“We Don’t Teach People. We Dress Them.” Payporte Claps Back At Bobrisky Troll | There Is Much Ado about Bobrisky

“We Don’t Teach People. We Dress Them.” Payporte Claps Back At Bobrisky Troll | There Is Much Ado about Bobrisky

Payporte, the sponsor of the second season of Big Brother Naija, was on Instagram a couple of days ago promoting its business using the face of the infamous Bobrisky. And because Bobrisky is Nigeria’s favourite target for clout-chasing, a troll was in the comments chastising the retail brand for their choice of representation.

“What are you teaching the next generation?” she scolds, full of concern for the impressionable upcoming generation of Nigerians who are sure to become influenced by too much exposure to Bobrisky into becoming cross-dressers and transgenders.

Payporte was however swift to clap back with: “We don’t teach. We clothe.”

Recently, Bobrisky has become a source of so much contention from Nigerians who apparently do not have major concerns to deal with. Weeks ago, the Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, described Bobrisky as a “national disaster”. According to Runsewe, Bobrisky is “an embarrassment to the country, engaging in cultural corruption as a cross-dresser and we have to start to curtail his activities before it gets out of hand. We will not allow Bobrisky to destroy the future of our youths and the unborn Nigerians.”

Otunba Olusegun Runsewe

Following these remarks, Bobrisky took to their Instagram account to respond in a since-deleted post. They wrote: “I heard someone in the govt talked about me few days ago. Pls tell him am waiting for him. Is then he will know I roll with his boss in the government and not someone in his level. So he left other serious issue in Nigeria to address Bobrisky. But I am popular sha.”

Stirred by this deep concern for Nigeria’s future generation and cultural sanctity, Nigerian youths numbering over 500 took to the streets in Abuja to protest against what they described as moral decadence of Bobrisky. The protesters, under the aegis of National Youths Council of Nigeria, while disowning him, said they stood by the NCAC, National Council of Women Society, Christian Association of Nigeria and other organizations that had taken a stand against Bobrisky and their activities.

During the protest, these very responsible youths advanced from the NYCN secretariat to major landmarks in the FCT like the National Assembly, Force Headquarters and stopped at NCAC. They bore inscriptions and placards all condemning the supposed negative culture promoted by Bobrisky.

The Vice President of NYCN (North Central Zone), Mukhtar Jebba, described the activities of Bobrisky as “ungodly, unhealthy and disgusting.” According to him, what Bobrisky and those who support them are promoting is completely against the moral, cultural and spiritual values of Nigeria.

He said, “Consequently, the NYCN declares Bobrisky as persona non grata, as he is a man (not a woman). For national interest, we call on the ever-conscious, ever-ready, combatant Nigerian youths and comrades of like minds to, without fear or favour, kick out Bobrisky and his likes wherever they come across them. Nigeria is not a place for LGBT and we shall fight this to the end.”

Jebba called on the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General of the Department of State Service to use their good offices and their men to stop the likes of Bobrisky from rubbishing the country’s pride and image.

Well, the police of course hearkened unto this cry, as they swung into action to help protect the country’s pride and image when Bobrisky’s birthday came around.

On August 31, the Lagos State Police Command deployed policemen reportedly numbering 100 to storm the venue of Bobrisky’s birthday party at The Pearl Gardens in Lekki Phase 1. There were unconfirmed reports that Bobrisky was arrested, even though they were on Instagram the next day to lament the million-naira cake that never got to be celebrated at the party.


When the Lagos State Police Command was reached out to for a statement regarding its raid of the party, police spokesperson, Bala Elkana, reportedly told PUNCH that he can “confirm that we sealed off the place based on credible information. That is all I will say for now until the operation is over.”

Efforts to know the details of the information were abortive, as the police spokesperson declined to give details. Details that have remained untold to the public several weeks past, including the outcome of the operation, and what the operation was supposed to achieve.

We will however continue to stay tuned as this fight to protect Nigeria’s pride and image from the “ungodly, unhealthy and disgusting” activities of Bobrisky and their likes are waged for an outcome that will make Nigeria a better place.


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    “Self belief”

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    Why are you referring her as they, she identify as a woman even though I agree she’s confused atimes. You of all people should get that.

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    Thought Bob identifies as a woman and uses she/her as preferred pronouns? Why is KD using they? If she is putting on dresses and feminine outfits, how is she crossdressing?

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    Gender fluidity.

    It saddens me, people are still using she and he

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