Sarah Paulson faces backlash from Gay Twitter over the Use of Pronouns

Sarah Paulson faces backlash from Gay Twitter over the Use of Pronouns

Sarah Paulson is on the receiving end of a Twitter storm after shutting down a fan demanding that she add her pronouns to her profile.

The drama started on Twitter an online user tweeted the star: “Put [your] pronouns in your bio, it’s not that hard.”

Paulson quickly replied to the tweet saying it wasn’t anyone’s job to tell her what to do. “It’s also not that hard for you to not tell what to do,” she shot back.

A few minutes after the post was fired off, online users began rapidly calling for the cancelling of the American Horror Story actress. Several users argued that the refusal to use or include pronouns in a social media profile was transphobic. Some went as far as suggesting the actress may be a terf (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). One online user tweeted how “disappointed” they were in Paulson and “never thought this day would come”.

As the criticism and comments built up online, some users from Gay Twitter jumped to the actress’s defence, pointing out Paulson’s history of preferring not to label herself. Others had issues with how the user tweeted the star and called it out as “rude” and insensitive.

Twitter user Charlie commented on the situation and offered a standpoint from the trans community in a poignant thread. They wrote: “Trans people do not care that Sarah Paulson doesn’t have pronouns in her bio, we care about the fact that we don’t have equal access to healthcare, that in the UK we don’t have equal marriage rights, that trans women of colour are at high risk of murder.”

The user also added that Paulson’s reply did not warrant the masses of hate the star was being sent her way. “[Sarah Paulson’s] reply, in no world, justifies the disgusting (not to mention misogynistic and lesbiphobic) comments being made to her by 14 yr olds on stan Twitter. It isn’t that deep, she’s not the enemy, see the bigger picture I beg.”

Another online user spotlighted Paulson’s previous camaraderie with the trans community, which included calling out public figures accused of transphobia.

While there has been no fixed overall opinion on the issue, Paulson is yet to comment on what’s happened or offer a follow-up tweet.


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  1. Francis
    April 04, 09:01 Reply

    I don’t even know what to say at this time. At least it’s not trans people that are running mad over this innocuous statement. It wouldn’t have looked well for them at all.

  2. Mandy
    April 04, 09:10 Reply

    This is just funny.

    I mean, what exactly does having pronouns on your social media bio solve? How is it the solution to the world’s problems against the LGBQ community?

    And it is ironic on two levels: first, the people who ask for people’s identities to be respected are exactly the ones demanding for people to make alterations about their identities simply because. So you are advocating for the respect for the trans identity and yet you’re in my face demanding for me to label myself just because it suits you. how is that not hypocritical and foolish?

    And the icing on top of all this foolishness is how quickly these people turn to hate, to poison and bile, to all forms of prejudicial slander when they don’t get their way – and this is supposed to be in reaction to “transphobia”???


    • Tristan
      April 04, 10:34 Reply

      I’m telling you. There wasn’t any need to fuss about adding pronouns on her bio.

  3. P. Mitch O.
    April 04, 11:02 Reply

    Next thing, they’d scream, “tWanSPHobIA!”
    Awon idiots!

  4. Olutayo
    April 04, 13:10 Reply

    There is something very satisfying about watching the woman who told JK Rowling to shut up getting dragged by the same militants who went after JK.

    And yeah, the TRA will be its undoing. By their hands, they’re going to one by one cause anyone that matters to peak trans. Let them continue being bullies.

    • Francis
      April 04, 13:40 Reply

      That stunt JK pulled was at best Transphobia lite. You people wouldn’t be cuddling her if she said pulled something similar with the gays

      • Olutayo
        April 04, 14:42 Reply

        That “stunt” JK pulled was basically to insist on the identity of women not to be displaced in order to accommodate trans women. Its not transphobia anything. She didn’t try to invalidate transwomen’s identities. She was simply insisting that cisgender women’s identities not be minimised by trans activism.

        And the gay agenda doesn’t seek to displace anybody’s identity in order to exist. So no, there’s no “something similar with the gays” that JK could pull. In fact, JK once pointed out how the problematic aspects of trans activism that insists on gender not sex is invalidating sexuality.

        • Francis
          April 04, 15:56 Reply

          Let’s pretend she and some people here didn’t have issues with trans people transitioning and she didn’t suspiciously write a book about a cross dressing serial killer 🤷🏽‍♂️. Like I said Transphobia LITE!

            • Francis
              April 04, 22:37 Reply

              I haven’t. I read the synopsis like most people did.

              The book just added fuel to the flames of her transphobia.

              I found it hard to seperate the book from her statements on trans issues and support for transphobic peeps before the book dropped

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