50 Cent Is Nude On ‘Power’

50 Cent Is Nude On ‘Power’

In America, we’ve known of male nudity for decades. But in the last several weeks, celebrity penis pics have been making the rounds, and the trend looks poised to break into the mainstream, judging by the Internet’s outpouring of support and shock as the likes of Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, and (abnormally large) reality TV star Alex Bowen are caught with their pants down.

And the beat goes on.

Stars! original series Power is definitely picking up steam with the Gay Internet, especially now that star and executive producer 50 Cent showed his penis and butt in the latest episode, “Don’t Worry, Baby.” It would seem the rapper/actor didn’t sign off on the reveal, judging from the Instagram rant he went on before Sunday’s airing, apparently devastated and furious that the powers-that-be behind Power decided to show his penis in the final version.

In his first post, he writes:50-cent-power-naked-instagram_web

“Man I just saw episode 4, of POWER Courtney I’m a kill you, this is not funny. I think I just saw my in a scene. What the fuck Courtney call my phone NOW!!!”

Note: This tricky Courtney woman is Courtney Kemp Agboh, the creator of Power.

Curtis followed up that Instagram post about his penis with this one featuring his aunt:50-cent-power-instagram_web

“My Auntie G money, just called me and said man what the fuck did i just watch she traumatized. She said she had to get up twice. #EFFENVODKA”

And boy! That penis is seriously a thing of beauty!50-cent-erect-penis_web

Like whoa, you need that, I need that, we all need that!

And there was ass too! For the movie stills showing these delicious images, click below:





Is it everything you had hoped it would be? Are you kind of thinking of Chelsea Handler having sex with 50 Cent and is it kind of turning your dick into an acorn? Give us your two cents!

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  1. DI-NAVY
    August 09, 06:25 Reply

    Wheeeeeeetttttttt! How much was he paid for this ? Besides its not all that big .
    That’s a replica of a dark hard chocolate. Dayuuuuuuuum!

    • Pink Panther
      August 09, 07:23 Reply

      Camdan, your majesty. Ah! Shout ‘nice’ any further and you might take it entirely out of the English language. 🙂

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    August 09, 06:56 Reply

    Quick question though, did he cum from that jerking? *sips vodka*

  3. emperor
    August 09, 06:57 Reply

    Now, this is the real deal! Raw, fresh and …#lickslipsndgrabmyvaseline

  4. KingBey
    August 09, 07:25 Reply

    Why is he acting surprised? Wasn’t it screened and edited? Next thing now, he will be on porn hub. Nice dick head though. He should bare it all.

      • omugabesan
        August 11, 08:49 Reply

        I think it’s a prop dick tho. Something about it looks rubbery.

  5. Mandy
    August 09, 07:33 Reply

    Wow! That is a seriously sexy black dick. So its this thing Vivica Fox was chopping that made her such a sore ex, eh? lol.

  6. Klaus
    August 09, 07:40 Reply

    why are all of you “wowing”??? that dick is small, looks 6inch, nonsense, with his body size i expected something better, hello rob piper. its omari hardwick penis i wanna see.

    • Pink Panther
      August 09, 07:44 Reply

      In the brief glimpse you got, without proper evaluation of length and breadth and rigidity, you have been able to arrive at the conclusion that that is not a big black dick?

    • Klaus
      August 09, 07:50 Reply

      yes, its not, the penis isn’t flaccid,its either semi-hard or already fully hard, the tip too is somewhat tiny, and i ain’t seeing any thickness, in the previous episode before this,ep3, this anika rose girlfriend touched his dick in his sweat pant, he wasn’t wearing boxers and i was like ummmm,maybe he’s a grower, but with this,he is not,and his waist is even stiff,what. waste.. maybe his head game is strong, otherwise, I’m bitchslapping vivica for giving me high hopes.

  7. Nuel
    August 09, 08:10 Reply

    I dnt think dat cock belongs to him, frm d hand doing d blowjob. Just my view

    August 09, 08:27 Reply

    It might actually be a body double or a fake penis… So why all the fuss?

    August 09, 08:30 Reply

    Meanwhile, I think the Instagram post was a hype.. Now ratings for “Power” has increased… Even if it is for a few hrs ?☕

  10. bain
    August 09, 09:00 Reply

    Wah episode4 of wich season biko?

    • posh6666
      August 09, 11:56 Reply

      Season 3. You can get it on fztvseries.com or rlseries.com

  11. IBK
    August 09, 11:29 Reply

    Still won’t watch the show

  12. posh6666
    August 09, 12:04 Reply

    Well some times ago I read a post that some groupie Made about the industry men and she stated that 50’s dick wasn’t that big obviously she was right.Its just a regular average sized dick…..

    But that ass! The 1st time I saw it in a movie some yrs ago can’t recall the name of the movie he was in a gang and was later killed .Gosh that scene in the shower with a girl he was making love to was everything! I just kept screaming and rewinding the scene to be honest I wAnna fuck,squeeze and rim that ass like Vivica….I can see why Miss Vivica begs to rim him.

  13. oys
    August 09, 13:01 Reply

    not impressed…ugly ass, nothing special about the dick

  14. Seyi
    August 09, 13:23 Reply

    *big,fat hiss*

    It’s not even that big sef! With all the noise Vivica and Chelsea make about it, one would think it’s a mutant aubergine. Pity they haven’t been in the same room with Cutler X or even Lex Steele.

    *hiss again*

  15. Fresh
    August 09, 18:09 Reply

    The kind of ? that turns me straight. This ass-hole blast Empire series and now he wants to promote his movie by showing us his ugly third leg.

  16. z
    August 09, 19:10 Reply

    That piece is very unlikely to be 50 cent’s. Actors usually have body doubles and other ways of simulating nudity. It’s very likely a ruse to improve ratings.

  17. Mike Daemon
    August 10, 02:43 Reply

    Absolutely nonsense, mine even looks better. LOL

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