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Straight Guy Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex With Men When With His Girlfriend

It seems that a self-identified “straight” guy just can’t stop thinking about having sex with other men while he’s with his girlfriend. As he writes to the Dear Coleen advice

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Netflix cancels production of Turkish series, ‘If Only’, due to pressure to remove Gay Character

Netflix has canceled filming on its latest Turkish original, If Only, amid pressure from local authorities to remove a gay character from the series. The eight-part relationship drama was announced

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“I’m Not Gay.” Kendall Jenner addresses the rumours about her sexuality

Kendall Jenner has responded to rumours surrounding her sexuality. The 22-year-old star has long been a person of interest when it comes to her sexuality. Unlike her siblings, she is


  1. Foxydevil
    November 12, 07:11 Reply

    Senseless girl.
    So being flamboyant justifies homophobia?
    And people that get lynched by mobs, beaten up, raped, murdered, all suffer because they are flamboyant?
    I blame the internet though….
    Now every retard has a device to update their stupidity .

    • trystham
      November 12, 09:16 Reply

      Once in a while, for only a little time tho, u open the windows of ur cranium to let in fresh breeze. Why u quickly snap em shut as evidenced by ur second comment tho…oh well!

  2. Foxydevil
    November 12, 07:29 Reply

    Sensai is so beautiful .
    How can anyone be so perfect?
    I’ve fallen hopelessly in lust with sensai….
    What a stud!
    What a man! ??????

    Sensai,beauty , even if you are currently dating someone, I’m pretty certain that person is nothing compared to me, literally or figuratively in every ramification.
    So ditch the dead weight and let’s be together.
    For someone as mesmerising as I am to offer myself on a platter to you, you dare not refuse! ?????

  3. Black Dynasty
    November 12, 09:13 Reply

    I have to call her out, homophobia is never justified. Though i do agree with the extra flamboyance being annoying.

    I rem times at the clubs in ATL & London (bootylicious and heaven to be specific), some guys seriously take the piss just to be an attention whore smh. Nothing wrong with being who you are but it’s different when the extra is added just to make sure the whole club can notice you.

    • Odogwu
      November 12, 19:39 Reply

      Omo u don enjoy London oh , I rocked both clubs back in 2004 and 2005, I think heavens was in west end and bootylicious was in south London ,I think it was later shut down. Those days I was shook because I didn’t want anyone to identify me, I didn’t wanna form the habit of going to gay clubs aswell, the one wey dey vex me pass na the str8 guys dat comes to gay club with their friends lol,like I will see someone I like in a gay club and they are str8, i haven’t been gay club since 2005 again, my male attraction never stop,my curiosity never stop,na only ATL remain sha but with the number of naija people for there,I will be easily identified.i think my sexual life should be kept private like my private part… yeah I know I have typing rubbish sha lol

      • Black Dynasty
        November 13, 05:42 Reply

        Lol you have been around, I first went to those clubs in 2007 and yup, i was terrified the first time I went. Interestingly, I ran into an old school mate there and it dawned on me that any 99% of the time, any guy in there is at least gay/bi or curious.

        Very rarely would you meet truly str8 guys there. Lol booty is still going on, moved somewhere else from vauxhall and heaven got bought over by GAY bar owners in 2008 I think.

        A few clubs in NYC are pretty cool as well.

  4. Mitch
    November 12, 10:02 Reply

    Sometimes, overdoing is a thing. And let’s face it, a lot of effete men tend to want to out-femme females. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m just saying control is necessary at all times in life.

    I don’t agree that effeminacy in men fuels homophobia. In this aspect, the writer was being silly

    • trystham
      November 12, 13:11 Reply

      ‘Want to out-femme’? I can’t believe this. Leastways from u. That’s like saying “breathe, but don’t breathe too much. Oxygen wants to finish” Geez!

  5. himbo
    November 12, 11:58 Reply

    I detect no lies. I saw an accquitance the other day on the road trying to flag down a taxi. And his mannerisms(effeteness)were drawing attention to him. You could see the derision on peoples faces. He saw my car and his face lit up obviously expecting a free ride. Sorry boy o. I can’t be seen with you. I burned tire getting out of there.

    • Foxydevil
      November 12, 12:41 Reply

      If you are ashamed of him, then you are ashamed of what you are.
      You should even be ashamed of yourself for posting this trash.

      • himbo
        November 12, 14:18 Reply

        I’m ashamed of your mother for not aborting you.

        • trystham
          November 12, 15:11 Reply

          In all, I am thankful u didn’t call him ‘friend’, only acquaintance. I hope he realises and cuts off negativity such as u from his life. Yeye that smells

          • himbo
            November 12, 17:53 Reply

            I hope so too. And that “yeye smell”? is definitely from the pus dripping from your prolapse and gonorrhea infected anus.

            • Perekule
              November 12, 18:20 Reply

              You are very obnoxious and should be very ashamed of your behaviour. I would never have any measure of respect for people like you who let their insecurities override whatever is left of their compassion. Getting in a fight with Trystham for calling you out shows how mean spirited you are.

            • foxydevil
              November 12, 19:22 Reply

              you would know all about smelly assholes and Pussy, you came out of your Mother’s after all.
              the store room of various spermatozoa ….
              all with their unique brand of odour. ?

            • trystham
              November 12, 23:52 Reply

              Well, there can’t be any cure for genetic stupidity whose classic symptom is delusionary grandeur. I know now the derision u noticed on the faces those ppl was reaction to stupidity that is ur make-up.

        • Foxydevil
          November 12, 19:14 Reply

          The real Shame is your diseased father, that married your whore mother and have birth to a stupid, useless, hopeless, imbecile like you and your retarded siblings.

        • Foxydevil
          November 12, 19:17 Reply

          That feminine guy is twenty times the man you’ll ever be.
          You worthless, hopeless, aimless pathetic warthog. Ugly stupid moron with low self esteem.
          Thunder destroy you and your ancestors there.
          Stupid, dirty, ugly riffraff.
          Disgusting pig.

      • Odogwu
        November 13, 07:29 Reply

        Take it easy bro, he can be ashamed of anyone he likes,he can even be Ashamed of his brother or mother but that does not mean he hates them. We are ashamed of Nigeria most Of Nigeria and Nigerian most times but it does not mean that we are ashamed of ourselves, we all have our choices,if u wanna dress like a drag queen and expect everyone to return your high5 in the middle of the market square then that is maddness,the gesture can only be returned by people that are comfortable with such behavior. And yes some of us are even ashamed of many things we do including you so being ashamed of ourselves is not a problem like u are making this commentor feel. If you are not ashamed of your self then go and poo in the public,wet your paints in public, they are natural things but most of us do it in private but never wanna do it in public… Not every man loves a high heel wearing woman or a Makeup wearing woman, same way not every man will like a drag queen or a guy actin guy like Beyoncé …There is something called preference… do what rocks your boat and let others do what rocks their boat

  6. himbo
    November 13, 08:45 Reply

    You pampers wearing queens have out done yourselves. I’m still laughing!

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