Morning Humour XVI: First Impressions

Morning Humour XVI: First Impressions

A couple of friends sent me screengrabs of ‘getting to know you’ chats they had on the social media with potential hook-ups. I found them hilarious, the razor-sharp wit of the responses, and I simply had to share.Screenshot_2015-03-20-05-25-19Screenshot_2015-02-01-05-43-40

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  1. Peak
    March 23, 05:29 Reply


    Chai! You pple are just all shades of evil

  2. pinkpanthertb
    March 23, 06:11 Reply

    When the person who sent it to me sent it, I saw it and the next thing I thought was: This is such a Max-like thing to do.

  3. KyrxxX
    March 23, 06:12 Reply

    Ok, that role guy is pure evil!!!! Lmaooooooo!
    I wished I had such good/sharp retort for some stupid questions……… But am “Mr Nice guy” nd I always aim to please.

      • KyrxxX
        March 23, 07:35 Reply

        Hian! Pinky!!
        Its not that kind of pleasing oh! This one u r finding it interesting! Abu m di kwa ocha! Everything is cleanly shaven.

        • pinkpanthertb
          March 23, 07:38 Reply

          ‘Everything is cleanly shaven.’ This just keeps getting interesting-ner and interesting-ner.

  4. Mitch
    March 23, 06:22 Reply

    Oh God! The response to that role question…………I just can’t deal today. The guy is freaking hilarious!

  5. Silvery Cat
    March 23, 07:05 Reply

    Hi Pinky, I can clearly make out the name of the guy on FB and I think it’s not fair to him. U just outted him, albeit unintentionally. I can just imagine if it were me *sad face*

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 23, 07:39 Reply

      I did not even notice that. Thanks for bringing it to my notice. Just rectified it. Hopefully, my earlier gaffe hasn’t wreaked much damage.

      • Max
        March 23, 08:38 Reply

        Didn’t even notice it.

  6. Metrosexual
    March 23, 07:39 Reply

    This is a joke, right..?

    The Skype- Messenger chat really got me..

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 23, 07:40 Reply

      And the Skype guy deserved it. Such abruptness from someone you don’t even know yet… Tsk tsk.

      • wazzosgrotto
        March 23, 08:01 Reply

        Ha! I see you were serving v.o.g.u.e over the weekend 🙂 Love it!

      • trystham
        March 23, 17:53 Reply

        Its sooooo irritating. I used to think it was only minors that were that silly. I hardly respond to those. BUT older men?…haba!!! No ‘hi’, ‘hello’ or ‘whassup’??? Just drop number or even ask where u are like u shared a bed the night before.

      • #TeamKizito
        March 23, 12:09 Reply

        *Brandishing Agiel*

        You’d sing your way outta this one, Jemima!

  7. Ruby
    March 23, 09:29 Reply

    Oh mi gosh

  8. tobby
    March 23, 11:29 Reply

    I like dat ‘role’ guy. We can be friends

  9. Gad
    March 23, 11:59 Reply

    When ego and pride meets…

    • Sinnex
      March 23, 22:18 Reply

      You took the words out of my mouth. Something just did not seem right….

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