What They Say IX

What They Say IX

‘Adultery is legalized in South Africa by the Constitutional Court. Gay marriage is legalized by the US Supreme Court.

‘As if that is not enough, Germany’s National Ethics Council has called for an end to the criminalization of incest between siblings after examining the case of a man who had four children with his sister.

‘Lastly, Japanese court rules ‘Adultery is OK if it’s for business purpose.’

‘All in one week!

‘It is obvious Satan’s agents are working round the clock to win more souls for their master. The battle line has been drawn. Fellow Christians, let’s fight back to win the crown of glory for Jesus.

‘Share this so that everyone will rise up and preach the gospel of Jesus now!

‘With love,

‘Joyce Meyer.’

The above was what a (now former) BBM contact came at me with a couple of days ago to buttress his point that evil is all this world is doomed for following the US Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. Ever since the ruling, we (he and I) had always locked horns in arguments, either of us presenting salient points to back up our differing opinions on the subject of LGBT. And even though he is clearly antigay, I maintained his acquaintance because his opinions were often intelligent and gave me material for my write-ups.

This all changed a few days ago when he forgot that Google exists for a reason and came to me with something he felt was irrefutable evidence that the United States had condemned the rest of the world to hell.

The following is the chat that ensued between us.IMG_20150720_081743IMG_20150720_081752IMG_20150720_081802IMG_20150720_082116IMG_20150720_082124IMG_20150720_082139IMG_20150720_082155

At this point, before saying anything else, I decided to verify the dates on these court rulings on Google. And surprise, surprise, every one of them happened way before the US Supreme court decision was passed. Whereas, according to Joyce Meyer, they all purportedly happened in the space of ONE WEEK! This was when I became pissed off.IMG_20150720_082201IMG_20150720_082209IMG_20150720_082215IMG_20150720_082224

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  1. Francis
    July 29, 05:48 Reply

    Don’t be surprised if Joyce Meyers never said such! BBM don turn evangelism ground. Almost everybody that joins my blog’s BBM handle has some “Jesus is Lord” status message. Person no go hear word again

    • Max
      July 29, 06:00 Reply

      I’ve removed all those religious zealots from my list m ain’t got time for their nonsense.

      • Francis
        July 29, 06:01 Reply

        I let them be until they forward some religious crap my way then it’s delete and block one time.

  2. drizzle
    July 29, 06:08 Reply

    Lol…. I wonder how this one survived on ur contact list. These BCs are annoying af..

  3. Masked Man
    July 29, 06:11 Reply

    There’s one idiot like this too on my list. He’s this holey holey nwa chineke type, throwing verses of the holey buybull at my face to support his arguments. Till one day, he came to ask me if I could pimp ‘babes’ for him, as he’s so horny.

    • Pink Panther
      July 29, 06:16 Reply

      Oh yea, the pimping of babes is just another thing that is conveniently pardonable by heaven.
      But being gay? God forbid!

      • Masked Man
        July 29, 06:27 Reply

        Of course.
        He can fuck his konji out, go to church, read psalm 51, do some ministrations and heavenly paradise is assured again.

        But when I have gay sex, I’m sliding fastly down the lane to hell, with beelzebub waiting with a sledge hammer to bash my skull and balls.

  4. Mandy
    July 29, 06:23 Reply

    I don’t believe Joyce Meyer (whoever he or she is) said this. What I believe is that people will concoct anything to use and fan their prejudice. Imagine a gullible population seeing this (like PP’s ex friend), it then reinforces the belief that the US is just the epicentre of Sodom and Gomorrha

  5. ambivalentone
    July 29, 06:47 Reply

    I used to be wowed by such BCs. Now, I guess one has to be on the recieving end of a partivular injustice to realise a lot of it is just bull. As a rule now, send ANY BC not business or joke related and ur arse is blocked, deleted or ignored

    • Colossus
      July 29, 10:58 Reply

      Haha haha. Oh that phrase gets me laughing everytime

  6. Joseph
    July 29, 07:28 Reply

    What amazes me is that those who should know better,don’t.

  7. Mitch
    July 29, 08:12 Reply

    Joyce Meyer never said this shit! That lady is one of the most tolerant preachers of the USA. She has never stepped into the muddied waters of sexuality discussions. That message was started by a Nigerian who probably was seeking validation for the crap he made up

  8. Ruby
    July 29, 08:25 Reply

    It is a wah oh for all these people!

  9. KryxxX
    July 29, 08:30 Reply

    Joyce Meyer?


    I follow her on Fb nd dont remember seeing anything like this from her oh!

    But Pinky, take it easy nd understand naa! USA is Mother Gomorrah nd every evil must start from her b4 others would follow! Just like they started ISIS, boko haram, oil theft, political propaganda, killing of Albino, tribalsm, adultery, lies, bad economy! Everything! Try nd understand, inugo?

  10. Sinnex
    July 29, 10:20 Reply

    This was obviously written by a Nigerian.

    I am 100% sure Joyce Meyer never said such.

    Some people are so annoying sha. The worse is that they send BCs and say you should forward it to 12 people before 5 minutes and if you don’t do that, someone close to you would die or you will experience a very unfortunate event. Once I get something like that, nna mehn, you go regret the day you were born. Or they would upload a picture of a very sick person and would just put, type ‘AMEN’,and people would just be typing away, I wonder what they are typing ‘AMEN’ for.

  11. kacee
    July 29, 11:39 Reply

    Hmmmm Nigerians, this is why i stopped going to church. Having people who think its in their place or their birthright to judge other people.

  12. Khaleesi
    July 29, 12:23 Reply

    And … everyday, religion unfolds more and more of the stupidity and intellectual death it dragged in with it…. ***rolls eyes and saunters away on glittery, shimmery pumps****

      • Khaleesi
        July 29, 16:57 Reply

        @Tiercel, this particular strain of stupidity thrives under the auspices of religion, it is nurtured and nourished by the highly potent opium fumes. Without religion, a lot of idiots would have been able to critically reason and decipher things for themselves!!!

        • Tiercel de Claron
          July 29, 19:42 Reply

          Idiots will be idiots,Khal.Neither religion nor science has any say on their being nor can either change them.

  13. Posh6666
    July 29, 15:27 Reply

    This sa people are enjoying o!should a bitch be considering migration☺☺☺

  14. masonkz
    July 29, 16:23 Reply

    If I can block my own brother from whatsapp cos of his constant bible BCs, then I surely can block anyone else irrespective of our friendship stance. We can meet outside and always greet, but not on my phone would such stupidity be condoned.

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