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Photo: Happy Valentine’s Day

May those who seek this find it and live it. Happy Valentine’s Day, KDians.

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Well, that escalated very fast.

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Guys, You Like? Singer Morachi Releases Racy Photos

The last I heard of this dude, he was crooning for us to ‘Hapuya Like That.’ I wondered at some point what had happened to him. Apparently, he’s been working


    • Pink Panther
      January 28, 05:59 Reply

      Ya calling Dennis. You not looking to wear bae’s ring?

      • Max 2.0
        January 28, 07:32 Reply

        Lol, he knows why I’m calling him.

  1. ken
    January 28, 06:05 Reply

    None of us alive today will see naija reach this point. The level of homophobia is appalling

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    January 28, 06:06 Reply

    I swear, I had little to do with this……okay it was PP who Meme-fied it lol

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    January 28, 08:44 Reply

    When I shall put a ring on a certain someborry in the Buhari household! That’s how I will show it off!

  4. Jamie
    January 28, 09:47 Reply

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!! I’m wearing ma ring sooner or later, and ma bae’s gonna wear mine too. Ain’t nofin as sexy as getting to flaunt long, cute, ringed fingers in front of everyone who gets to notice and ask questions….lol.
    OAN: for those of you whose dads know; I mean, who made your dads know, mistakenly or not, can you remember the possible courses of reactions to expect? He’s quite a cool person, and my story was explicit and straight to the point, but, I am confused… I’m wondering for how long the confusion lasts?

      • Jamie
        January 28, 12:30 Reply

        Yes, I did it. Somehow mistakenly, somehow not. I had wanted to at first, but had changed my mind, but I forgot to hide the clue…so he found out. I was very honest in it all.

        • Jamie
          January 28, 12:34 Reply

          I’m expecting anything from now onwards… I thought there was someone who’s been there, who could relate.

    • #Chestnut
      January 28, 10:59 Reply

      Jamie,throw more light,pls. *pulls out chair*

    January 28, 15:56 Reply

    hahahaaha@ chestnut-Pulls out chair, and pink panther puts out a pot of tea………Jamie pls share more biko, this ur story will be very interesting….

  6. shar
    January 28, 18:20 Reply

    Yes biko Jamie I need such a story in my life right now, oya spill.

  7. Jamie
    January 28, 20:31 Reply

    Okay. During the holidays, my mood swung from ecstatic to melancholic. I decided to tell my family about my sexuality. I wanted to write a letter and leave in my bedroom in the hope that one of them would get attracted to and read it. I was as honest about everything as possible but, at the end, admist my crying, I decided not to ”break their hearts”.
    Two days back, I flashed his line and he called, and after our usual lovey-dovey rituals, he asks me if that letter he found on the reading table was written by me, or belonged to someone else… I got confused until he started exposing the contents…. I replied in the affirmative.
    All thanks to my darling seminarian friend(no strings attached o!) who helped calm me that night. I dunno if I’d have come this far, this well, without his help.
    I called dad today and we spoke finer that I’d ever have thought that one who has outed himself/herself to his parent could… So far, it’s cute. It’s even better, though he keeps asking me ”How is school? How are you? I hope everything is fine”. It makes me feel he’s wondering too much about my welfare… I dunno what to think; I dunno what is. I’m too far from home to be sure. This could be the beginning of very positive things, or otherwise to come… That is my story. I’ll tell y’all whatever comes with time though…it may help.

    • Pink Panther
      January 29, 04:17 Reply

      Would u mind writing about it, Jamie? So we can get a reaction from the house?

      • Jamie
        January 29, 15:29 Reply

        No, I don’t. I’ll make presentation. It’ll help. There’s much to learn from it.

  8. michael
    January 28, 22:19 Reply

    You should make it a full entry. Personally I had a little run-in with one of my cousin’s who yanked my closet door open and half revealed what she saw.

    • Jamie
      January 29, 15:38 Reply

      ”Half-revealed”, sounds scary to me though…you get back to reoiling and replacing the closet doors huh? And why always the female cousin? Anyway, if they are not sure, I think it would be worse. They’ll keep such an eye on you…just thinking…

  9. Shar
    January 28, 23:13 Reply

    Awww at least he’s taking it well. I came out to my cousin this year, turns out her brother is a sister in the lord too. Hehehe so she took it well plus she claimed she always knew.

    • Jamie
      January 29, 15:31 Reply

      I caused it kinda willingly, if not, my closet doors were so secure. Noone could have ever thought I’d been having sex yet; as if I’m asexual…

    • Jamie
      January 29, 15:32 Reply

      So, you told her? Or she just found out?

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