of screws and four tie downs? My truck is in a bad state and I want to do some helluva servicing.

  2. Kenny
    May 23, 06:06 Reply

    Hi Ace…… May I take a look at the truck?

    • Ace
      May 23, 07:14 Reply

      You must be a certified technician before anything.

  3. KingBey
    May 23, 06:23 Reply

    and he stole the pishure….U eehhnn

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 23, 06:26 Reply

      Hian! See me o. Picture that was all over the internet. Abeg, take several seats.

      • Ace
        May 23, 07:16 Reply

        Hian! This picture wey I don’t see tey tey… Oohh Pinky, I guess some people have opened office on top your head – The department of blog scrutiny. I would love to join cos you see your own don too mush

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 23, 07:18 Reply

          There are several more seats in that stadium. Take a seat on whichever you like.

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    May 23, 06:30 Reply

    Hi can I have 2 large jars of lubricant….yes extra slippery please, a set of rope and chain and 2 tie downs.

    For my discount can I have Pink Panther thrown in as well? And Absalom too! Thankyou

  5. Mercury
    May 23, 06:53 Reply

    Y’all hoebags are at it again!!!!!, sheeesh!!!! thank goodness I’m never this horny.

      • Max
        May 23, 10:07 Reply

        Hmmm.. Hard to believe after someone served me some tea few months ago

        **sips coffee**

    • Lothario
      May 23, 11:51 Reply

      Lol…. So I guess you lifting up holy legs never happens?

  6. trystham
    May 23, 06:56 Reply

    *pensive* I wonder if they do whips and leather too?

    Wait, is the S and M for Slave and Master OR Sadist and Masoschist OR both? #AskingForMyPeaceOfMind

  7. KryxxX
    May 23, 07:35 Reply

    **Clears throat**

    Hello Students and Welcome to University of Kitodiaries!

    I am Prof. Pinky Pants! And I would be taking Akwuna 101!

    Any question?

    **Flees from the fury of the Pinkies**

  8. Ruby
    May 23, 08:06 Reply


  9. JArch
    May 23, 08:42 Reply

    Pinky!! I knew somehow this would make its way here at some point hahahaha

  10. Sinnex
    May 23, 08:45 Reply

    Wrong thread.

    I guess virgins don’t need any of those.


    • Max
      May 23, 09:27 Reply

      You need the lube dear.. Your tubes are getting rusty for lack of use.

      • Max
        May 23, 12:45 Reply

        Oh yeah @absie, the one he’s gonna use for making babies with Tef. 🙂

    • Lothario
      May 23, 11:53 Reply

      Oh… Very important for you! Buy and use some. Sex is really nice, you’re holding on to your virginity for no reason whatsoever.

      • Absalom
        May 23, 12:48 Reply

        You wanna disvirgin him, Lothario? 😉

      • Lothario
        May 23, 20:21 Reply

        Naaahhh….. Virgins don’t do it for me at all

  11. Teika Bonka
    May 23, 10:33 Reply

    Hian….kitodiaries can make the most innocent of things appear guilty……God is watching u on HD TV

  12. Metrosexual
    May 23, 12:15 Reply

    Tie Downs ….
    I dunno why that sounded sexual.. Mayb tis the cold weather..

  13. Lemuel
    May 23, 12:56 Reply

    Odikwa risky. No condoms? Well I want me just one black fisting gloves.

  14. olima
    May 23, 19:22 Reply

    Chai! See as dem just d place orders. Sotay peepo dey ask.for discounts. Lol! D owner of dis hardware store must hv had a twisted mind.

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