Random Questions: About Grindr Hookups

Random Questions: About Grindr Hookups

After chatting with someone on Grindr for hours, you’re horned up as hell and ready to go. Then he gets to your place and you open the door to see that he looks nothing like his picture.

Not that he’s physically hideous. He just isn’t the person in the picture he sent to you. Or he sent you a picture from a time when he was more attractive than he currently is.

What do you do?

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  1. Ken
    December 04, 08:09 Reply

    I shake hands and get to know the new stranger. After all everybody lies a little on social media.

  2. Zoar
    December 04, 08:32 Reply

    Pictures have been deceiving guys since time immemorial in the gayborhood.
    It’s either they’re surpassing what the picture said about them or they’re falling far below their pictures in reality.

    Most times, they’re falling below their own pictures sadly.?????????.

    I actually fell for one of that trick yesterday. He looked more unkept in real life but that didn’t make me feel bad. What got me even pissed was the attitude he attached to the disappointment I already had.

    He comes in all sweaty, and I ask that he takes his bath, he said a blatant “No” and started ranting about how he misses his AC. This is someone who looked really unkept and maybe might have a body odor or probably the Cologne he opted for isn’t doing him any good. And I had the plans of switching on my rechargable fan for him, the idea died,I needed to save that for myself as there was no light at the time!!

    I ask him what he wanted to drink and I got another resounding “Nothing” from him as he kept scanning the whole environment and making some calls at intervals, at some point I even became scared for my own safety.

    After a few minutes of awkward silence between us. He asked to take his leave and I couldn’t be more delighted.

    And I’ve already prepared 2k to give him for his stress of coming as that should atleast cover his transportation to and fro, infact it would have been more than enough considering where he came from. But as he never asked as per AC house owner ??☺️☺️☺️?, I jejely kept my ?.

    I immediately saw him off and was waiting for him to get home within an hour before doing the needful of blocking him.

    But he even made it more funny after I received a message from him after a space of some minutes telling me how “Bad” I was to him. I immediately blocked him both from Grindr and WhatsApp and added Truecaller to it too.

    I wanked the awkwardness away, took a shower and slept off the experience.

    • Davie
      December 04, 08:50 Reply

      You’re one Funny guy. lmao.

    • Haiku
      December 04, 13:29 Reply

      “Wanked the awkwardness away”

  3. Mitch
    December 04, 12:30 Reply

    I see you at my door and the person I see isn’t the one in the pictures you sent?

    Bros, be going back to where you came from. Black Jesus didn’t die for me to give my body to catfishers for pleasure.

    I see you at my door and you’re the same person as in your pictures, only older or more haggard-looking?

    That shall be considered.
    Based on your behaviour after then.
    Behave well, we fuck. Misbehave, nnaa, gbawaa door!

    No time!

  4. Black Dynasty
    December 04, 14:32 Reply

    A picture of someone else, i won’t even let you in to begin with, I really don’t do well with deception.

    A throwback pic… well depends, in the last 2 or 3 years and that’s not too bad. 10+ years ago?? Ahh this reeks of low self confidence and that isn’t cute in addition to the misinformation. I’d have to politely take a rain check.

    Honesty is usually not that hard.

  5. Colossus
    December 04, 23:26 Reply

    Is it not preek you’re looking for? Get to know the new preek

    • Pink Panther
      December 05, 06:39 Reply

      But a lot of work was put into knowing the original preek. New preek can’t just show up under the guise of old preek and expect us to start covering all that ground in a few minutes before fuck.

  6. Mike
    December 05, 20:15 Reply

    Looks have never been my thing, who send you. The older the better ma self. But though if in the picture you sent you were Chubby but presently no longer or slim, oga your going back home, I can force my hormones.

    The case of a friend who left Lagos to enugu, to me meet a hook-up, he thought he was in love with and supposedly slim, only to get there and a man in his mid thirties and chubby came out to greet him, mehn the poor boy had to contain his disappointment for the night and opt out at first light.

    In his kind of situation, no matter how disappointed you are, you go maintain and pocket all that attitude, till it is safe to do away with the person.

    I have never met anyone on Grindr with bad attitude Sha, or not who they said they were, sometimes with the stories here I wonder if it is the same Grindr I use, I am usually the guy who doesn’t send his picture. And the only picture I want to see of people is the picture of their ass, so i guess you can’t fake those.

    But I have met people who are everything they said they were and probably even better but when we meet there’s no connection, zero attraction like something is just off, what I do is I’ll become a very good, very interesting conversationalist, so it doesn’t seem like you’ve wasted your time, then come up with a “we can’t fuck” excuse, then apologize.

  7. Egyptian god
    December 06, 14:09 Reply

    I am always here for those that love Chubby Hippy damsels like myself , U could ask pinky for my Email.

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