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Photo: Can Anyone Really Be This Clueless In 2016?

I don’t even know how to deal.

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Photo-toons II

Lol. Oh this kid is so getting whupped.

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Photo: The Gay Man’s Malaria Drug?

Well, here it is, gentlemen. The antimalarial recommended for a special demographic. 😀


  1. Gad
    July 04, 05:11 Reply

    All concerned to take necessary action.

  2. Heiress
    July 04, 05:18 Reply

    Hahaha. I will just walk away no matter how hot he might look!

  3. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 04, 05:53 Reply

    I get that look so many times. When me sef dey always go after dem power bottoms; they leave u satisfied… for that day!

    Ejo mi ko… ise oluwa ni… aa si ma Jeri re.

  4. Max
    July 04, 06:27 Reply

    Thats one of my best dick-viewing angle…

  5. Masked Man
    July 04, 06:27 Reply

    Some people are growers oh.
    When it’s flaccid, it might look as tweeny as an earthworm. The right amount of sensation, boom boom boom: anaconda.

      • Masked Man
        July 04, 06:46 Reply

        Yeah, I know. That’s why I don’t raise people’s hope, just incase they are a bottomless pit.

      • Masked Man
        July 04, 06:59 Reply

        Oh Pinky, you know how you go your whole length, and they still don’t make a sound. In that instant, I just know I’ll have to fight another day.

      • trystham
        July 04, 09:17 Reply

        Looool. What sound are u looking to hear precisely? Is it the “Ouch! Go slower. It hurts” or “Hmmm!!! Work that arse baybee” sound???

      • Masked Man
        July 04, 10:39 Reply

        Trystham bae, you are in the spirit.

        Even if it’s a stifling sound, or a muffled moan.

  6. Mercury
    July 04, 06:36 Reply

    I couldn’t care less about dick size, when we r talking cakes call me.

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 04, 06:45 Reply

      You sure? lol. Cos Tef once implied this is exactly the kind of post you’d be interested in. 😀

      • Sinnex
        July 04, 08:15 Reply

        Oh, Swerry, look at the picture and tell me what you see…yes, you got it…..WHITES!!!

        Look for Sean Xavier then come back to daddy.

  7. alpha papi
    July 04, 07:00 Reply

    IMO bttms who always whine about big dicks have wide holes abeg, as a result of jumping from 1dick to anoda.

    • Masked Man
      July 04, 07:52 Reply

      How are you sure they are jumping?
      Speak for yourself.

    • trystham
      July 04, 09:23 Reply

      are you…inadequate perhaps? *stirs tea and pointedly thumbs thru Vogue*

  8. ruby
    July 04, 07:40 Reply

    I always say… it’s not the size of the equipment that matters, butt the ability to use the equipment properly.
    I met an older man *God rest his soul* who wasn’t large but could screw you literally into confusion and I’ve met a guy who was massive n all he did was make me bleed *story for another day*
    So do the maths folks

    • Masked Man
      July 04, 07:57 Reply

      You fucked the older man to death?

      Oh dear, your are powerful.
      God rest his soul, and bleeding dick.

      • ruby
        July 04, 09:44 Reply

        No Darling, he died last year…
        We split up 4 years ago *you know those men who claim you are the only one but you have that gut awful feeling that you are part of a harem without consenting to it*

  9. Diablo
    July 04, 07:47 Reply

    it’s not how small the dick is, it’s how well it is used.

  10. JamesJemima
    July 04, 08:20 Reply

    It’s not the size but how well it is used…

    But a big dick that is used well is better than a smaller one that is used well… Yes? No? #QuestionsIAskMyself

    • ruby
      July 04, 09:47 Reply

      There are Big dicks that do the deed and there are Small dicks that do the deed…
      It’s all in the working

  11. Lanre S
    July 04, 10:53 Reply

    African proverb: What a Big Penis can see while sitting down, a small penis can never see even while standing up.

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