When IT Happens

When IT Happens

36fc16a3b11d4686a0accecc08cebbd6Like a thief in the night

It hits you

Like a blow from your past

Boom! It strikes

Out of the blues

Into the new

Knocking you off your feet

Into a fit

You almost never see it coming

Can one ever be ready for love?

Are you ready for love?

Yes? No?

When love happens

It could make a grand entry with pomp and fanfare

Or a silent appearance like a stealth missile

Aiming straight for the heart

Or masked in a camouflage, seeking to be noticed

When it happens

Love makes an unexpected arrival.

Written by Krysss

Compliments of the Season, Kitodiariesians.

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  1. shuga chocolata
    December 24, 05:48 Reply

    Compliments to you too,

    Love this, kudos to you.
    ‘When it happens love makes an unexpected arrival’

  2. B.A.D
    December 24, 06:16 Reply




  3. KryssS
    December 24, 07:37 Reply

    *blushing from ear to ear while smiling sheepishly* OMG!! Pinky!! I never thought you’d see my mail! Or lets just say I thought u saw it but chose to ignore. Thank you very much! U made my morning! Nd thanks 4 d other extras. *smoldering Pinky with Kisses*
    And to Dennis nd co, love is a beautiful thing biko! Open up to it nd see what you have been missing! #TeamHopelessRomantic

    • Brian Collins
      December 24, 12:09 Reply

      I am right behind you…no erm…. right there with you. #TeamHopelessRomantic.

  4. JArch
    December 24, 09:59 Reply

    This is just beautiful. Those who have been TRULY in love will be able to relate deeply with this piece and those who haven’t (but hope to) are told what to expect

    Two songs came to mind after reading this
    · Fly Love – Jamie Fox (Rio OST)
    · Unconditional- Katy Perry

    Nice one Kryss

    • Brian Collins
      December 24, 12:15 Reply

      Good lawd, do i just love that ‘Unconditionally’ song. I hope to sing that song to someone i fall in love with.

      • JArch
        December 24, 14:02 Reply

        Hahaha Brian am sure one day you will

        I’d say Shayne Ward’s “If that’s ok” is my all time #TeamHopelessRomantic anthem lol. Anyone who sings that song to you, would have you melting like butter in his arms in the end cos of the lyrics and its meaning

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