Hello, guys, my name is Dennis Macaulay, but you already know that. Today I will not be ranting about issues that affect me. Instead, I shall be telling a few stories and see if maybe I can bring perspective to an issue that bothers my heart a tiny bit.

While I was in the university, I had a gang of friends which were a mix of boys and girls from different departments; friendships from playing the band in the church choir (yes, yes, I was a church boy once upon a time), from study groups and a few other things that brought us together. This circle of friends was very diverse and I fondly remember now how we would argue and argue over everything from politics to pop culture and all. I remember the day we had our convocation, taking pictures in robes and eating all the food our parents brought till we were stuffed to overfilling. Now after the ceremony we all lied that we had to stay back to do our clearance for NYSC. Really, we had a graduation party that we wanted to attend in Owerri. We headed there after our parents left. And boy, did we have a good time.

Now, I remember us sitting around our table and I randomly started asking everyone what was next for them. Someone said medical school, another said business with his parents, one girl said she wanted to have a TV show (she now has a radio show, so she did not fall too far), and many wanted to go to the UK for MSc. It was down to one Juliet (she studied law and graduated as the best student); she was the prettiest in the group and was busy sipping her Smirnoff Ice. When she realized we were all looking at her to say what her future plans were, she said, “Me wants to finish Law School, marry a rich man and wear Prada.”

I laughed really hard at that. One of the girls in the group however did not find it funny; this girl was a feminist before being a feminist became the new cool; she came down really hard on Juliet for pandering to the stereotype that women were just works of art to be acquired and kept at home.

It fast became an argument, and then I stepped in and doused the tension. And I remember saying to them that as much as I think Juliet is too smart not to make a fine lawyer out of herself, if she really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, who were we to decide for her what to do with her life. It was her life after all. This settled the argument and we continued drinking and partying away, oblivious to the harsh economic realities that usually await fresh graduates in Nigeria today.

Where am I going with this, you may be asking; please have a little patience. A friend of mine got married not too recently and I was a proud groomsman; everybody here knows I love a wedding party, so I was all over the reception venue, flirting with bridesmaids and keeping my eyes alert for fresh market (judge nut). However, when this friend of mine announced that he was getting married, some members of our circle of friends did not find it amusing; as much as they did not say it, it was almost as if they were accusing him of betraying them, betraying the cause. I got into arguments with two of them defending the groom, to point out that while marriage (to a woman) may not be my journey in life, if a gay man wanted it, why rail against him? Who are we to decide that?

Now I am writing this article because I read PP’s article about his trip to Owerri and the things he experienced which made him question some of the things he thought he already had figured out. I read a lot of the comments and I was very disappointed with some things I read, because the PP’s story had hit home with me, having experienced something similar when my friend was getting married. Two of our friends refused to serve as groomsmen because of the fight that ensued when they said the groom was weak and merely caving in to society. I came down hard on them for what I perceived was their disloyalty. When the groom-to-be informed me of his wedding, the only question I asked was, “Will this make you happy?” When he said yes, I didn’t need to know anything else. It was his decision, his sincere choice, and I respected that.

My dear Chimamanda Adichie has shown us how destructive single stories can be when they become the only story. And this is what we try to teach homophobes too, that sexuality isn’t the only component of a human being’s makeup. So why judge them based on only one component which is not “up to your standard”? What worries me however is that by bashing gay men who get married, we are also becoming that very thing we condemn without knowing it, because we are taking one narrative and making it the only narrative.

I would love to point out that gay men get married for very many reasons.

Firstly, there are gay men who genuinely want a family – father, mother and children. They fall in love with a woman and build a family on love and not necessarily on pretence. Or are we saying that a gay man is incapable of loving a woman? We were educated here once about the spectrum of human sexuality, right? I happen to know a gay man who gets excited at events when he sees a man with his wife and kids, like he really wants it for himself too. Why should I or anyone tell him that he cannot have it? That he should not have it?

Secondly, straight people also marry for different reasons besides love – economic considerations, political considerations, family connections etc. In fact, the concept of marrying for love is a very new concept in our world today, and it just wasn’t the norm. If a gay man marries a woman for any reason other than love, mostly to gain acceptance, how does that make his marriage any less valid than that of the straight man who married the governor’s daughter to gain political capital?

I have made certain choices in life; a wife and kids will not be a part of my life. But that is just me. Everybody doesn’t have to live like me. I will be kidding myself if I pretend not to know the kind of battle I will face. I mean I am not yet thirty, and there is already so much noise. What then would it be like when I get to forty? I know that it will be a very, very difficult road to walk, and I do not blame anybody who wants to save himself of all the stress.

My final take on this issue is simple: To each his own. Those that want to get married aren’t all weak or caving to societal pressure. They aren’t all betrayers of the cause. Some of them just want to get married. Those that remain single should also not be condescended upon or treated with disdain. This life is after all a very personal journey; map your route by yourself, decide your pace and MOST IMPORTANTLY pick your co-travelers by yourself. To those of us who don’t want kids, MAKE LOADS OF MONEY, because retirement homes in Europe cost a fuckton of money!

I hope I made some sense to you.


PS: Where is Rapum? I miss you! Email me!

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  1. Max
    July 29, 05:36 Reply

    Nice fictional fad.

    • Mandy
      July 29, 06:19 Reply

      Haba, Max, have you now joined #TeamSubDennis ? lol

      • Max
        July 29, 08:02 Reply

        Naa… I just think there’s a lot of political correctness in the piece… Almost looks as if its written to please the general populace..

        • pete
          July 29, 17:29 Reply

          You’ve always inferred that you’ll like to live/experience life in saner clime,yet,you talk about political correctness in such manner.

    • Prince
      July 29, 14:57 Reply

      I loved this piece from the beginning to the end. So much sense. AWESOME

  2. Francis
    July 29, 05:59 Reply

    Me don talk am before sha say the greatest thing I’ve learnt from this blog is to let go of my prejudice.

    *make I siddon wait for comments. E be like say Max dey exhausted from yesterday. :D*

    • Max
      July 29, 06:11 Reply

      Lol.. This engine runs 24/7..
      This issue has been discussed plenty times, so I didn’t see the need for a long comment.
      And also because people have failed to provide me with an answer to a question- “Why is it that straight guys can’t marry guys? But gay people can marry girls?

      • Mandy
        July 29, 06:20 Reply

        Why indeed? Gay men can ‘fall in love’ and marry women but straight men can’t do the reverse? Abeg!

      • #Chestnut
        July 29, 07:21 Reply

        @Max: it’s simply a question of acceptability nah; society rejoices when a man marries a woman, but everyone will give side-eye if a man marries a man.
        But really, no straight guy would want to marry a man, even if he had d “go-ahead” from everybody,cos he’s straight. Why go for something u don’t even like when nobody is putting pressure on u to do it?

      • Keredim
        July 29, 17:42 Reply

        Why would a straight man marry a guy?!? To what end?!

  3. ambivalentone
    July 29, 06:39 Reply

    You ppl always seem to miss the point, don’t y’all? Its not about not marrying, its about what u do WHILE married. Someone sarcastically mentioned an open marriage…sorry, relationship and the uncle to which it was directed ‘ermed’ and ‘haaed’ *rme*. When the other party is accepting, NOT RESIGNED, then I’m cool with MGMs, MBMs, MSMs etc

  4. kacee
    July 29, 07:37 Reply

    Nice post DM. Marriage marriage marriage tht shit scares me.

  5. kacee
    July 29, 07:46 Reply

    PP a friend of mine is in Deep shit. Omg i didn’t sleep well o…

      • kacee
        July 29, 08:12 Reply

        I just sent it to u. Pp this is some serious shit, Omg people are so wicked.

        • Pink Panther
          July 29, 08:28 Reply

          I’ve seen your mail, kacee. I did not see that coming.

          • kacee
            July 29, 08:39 Reply

            I didn’t too, how could he be so careless(didnt they learn from that egyptian gay marriage mess) he is just a child o. Omg.

            • sinnex
              July 29, 10:39 Reply

              Please STOP! Just STOP. Let your conversation be via email. Don’t wet our appetite when you know you are not going to share it with the general populace.

  6. Mitch
    July 29, 07:48 Reply

    I’m cool with MGMs and MBMs only if they stay faithful to their wives. I don’t care how much dick or ass you crave. Once you’re married, end your shenanigans. Otherwise, don’t get married.

    Now I’ve been known to have feelings for the opposite sex for some time now. However, I CANNOT have sex with them. I’ve tried and it never works. Either I get freaked out and escape or I don’t have an erection at all. Now in this situation, does one really expect me to be okay with marriage to a female? Cause I won’t be!

  7. Django
    July 29, 07:58 Reply

    Having a husband and kids will never happen in my life. This is me trying to erase the stereotypical template society and family preinstalled in the lives of their female children. My folks at home are so lucky they have 4 more girls, else…

    • Max
      July 29, 08:05 Reply

      “Pre-installed” hahahahahahahaha

    • Pink Panther
      July 29, 08:10 Reply

      Django, I’d really love something from you. Your take on any LGBT issue of your choosing. Whatever u have to say and however u want to say it.

      • Masked Man
        July 29, 08:16 Reply

        Hunting for stories with bow and arrows.
        Doing archery since first republic.

  8. kacee
    July 29, 08:30 Reply

    PP have u seen it, i’m f**cking losing my mind here.

    • Pink Panther
      July 29, 08:34 Reply

      Yes. I replied you. I’m trying to get in touch with TIERs. But he, your friend, needs to contact me.

      • #Chestnut
        July 29, 09:06 Reply

        PP and Kacee, what is happening o???? U ppl cannot be titillating us with snippets and giving us high blood pressure! What happened nau,ahn ahn???!!!!

      • kacee
        July 29, 09:10 Reply

        Ok ,i sent u his details and given him yours, cause he is leaving school now and he is so scared.

  9. JArch
    July 29, 09:26 Reply

    First of all Max when did a point of view or an opinion that not inclined to YOUR Code of Conduct (pun intended) or Constitution, but generally acceptable or agreeable to a vast majority get termed to as trying to be “Politically Correct” The mediocrity of your statement is just appalling to say the least.

    Lest we forget, I am a gay man who’s out to some members of my family and who’s going to get married to a man and have kids. So don’t come blasting at me saying that I am one of those who’s going to be pressured by societal demands and yield into it.

    Not withstanding not everyone is as strong as I am, nor do they enjoy the level of support that I get from my family. In the same vein, not every gay man wants to end up in a longterm relationship with another man. Some do genuinely crave a “normal” family with wife and kids. Trust me I would know.

    Case in point: I have a friend in the UK who lost his wife to illness some years ago. He called her mummy, but he was older than her and they had two lovely kids together. He’s as gay as they come, but he loved his wife immensely even until death. I can’t recall how many hours I spent on the phone trying to console him as he went through this ordeal. Did he have sex? outside of course he did.. Did he love his family? more than you and I or anyone else can ever imagine. It was quite evident when they visited Nigeria so his kids can meet their grandparents. His mother suspects he’s gay and one time when she visited the UK, she made a comment about it, and it was a statement of support not condemnation. But my friend just doesn’t crave that kind of relationship anyway.

    So don’t come here and (try to) read the riot act for anyone who doesn’t see things from your point of view. Even the world hates you for being gay and yet you wish they didn’t. The silliness of your question as to why a straight man can marry a gay man is just that – Plain silly.

    One day you will turn 45 or 60 and then you will fully understand what it to walk a mile in the shoes of men that you’ve judged and condemned and tagged as “weak”

    • Max
      July 29, 11:41 Reply

      Genuinely crave a “normal” family.. <<<There lies the flaw of your whole pointless rant. You don't have to agree with me, cos I don't even care.

      You reason the way you do because of what your family & Nigeria as a whole has pre-installed into you.

      I'll keep hammering it and saying it as it is on this blog. When straight people start getting encouraged to marry their fellow men, then I'll see nothing wrong with gay men marrying women.

      Since your "normal" involves only a man and a woman, you also reason like the general homophobe

      • Sian
        July 29, 12:17 Reply

        At least he’s reasoning some.You,you don’t reason at all.
        I’ve always thought you a miracle of creation,and you confirm that by the day.How a person can be alive and perform most human functions with mush for a brain,is nothing short of a miracle.

        • Max
          July 29, 12:36 Reply

          Your cheap attempts @ trying to make yourself relevant on this blog is both lame and silly, since clearly you don’t have nothing better to do than whore yourself around peoples comment & look for people to reply.
          Face it, you’re an attention whore and no one here(me being the first) care about what hideousness comes out of your foodhole. So do yourself a Favour and stay in your lane.
          Until you decide to develop/educate your walnut sized brain, all your comments wont matter. It’s a mere lame attempt by a lonely jobless underachiever to feel relevant/good about himself by using different Pseudos in an online blogging platform to display his foolishness.
          Next time, write your comment down on a piece of paper and shove it down your throat, cos it means nothing. Or you can sue me.

          • Sian
            July 29, 13:24 Reply

            Commonsense is certainly not common,you are proof of that.
            I pray you receive sense,someday soon.

      • JArch
        July 29, 17:48 Reply

        “Genuinely crave a “normal” family.. <<<There lies the flaw of your whole pointless rant. You don't have to agree with me, cos I don't even care."

        I guess you're using the Keywords "Crave" and "Normal" to tag my comment as pointless.

        But since we're on a roll of semantics you missed out the first word "Genuinely". Which in this context means that such a person was never forced into making any choice that he doesn't agree with. Am sure the term for such people are called BISEXUALS (it's all about semantics abi)

        Am not asking you to care about my comment, quite frankly it won't buy me a glass of milk. What I ask is that you drop the Conrad Hilton attitude and get your head out of your ass. It's not a hat you know.

      • JArch
        July 29, 18:45 Reply

        Loool Keredim leave me ooo

        Actually don’t leave me sef, I’ve missed you too much biko. We need to catch up on the latest goss you know. Judging by the time you’ve been away from KD, lots of popcorn worthy moments has been made/had

  10. Colossus
    July 29, 10:53 Reply

    This issue has been talked about extensively and as usual, the divide is still there. I do like the stand you took anyway. To each man his path. Why some people want to walk your own path for you is beyond me. When you choose your path, be sure it is what you want and walk that path, accepting the joys and sorrows that come with it.
    It is funny to actually think all men who get married to women are weak, to believe that it’s a walk in the park. Sure, it’s easy alright to run a family, give it a try sometime.
    How a minority group still don’t understand acceptance when it’s basically all they scream for is beyond me.
    To each his own. Help each other find happiness, however much you can’t understand the different paths chosen.

  11. Sinnex
    July 29, 11:06 Reply

    Live and let live.

    Those who are going to marry women would marry women. Those who are going to marry men would marry men. Those who are going to marry dogs and cats would marry dogs and cats. Those who are going to be single would end up being single.

    Nobody cares!

    It’s your life and it is up to you to live it the way you please.

  12. kacee
    July 29, 11:14 Reply

    ‎muchas gracias PP, THANK U.

  13. Khaleesi
    July 29, 12:13 Reply

    ***Rolls eyes @ Dennis and his weird love for weddings! A lot of gay men who despise MBMs and MGMs do so cos of the deceit and treachery they seem to sense from them. I have quite a number of MGM/MBM friends, really great guys devoted to and in love with their families. The men they get with on the side are a “side bad habit” they indulge in every now and then. Who am i to judge? If it works for you and you’re able to sleep well at night, fine! The ones I honestly cant stand – and i’ve met a few of such are the ones who sneer and look down on and pontificate while energetically chasing male flesh like its going extinct.
    I have learnt to abide by the “to each his own” maxim. yes, the gross betrayal and infidelity doesnt sit too well with me, but again, no one made me a judge, leave me alone and dont crtiicise me and i’ll extend the same courtesy to you …

    • ambivalentone
      July 29, 15:07 Reply

      Just imagine? ‘side bad habit’!!! Thats EXACTLY the word one married uncle like that called the whole thing. What self respecting human being wants to be termed as such?

  14. sensei
    July 29, 13:15 Reply

    There are about 7 billion people on the planet and each person is entitled to an opinion. How do you cope when you are surrounded by so many who disagree with your perspective? There is something we all should consider. The way you react to a person whose world view is different from yours says NOTHING about the issue in question but says EVERYTHING about who you are.
    That is why I think it’s possible to intellectually disagree with homosexuality and not be homoPHOBIC; phobia being the active word here. When your reaction to an issue that should not disturb you so much is EXTREME and exaggerated, then there is a problem.
    On this blog, it is quite sad that I see too much of personality and emotionality impeding intellectual discourse.
    I judge no one. We are human beings afterall and this is what it means to be human. However, I expected more tolerance from a gay man who knows first had what it means to be harshly criticised, insulted and stigmatised just because of their unique world view.
    It is easy to demand the world from others. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we demanded from ourselves as much as we demand from others.
    It has been said “judge not”. But I understand that that’s hard because we want to have an opinion on issues as we are entitled to.
    The cure for every kind of intolerance is patience, frank communication, empathy and love.
    Dear gay man, if you cannot love your own brother, don’t blame the world for not loving him.
    On this blog may I suggest, that we try large doses of dialogue and love, empathy and understanding, frank communication that bears the stamp of emotional intelligence, before JUDGING.

    I sue for LOVE…not WAR.

    • ambivalentone
      July 29, 15:16 Reply

      “…However, I expected more tolerance from a gay man who knows first had what it means to be harshly criticised, insulted and stigmatised just because of their unique world view….”
      It is for this same reason as someone who has always been at the recieving end, I cannot understand why anyone would want to cheat others in ANY way. Judge not, yes. But guy, in some cases,.ur gavels n wigs av to be primed otherwise whatever injustices u experience are justified.

    • Colossus
      July 29, 15:18 Reply

      And this my dear friends, sums up the matter. Sue for LOVE not WAR.

    • MagDiva
      July 31, 21:45 Reply

      I couldn’t have put it better. 10 cheers to you my friend

  15. Venza
    July 29, 14:13 Reply

    Ok! Interesting.
    A friend just introduced me to d blog & this article is eye-catching.
    I am straight but I respect choices and I see sense in this write-up. Marriage (to a woman)to me is not the real deal ‘cos I know so many unhappy married pipo around. I think generally happiness should come first so I’ll not use the word “weak” or “strong” if I’m in anyone’s shoes.
    I have a few (gay) friends and I understand the whole societal judgements and stuffs but mostly I think pursuing a cause goes far more than just words, it requires strong actions.
    I know most things are better experienced than talked about but like I said earlier “I really don’t fancy marriage. If my ideology remains unchanged for another decade, I’ll adopt and keep a healthy relationship for what it’s worth. So once I’ve asked a friend ( gay) that same question. If you are really true to yourself & this is how you are built & u follow your dreams & happiness then Nobody should make you go out of your way. You can stick to the your cause for as long as you live against societal odds and believe me others will follow.
    Ok that’s it!

    • Pink Panther
      July 29, 14:45 Reply

      A straight guy in our midst. Awesome. Hope you’ll stick around, Venza. We need our issues expressed through diverse points of view.

    • Khaleesi
      July 29, 16:51 Reply

      Hey Venza, glad to have you on here, please do stick around. it’d be a breath of fresh air to see things from the perspective of a straight but tolerant man … ***hugs***

      • posh6666
        July 29, 17:11 Reply

        Something really sexy bout a straightman… and me luring them with every art of seduction i can muster and we finally fucking heavenly!!!urghhhhh that naivety that pure unstained innocence urghhhh…Hi Venzy boo

        • ambivalentone
          July 29, 17:31 Reply

          I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope u don’t do this. He is tolerant, yes, but restrain urself.

          • posh6666
            July 29, 18:56 Reply

            Dear holy mary it aint that serious it was just something for u to read and laff over n scroll away as if i actually have d strenght or time to pursue any man either strait or gay.

            • ambivalentone
              July 29, 19:40 Reply

              Ok then. I shall be praying for you, now and at the hour of your death.

              • Brian Collins
                July 29, 22:13 Reply

                Pls, i need to know. Who metamorphosed into ambivalentone?

                • posh6666
                  July 29, 23:02 Reply

                  Lmaoooo pls help me ask o cos i dont even get what this drunken mistress is all about nor the issue here seeing that u seem new on d blog n just so scattered

                  • ambivalentone
                    July 30, 01:56 Reply

                    Seeing as u called me Holy Mary, that was also something for u to laugh over. Thats the one of the catholic prayers when palming the rosary.

  16. Posh6666
    July 29, 15:24 Reply

    My people this same ish has been over flogged i think its about time its laid to rest.Like u said to each his own som1 else said live n lets live.So u cant know sum1’s pains or wishes better than d person so no more judging and pointing of fingers so do u and i will do me too.Lmaooooo OmG that sounds kinda sexual came out wrong

  17. Dimkpa
    July 29, 18:17 Reply

    On this issue, I feel marriage is an important decision in anyone’s life and it can determine a lot about how happy one’s life will be. I feel starting it based on deceit is a recipe for disaster. We talk a lot about gay men getting married we spare no thought for the women. Is it right to drag a woman into a marriage without at least coming clean and letting her know who we really are? I think it is the honorable thing to do. Forget society and all, marriage is difficult and even that between two lovebirds experiences issues not to talk of one where the love is questionable.
    I have had the opportunity to talk to a few married gay men and I found out it is not easy. We focus a lot about the infidelity but the personal struggle for some can be debilitating. They may feel accepted by society but the tales of depression and struggles are something else. I know of men who you would think that after so many years of marriage would have got used to it but still could not cope and had to leave the marriages.
    I once came across an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians when Caitlyn (then Bruce) was having issues with his wife. It was clear there was something wrong and it was affecting both of them. None of them was happy.
    I have read lots of stories about gay men in Mixed Orientation Marriages and although some of them are good most don’t end well.
    One story in a book “The road less travelled’ described a woman who went mad because she blamed herself for the issues with her husband who it turned out was gay and was the cause of their troubles.
    No one has mentioned the children that may be affected if eventually the whole thing blows up.
    I feel this issue should go beyond the selfish idea of ‘if it makes him happy’, There are a lot more people involved in the drama and we should think of the honorable thing to do. The rotarians talk about the four way test; Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
    We need to think long and hard about this.

    • Francis
      July 29, 18:29 Reply

      Hmmm, the matter don change dimension. Now it’s about being 100% clean with your spouse which is quite difficult for some as some things like being gay, an estate hoe or having had countless abortions are best carried to the grave.

    • Max
      July 29, 19:26 Reply

      @Dimkpa, most gay men who wanna get married don’t think this way. They don’t even care about the lady’s feelings. If they’re gonna treat her right, if they’re gonna be able to give her the emotional satisfaction she deserves.. They keep talking about how hard it is- You know what, fuck you all.. Nobody forced you to get married. You knew how hard it was gonna be and yet did it anyway. You abandoned your natural inclination to please society.. You made the choice consciously/unconsciously because you’ve been thought that marriage is the ultimate goal of every humans life. So when you say you want kids, you’re actually speaking from your upbringing, you’re not necessarily thinking objectively. But hey, what do I know? I’ve never been in a marriage before, so I’m not qualified to speak on such matters…just as I’m not qualified enough to talk about India, or USA, since I’ve never been to those places.
      But let no one tell me its ok to marry someone you’re not attracted to just because straight people marry for various reasons ( Thats why you see various divorces).

      • ambivalentone
        July 29, 19:46 Reply

        and so, my likes abound for your comment Max….well, maybe not so much for the use of language (lol)

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 29, 19:57 Reply

        “when you say you want kids,you’re
        actually speaking from your upbringing,you’re not necessarily thinking objectively.”
        I want kids and I’m gonna have them,but i’m not getting married to any woman.That means I’m not thinking objectively,just my natural upbringing talking?.
        When will you start making sense,ehn Maxine?.

      • Pink Panther
        July 29, 20:17 Reply

        Lol. You know, Max, the comfort I’m taking from your unapologetic stance is that when we start growing old, I’m moving in with you so we can face off the world together. 😀 #TeamNeverGonnaGetMarried

        • Max
          July 29, 22:15 Reply

          I’m gonna build a big house.. Me and my man are gonna be in the main building.. But you’re welcome to stay in the BQ @pinky..

  18. Teflondon
    July 29, 19:03 Reply

    Live and let live. Tbh need we say more? We are humans and not robots. Our diffreneces and diversity to life is what makes the human race unique. I laugh everytime I come here and see people try to shove their opinions and way of reasoning on other people. When people get riled up Over irrelevant things that wouldnt add or remove a strand of hair from another being.
    We all need to be more accommodating and accepting of eachother. It’s a shame that the blog only promotes hate and stupidity. Hence why we will continue to see people like Max strive here. Its sad for the blog really. It’s sad for PP also. I would love to think she’s helpless concerning this. Watching how a scum (if you ask me) continue to spread her bile all over the place. one word. #Shame

    • Pink Panther
      July 29, 20:09 Reply

      Yes, Teflondon, you never waste any time to point out how something is sad for the blog. Always being a ‘Good Samaritan’ just eager to show the world that this or that is sad for KD. Or sad for PP.
      Well thanks. I don’t need your empathy. And I think KD will do just fine without you constantly pointing out the sadnesses plaguing it.

  19. Ven
    July 29, 21:10 Reply

    Not that I’m trying to pry in the guy’s situation, but this seems like something I might want to know. Please PP, who’s TIERs and what do they do?

  20. Virgin Morgana.
    August 02, 05:42 Reply

    we all need to do this, we all need to do that. please, stop bugging my ears with those we-have-to-think-this-way sermon. All I need right now is Jarch. jar Boo, can we fuck- sorry I mean can we hook up? secondly, can someone tell MAXIMUS to go get laid. it’s far due. eww!

    Aside: Why do they hate Teflondon this much?

    *Primes my weavon, awaiting judgement*

  21. ofunwa
    August 26, 21:02 Reply

    I’m impressed with d arguments especially those frm JArch & Max. Howevr, if our intelligence is chaneld towards making Nigeria LGBT friendly, there might not b any need for dis kind of argument aftrall. To add a voice, the common enemy here are d pple frm d other side of the divide, but it seems there is war within already. If we cannot reach an agreement wthin at dis early stage of d struggle, hw do we hope to make d rest of d world come to an agreement wth d LGBT? Lastly, i’ve said it once nd i’m reiterating it; I’m a relativist who blvs in pple livng their lives, so long as they don’t cause harm to others while doing dat. And I describe d homophobs and most Nigerians as ‘sinners that hate those who refuse to commit their kind of sins’.

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