‘God will finish the job’: Texas pastor prays for Orlando survivors to die

‘God will finish the job’: Texas pastor prays for Orlando survivors to die

One of the many unfortunate aspects of the Pulse nightclub massacre is the number of antigay wingnuts and all-around creepos crawling out of the woodwork in order to capitalize on the attack and make a name for themselves as timely hate merchants.

A recent case in point: Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church, who Raw Story reports told his congregation he agrees “100 percent” with Roger Jimenez, the Baptist pastor whose recent sermon suggests taking the survivors out to a firing squad to “blow their brains out.”

Impossibly, Romero has added horrific new depths to this already inhuman sentiment:

“These 50 sodomites are all perverts and pedophiles, and they are the scum of the earth, and the earth is a little bit better place now,” Romero said on Sunday.

“And I’ll take it a step further, because I heard on the news today, that there are still several dozen of these queers in ICU and intensive care. And I will pray to God like I did this morning, I will do it tonight, I’ll pray that God will finish the job that that man started, and he will end their life, and by tomorrow morning they will all be burning in hell, just like the rest of them, so that they don’t get any more opportunity to go out and hurt little children.”

In other key moments of Romero’s sanctimonious hate-mongering, he calls Sodom and Gomorrah the first ever “queer mass murder,” and says he thinks other mega-churches are soft-pedaling the antigay rhetoric and should step up on the unstoppered evil.

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  1. Kenny
    June 23, 07:08 Reply

    If those people in the ICU die, it’ll be because their health deteriorated not because he prayed to God to kill them. Useless homophobic waste of space!

  2. ambivalentone
    June 23, 07:20 Reply

    He is Jewish NOT Christian and the idiot don’t know the difference.

  3. Mandy
    June 23, 07:42 Reply

    Religion is so distorted now and it should be based on LOVE not HATE yet these rotten people continue to paint it as exactly that: one of HATE not of LOVE.

    • Delle
      June 23, 09:40 Reply

      Religion has always been distorted. Misconstrued by lowlives seeking publicity in one way or another.
      Religion isn’t about hate or love…it’s about prejudice.

  4. #Chestnut
    June 23, 07:44 Reply

    I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even pay any mind to sad, disturbed psychopaths such as this one. they have deep-rooted psychological issues that only a shrink and Jesus can fix.

    • Mandy
      June 23, 07:53 Reply

      It would seem as though Jesus is not doing a good job of fixing them. And a shrink is too tender a fixer for them. They need to be bundled off into a padded cell for crazies and not let out till they die. Rubbish.

  5. Mr. Fingers
    June 23, 08:35 Reply

    But why is the media giving these guys a platform to spew hateful messages?

    We all know ppl like this exists even in our neighbourhood, but we prefer avoiding them. We don’t even want to hear what they ve to say.

    I wonderful why PP is using his own platform to help these men spread their hate. I would rather not read abt this.

    • You-Know-Who
      June 23, 10:20 Reply

      My tots exactly.
      why help this people spread hate.
      spread love instead or alot of kito stories are out there to be told even.

      • Theo
        June 23, 14:50 Reply

        Hi Teflon. Nice having you back ???

  6. Delle
    June 23, 09:37 Reply

    Amen to that, Pastor. Okay now shift, so He can see road to ‘complete’ the job. Mofo!

  7. Canis VY Majoris
    June 23, 09:39 Reply

    LMAO! The whole message looks like a badly written script from a low budget Quentin Tarantino movie. I’m usually unperturbed by ignorant hypocrites such as these. I love Jesus, I am gay and nothing will change either.

  8. Khaleesi
    June 23, 10:04 Reply

    The psychosis and severe mental issues are very plain to see! This man’s homophobic hate has turned inwards and burned away his senses…
    ***Rolls eyes and walks away****

  9. sucrescalada
    June 23, 10:04 Reply

    That pastor is a closet gay! Am out! He smells and reeks of self hate!

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