Ricky Martin to Play Gianni Versace’s Lover in ‘American Crime Story’

Ricky Martin to Play Gianni Versace’s Lover in ‘American Crime Story’

American Crime Story creator, Ryan Murphy has tapped Grammy-winning singer, Ricky Martin, for an acting gig. Martin will co-star opposite Édgar Rarmirez, Penélope Cruz and Darren Criss in Versace: American Crime Story, the third installment in the FX limited series from Murphy, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson.

The 10-episode Versace examines the shocking July 1997 assassination of Gianni Versace (Ramirez) on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion by sociopath and serial killer, Andrew Cunanan (Criss). Martin will play Versace’s longtime partner Antonio D’Amico.

Also, early reports suggested Lady Gaga would take on the role for Versace’s sister, Donatella, but Murphy told Variety in January that it was too much of a time commitment for the in-demand pop star. “She’s a friend. But she’s very busy this next year – she’s doing Super Bowl and then she’s doing A Star Is Born, and I believe that she’s going on tour. And when you’re going to do a show like Versace, it’s a five-month commitment, it’s a very big show, we’re shooting it all over the world. So I just don’t think with her schedule, I knew that it would never had worked. But I would love to work with her on something in the future.”

Academy Award winning actress, Penelope Cruz will play fashion designer Donatella Versace, who took over the famed fashion house after her brother was killed.


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  1. Mandy
    April 10, 07:22 Reply

    This American Crime Story Season 3 is sha getting more hype than the season 2 that’s yet to come out.

  2. Fshaw
    April 10, 08:41 Reply

    Isn’t penelope cruz too ‘pretty’ to play donatella? I want to see how that will work.

    • Mandy
      April 10, 08:51 Reply

      Lol. What are you trying to say about Donatella, eh?

      PS: I think Gaga woulda been perfect. Penelope IS too pretty.

      • Absalom
        April 10, 09:38 Reply

        So you’re saying that Lady Gaga is not fine? ?

        • Brian Collins
          April 10, 10:01 Reply

          I feel like Gaga would have been able to project all that ‘fakeness’ about Donatella and it would be very believable because Gaga is quite comic herself. Penelope Cruz just seems wrong. But she’s an amazing actress, so she would have to put all that talent to good use.

          • El
            April 10, 15:12 Reply

            I’ll really prefer Penelope over Gaga when it comes to acting Donatella. Gaga can’t obviously act the way P would and look at her face and body structure + makeup = Donatella.

    • El
      April 10, 15:20 Reply

      Donatello isn’t bad looking at all, after-all being Chic a times equates to beauty. The High Cheekbones , The Signature Flat Hair, The Resting bitch face (RBF), Her Walk and all that elegance should make up for whatever ugliness people are seeing on her.

      • Pink Panther
        April 10, 19:10 Reply

        LOL. You mean the ugliness that the lots and lots of plastic surgery seem to be fetching her?

        • El
          April 11, 14:09 Reply

          LMAO. She’s really not ugly to me Pink. All I see is Uniqueness. Maybe her iconic status is blinding me. I dunno.

  3. Soltana
    April 12, 21:16 Reply

    please i think this website needs more publicity , many people don’t know about it , you guys are doing a good job ,even if its at the risk of homophobes trolling this website i think this website needs more publicity to enlighten people ,and to truly serve its intended purpose

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