Tank Says A Man Giving Another Man Oral Sex Doesn’t Mean He’s Gay

Tank Says A Man Giving Another Man Oral Sex Doesn’t Mean He’s Gay

R&B crooner Tank caused quite the stir on social media after suggesting that a man giving another man oral sex more than once does not define his sexual orientation.

Tank sat down with The Breakfast Club co-host, Angela Yee’s on her Lip Service podcast to promote his latest studio offering, Elevation. They were joined by co-hosts Stephanie Santiago, GiGi Maguire, and Lore’l.

In a segment of the show, Yee got the ball rolling by talking about how she and some girlfriends recently had a discussion about the long list of excuses men come up with when they know they are dead wrong.

When Lore’L chimed in with a story about how a former flame was a terrible liar, Tank chimed in, “He’s not a liar. He just lied twice,” to which Yee inquired, “Doesn’t that make you a liar?”

When Yee countered with, “So, let’s say a guy sucked a dick one time,” to which Tank exclaimed, “Jesus Christ” as he almost choked on his drink. “Let’s say twice,” Yee continued, before rhetorically asking if that would make a man gay.

Much to the ladies’ surprise, the 43-year-old artist responded that oral sex with another man doesn’t necessarily make a man gay. Although he conceded that “twice is excessive,” he asked the ladies to hear him out first before dismissing his argument.

“He sucked a dick once, right? Then, he’s like I’m not sure if I liked it or not. Let me try it again, and then he says, ‘You know what? It’s not for me. Don’t like the taste.’ See what I’m saying?” he elaborated.

“It doesn’t mean he’s gay,” he concluded. “It means he sucked dick twice. The art of being gay is being gay. It’s a continuous state of being.”


This exchange quickly caused debate online, with people on Twitter going back and forth between applauding the singer for his opinion of sex and sexual orientation and others calling his opinion bull.

Responding to the online furor, Tank took to Instagram to indicate that he is comfortable with people disagreeing with his point of view.

In his latest Instagram video, Tank asks fans to check out the interview from Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast and indicated that he’s perfectly comfortable with people disagreeing with his point of view. “I said what I said!” he mock-yelled on Instagram, then laughed. “Y’all so goddamn homophobic.”

In the caption of the post, he wrote, “We all are not the same and the beauty of exchanging information is what I enjoy. You don’t have to agree with someone’s difference to not hate them.”


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  1. Ken
    October 25, 08:03 Reply

    He’s right. Sex doesn’t necessarily define sexuality. Lots of gay men sleep with women everyday, that doesn’t make them straight. Reverse is the same

    • Choco
      November 23, 12:42 Reply

      Yes, it doesn’t make them straight… It means they are bi…

  2. Mandy
    October 25, 08:16 Reply

    This depends on the intent o. Whether he is sucking dick once or twice or thrice, a guy who does that without any pressure — say he wants to pay bills or he has a gun to his head — IS GAY!!! You can’t just wake up one day and want to get some D just laidat and still want to be thought of as straight. No way, Jose.

    • Tristan
      October 25, 10:23 Reply

      I don’t agree with you Mandy. What of me that likes pussy but not attracted to girls. Oh yeah, you heard that right. I’m still as gay af.

      • Pink Panther
        October 25, 11:24 Reply

        You like pussy but are not attracted to girls?

        Can you elaborate on this please?

        • Tristan
          October 25, 14:12 Reply

          I don’t get boners at the sight of a fully clothed female nor anyone with an exposed torso. Flaunt your breasts and my John Thomas won’t even budge an inch let alone rise. I’m not turned on by female ass neither.

          However, I’m a pussy fetish–I love to see, feel and eat that swollen, throbbing and pink hole–just as I love the sight of dick and bussy. I dont see myself emotionally vulnerable and exposed with ladies, the way I do when I’m with men. I feel like there’s more to just sex(of which I dont have), I need to give a lady to stay attached to her. This may partly be due to the fact that I’m demisexual.

          There are nuances in a stereotype and I belong to one of it. I’m a gay man that loves the pleasure that pussy gives but with zero sexual attraction to femininity.

          • S@mm!e
            October 26, 04:36 Reply

            Dude you’re bisexual! Take it or leave it, if you are “gay AF” then you won’t be fantasizing about female pussy… You are Bi.

          • Mike
            October 29, 15:39 Reply

            I would actually just call this a strong fasination with feminity, especially the symbol of it, to your mind that is the pussy. It is not a sexual thing, it’s an identification or association thing. Thing is our brain can not really tell the difference between most conceptual things, on the base level, the stimuli, the reaction is the same, boils down to positive and negative.

            For example there is no separate hormones secreted when a person loves chocolate or anything in particular, it’s still the same dopamine, that same dopamine responsible for sexual attraction. On the base level. Same also for repulsion, anger the same chemical duo may vary in degree.

            A child who could never bond well with his father or a father figure, and grew up abused by his, would grow up being attracted to older men most likely, chill most guys hide this, but it’s a pattern and it’s real, in a way, in another its not a real attraction but a recognition of a need.

            It’s the same thing you’re feeling, if a guy had a pussy, it would probably be a dream come true for you.

      • Milton
        October 25, 12:05 Reply

        Okay… this stroke a cord… forget the post, let’s talk more about this.

    • trystham
      October 25, 10:33 Reply

      What if he is pregnant? You know how all these pregnancy cravings are like.
      You wake up tomorrow and resume disliking the agbalumo u ate thru the 3rd trimester

    • Itz
      October 25, 16:29 Reply

      What if u fuck a girl does Dat make u straight do people turn straight once the are married

  3. Black Dynasty
    October 26, 08:52 Reply

    He has a valid point, men who identify as gay are married to women and have biological children but are not straight, heck they wouldn’t identify as bi either.
    I imagine a few out gay men had sex with women whilst trying to maintain their cover in the closet. The same applies to what tank said.

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