These False Stories About Gay Men Being Anally Incontinent From Sex Still Won’t Go Away

These False Stories About Gay Men Being Anally Incontinent From Sex Still Won’t Go Away

The conversation starter “O jewa ke eng” has been taking Twitter by the storm in recent days. There have been various editions of it, with people asking about LGBT, Sex, Education, Religion and Childhood.

A couple of days ago, responding to the Sex Edition question, a twitter user who goes by the handle @DemonLomoLatile decided to regale his followers with a story about his recent experience with a gay man and gay sex. The story is a furious stab at humour, filled with every gay stereotype you can imagine, from the gay thirst that is characterized by generosity, to conversion, to anal incontinence after penetrative sex.

Check on the tweets below.

I’d say C for effort in queer fiction from a straight man perspective, but some people I know are giving it a D instead. Just as long as this guy doesn’t expect us to believe this to be a true story, because there are so many holes I could shoot into the story. Like how no straight man indulging gay sex for the first time will dive straight into penetrative sex where he’s the receiver. (Please, don’t insult the art of Bottoming. It is not something everyone can just do.) Like how the notion that penetrative sex leads to anal incontinence is beyond ridiculous in 2019. (Sorry, but pampers are still exclusively a baby’s item. Gay men are fine.) Like how it is extremely hard for me to believe there are any NIGERIAN gay men, whether they’re in diaspora or not, who are this naively generous with potential hookups they are yet to meet. (Perhaps there are, but to me, they’re about as rare as the unicorn.)

What do y’all think about this Twitter story? Fact or fiction?

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  1. Cocent
    February 06, 09:37 Reply

    F for effort. What a fool! Anyone who believes the story is even more foolish!

  2. Rehoboth
    February 06, 09:58 Reply

    It’s fiction that mirrors fact. With the exception of the anal incontinence, the rest do happen.

      • Rehoboth
        February 06, 13:02 Reply

        Gays been generous to potential hookups, taking dick first time like a champ.

        • Mandy
          February 06, 16:12 Reply

          First of all, are you a bottom? If you are, was your first time a champ? And that’s even aside. The guy claims he’s straight. You mean to tell me a straight will go straight from fucking pussy to taking first time dick like a champ? Lol. Nigga please.

          • Rehoboth
            February 06, 17:24 Reply

            What has been a bottom got to do with knowing that some people took dick the first time like a champ? I’m going to ignore the part of transitioning from fucking pussy tobtakinf dick as I don’t see the correlation. I ain’t a nigga.

  3. ken george
    February 06, 10:07 Reply

    Actually this guy doesnt even appear straight to me. More like a gay guy in denial but gifted with ability to pen wild fantasies down and make look real. Or just a gay lonely man looking for attention. smh

    • bamidele
      February 06, 12:13 Reply

      exactly the same feeling going through my mind as I read the text!

  4. Shadow
    February 06, 10:23 Reply

    LMAO!!! Nigga said he had to work it like he talked it. Of course this story was made up but i won’t be surprised if most straight people believed it. They are gullible like that.

  5. Mitch
    February 06, 13:53 Reply

    M for mumulistic effort.

    This one is just a glorified ode.

  6. Mandy
    February 06, 16:15 Reply

    A couple of my friends are saying it’s obviously fiction, as if it being fiction makes it okay. It’s not okay that he’s telling stories that further ignorant stereotypes used to persecute gay men.

  7. Malik
    February 07, 05:54 Reply

    It’s disgusting. Very annoying; the things people say for attention!

  8. J
    February 07, 09:47 Reply

    He’s a fool ???? I was angry at first, but then I started laughing. Stupid stupid, shameless cow ??? They are the ones messing up things for us. Nonsense!

    It’s a joke, he’s creative in a disturbing way.

  9. Jinchuriki
    February 09, 19:41 Reply

    This is definitely fiction. It is funny though, but a terrible stereotype.

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