Random Questions X

Random Questions X

It would seem as though our legacy, especially as Nigerian gay men, is to cheat and ruin relationships. Well, let us explore that. Let us have it. What are those reasons you imagine make gay men cheat?

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  1. Francis
    August 18, 06:53 Reply

    Just as it is with straight men, there’s this need to have as such sex as the next guy for bragging rights. Then you have those with wandering eyes who can’t help dragging innocent boys into their mess as if relationship na by force.

  2. Johnny
    August 18, 07:33 Reply

    Their third leg cannot stay put inside their pant .

  3. Simba
    August 18, 07:59 Reply

    Plenty testosterone….. Just as str8 men cheats.. Tho tht doesn’t make it right.

  4. Adrenaline
    August 18, 08:34 Reply

    A large number of men don’t even have valid reasons to cheat. They just cheat

  5. Vhar.
    August 18, 08:59 Reply

    Because we are Pigs…

    It’s not just about being tired of routine.
    It’s not because they’re totally aloof and have defunct consciences.
    Neither is it because they’re thrilled by the new toy from miles away.
    Or the appearance of one’s partner.
    Or lack of communication.
    Or because there’s a cheating gene embedded in folks that cheat
    Or because most soulless gay folks think it is OKAY to cheat.

    It’s because We. Are. Pigs!

    • Simba
      August 18, 10:07 Reply

      You sound Angry… Who cheated on you? Who did this to you, Vhar

    • Bryce
      August 18, 14:07 Reply

      True,what Vhar said.

      A majority of us are pigs

  6. bobby
    August 18, 09:11 Reply

    Its because human taste is insatiable…indiscipline and lack of self control…but not everyone cheats though as i can bet for myself though am not into any relationship yet but am seeing someone and it seems it might lead to that.

  7. IBK
    August 18, 09:23 Reply

    Can only speak for myself. I could get away with it.

    There were other little contributing factors like me and ex being in a bad place, distance, etc. but mostly cause I could get away with it.

  8. Mitch
    August 18, 10:36 Reply

    The thrill of the chase.
    Only, most times, we don’t get that those are just cheap thrills.

  9. WhoIsUgo
    August 18, 10:47 Reply

    When I was in a relationship, a perfect 10 hit on me. And I thought, ‘if I don’t bang this person now, God might actually punish me.’ So I did. But it was a one time thing.

  10. Mandy
    August 18, 11:10 Reply

    Because men generally don’t believe themselves to be monogamous.

  11. Mandy
    August 18, 11:10 Reply

    Because Nigerian gay men don’t believe in relationships since, well, we must all marry.

  12. Lexie
    August 18, 13:47 Reply

    Me I feel that it’s these three things that make us cheat or let me them cheat
    1.self confidence
    2.excessive hormonal secretion
    3.lack of faith in their partners
    4. Bad influence

  13. Canis VY Majoris
    August 18, 16:13 Reply

    All sexualities besides the asexuals cheat. No reason required, It’s a basic human characteristics. The real question is what are we cheating at?.

  14. Bain
    August 18, 17:00 Reply

    “If You don’t date anyone and fuck everyone. You don’t cheat.”

    (Inserts the meme that suits the quote).

  15. cupid
    August 18, 20:38 Reply

    fear of committing totally to one person I guess

  16. Black Dynasty
    August 18, 23:12 Reply

    It’s simple, men who cheat do so because they want to cheat. No excuses or circumstance, it’s a choice.

  17. Delle
    August 19, 10:51 Reply

    Sometimes, it’s just boredom. Not being able to be with a particular person for a long time, you want to explore a lot of other options.

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