Cristiano Ronaldo Refuses To Respond To Gay Rumors

Cristiano Ronaldo Refuses To Respond To Gay Rumors

Soccer star and underwear model, Cristiano Ronaldo has fueled more than a few homoerotic fantasies, but the Portuguese demigod remains tight-lipped regarding which team it is he’s really playing for.

Claims were recently made by a French journalist that Ronaldo was flying to Morocco four times a week for “cuddles” with kickboxer Badr Hari.

While we certainly don’t mean to insinuate that two straight guys can’t enjoy a cuddle every now and then, it was just the latest rumor about Ronaldo to reach international headlines.

And one that he isn’t keen to address, except cryptically.

After scoring an impressive four goals against Malmo, Ronaldo spoke to a reporter about feeling off his game. Four goals sounds pretty “on” to us, but what do we know?

The 30-year-old told Spanish TV station Antena 3: “I have been below my level. You have to take into account that I have had some personal problems. I would prefer to keep them to myself but I am in a better place now.”

And the rumor mill continues churning.

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  1. Ruby
    December 12, 05:06 Reply

    You wee not open ya mouth and talk now.
    Didn’t they tell you that Silence means ‎​Yes???
    Continu keeping Kwayet!!!

  2. ken
    December 12, 05:37 Reply

    They look cute together. And there is definitely no smoke without fire. So I will say, yea, they are totally lovers! 🙂

    • Mandy
      December 12, 06:01 Reply

      What if the smoke is the type that’s coming from a vigorous fanning of the charcoal in the fireplace? What if there’s simply no fire here?

      • Pink Panther
        December 12, 06:04 Reply

        Me, I’m on the fence with this rumour, as I always tend to be when gay rumours start circulating about celebrities. Until these talks are backed with something more substantial than mere conjecture, I prefer to keep my mind open.

        • ken
          December 12, 09:49 Reply

          This is something I have always suspected from day 1. And if history is anything to go by, there is usually substance to most gay rumours. Remember Ricky Martin? Yusuf Mack??
          Darling nw is the time to come down from that fence and start warming ur fingers to break the news on his coming out story

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    December 12, 06:36 Reply

    My favourite footballer behind David Beckham and Joseph Yobo!

    Biko let it be true! Can you send love potion via IG?

    • Maximus
      December 12, 07:50 Reply

      They’re all akpans in your book, so please shift.

    • Khaleesi
      December 12, 16:08 Reply

      Hian! He tends towards the “Akpans” you deride so much and he’s much older than the twinks you love to drool over as you snatch them from their cradles, so… Biko rest!! And leave this one for us!

  4. Ringlana
    December 12, 06:42 Reply

    The first time I saw this pic ,I 😂😂😂😂 but my bff is crushing him.Let wait for Episode 2 of ….💆💆💆

  5. Delle
    December 12, 07:41 Reply

    This guy is just going to pull a Yusaf Mack on us, I can feel it in my bones! Ronaldo just has to be gay. One of the stereotypes I’ve heard is that most men that are too handsome to the point of being ‘beautiful’, all end up being gay. I’m not one for stereotypes, but I sure hope they’re correct this time.
    *kneeling before the grotto while chanting positive supplements*

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 12, 07:44 Reply

      Darling you don’t want to have me as an enemy!

      Please move forward!

      • kacee
        December 12, 08:46 Reply

        Before it was Korede Bello, now him…. SMH

      • Delle
        December 12, 12:14 Reply

        Ahn ahn…oga Dennis, since when would Ronaldo be classified as a ‘twink’?

    • kacee
      December 12, 08:44 Reply

      Delle if i woze u slap eh mtchewww

      • Delle
        December 12, 12:14 Reply

        *standing akimbo*
        And y exactly would u do dat, ehn?

  6. Ruby
    December 12, 07:48 Reply

    Dennis I wouldn’t mind you know!!!!

  7. ambivalentone
    December 12, 07:59 Reply

    As to what team he’s playing for, well, he’s still not sure as whether to move or stay in Real

    • #TeamKizito
      December 12, 08:36 Reply

      He should just pack his bags and move to manchester. United is the club for him. He was born a Red Devil.

  8. KingBey
    December 12, 08:02 Reply

    The Moroccan guy must be hitting the right spot for him to be visiting four times a week. Na wah !

  9. Chizzie
    December 12, 08:25 Reply

    I’ve been getting gay vibes from this one for a while, and the fact that he’s roman catholic just adds fuel to fire. All roman catholics are gay until proven otherwise. There’s something about that institution that just gays ppl up. Which is why I am pro Biafra, cus i know its going to be one gay orgy after another.

    • Bryce
      December 12, 13:06 Reply

      By any chance,is Stupid your middle name?.
      It sure looks it.

  10. kacee
    December 12, 08:42 Reply

    Does Badr Hari have a boner in this picture. Ronaldo i love you, I wish i was the mother of your child *wink*. All this NOSY Journalist mtchewww.

  11. Teflondon
    December 12, 09:02 Reply

    This is a typical case of ‘Damned if you, Damned if you dont’
    I think he doesn’t need to come out to defend himself from the rumors, he doesn’t even need to acknowledge the rumors. This will just pass away like most celeb rumors always do.

    As for him not knowing the team he plays for? Well he most definitely know were he would be next summer. And it’s no other than my Beloved team Manchester United

    • Delle
      December 12, 12:18 Reply

      Umm…u forgot to put a ‘do’ in ur quotation (first line 2 be precise). No need to thank me, hunnay.

  12. sage
    December 12, 09:12 Reply


  13. Dickson Clement
    December 12, 09:29 Reply

    My CR7!!! Badh Hari is hoooooooot!! That man reeks of masculinity. Chiseled to the bone, sculptured by fire, and drips awesomeness!! Oh yea! I will fly to Morocco too. I think they are just friends *cos I don’t Wana die of the pictures in my head*

  14. GAG
    December 12, 13:40 Reply

    I have always loved this guy and will always love him *in Whitney houston’s voice** also can anyone see something grow with guy lifting CR.

    • GAG
      December 13, 14:37 Reply

      *something growing underneath the guy lifting CR**

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