The Conversation HE Had With GOD

The Conversation HE Had With GOD

There was nothing memorable or extraordinary about the emergence of Gay Smith upon this blue planet. He, like the majority of human entities, was squirted from his mother’s nether after about 9 months of gestation, squealing out his lungs as if some terrible fate had befallen him. His childhood didn’t also hold much excitement compared to that of his peers. However, nothing more than a child’s imagination can make an animated adventure of the humdrum of life. And so it was that Gay Smith sailed from moment to moment of his childhood in bliss, especially as he was blessed with a loving mother who spoiled him with treats and loved to cuddle and kiss him on the lips until as old as he would allow.

His smooth sailing life remained happy until his early teens when he encountered a strange paradox that threatened to drown him and ruin him forever.  Summarily put, he liked guys.

Being raised a Christian and being one who loved God and tried to live right, he had been taught that his feelings were of the devil, and so he decided to fight it. And fight he did, with countless days spent in fasting and prayer.

But this devil would simply not leave him. Guys turned him on and girls turned him off. And that was it. After fighting his sexual desire until he was weary, he gave in. What started out as a “sexperiment” was now a full blown lifestyle, but he worked very hard to keep it tightly closeted.

Now aged twenty-four, he had just had a kito experience. His entire family now knew that Gay was gay. The shame was simply unbearable. And so it was with ease that the thought of suicide came to mind. So he got a good rope, stuffed it into his knapsack and sneaked out of the house to look for a lonely spot with a tall tree. As he took the last walk of his life, every detail of his existence since his birth seemed to play before his eyes in slow motion. It all seemed so far away, like a recollection of events that happened in another lifetime.

I am in a dream within a dream. And I will end it today, he thought.

Soon, he walked past a cathedral. It was the church he attended as a child and seeing it brought back memories that just fell short of making things better.

Maybe I should say a last prayer? he mused.

And that was how Gay came to lie prostrate before the giant marble altar of Saint Peter’s cathedral. At first, he lay still, like a corpse, completely immobile. And then, without warning, his body suddenly started jerking convulsively. He was sobbing like he had never done before, crying like he had never seen anyone cry. He screamed out in anguish.

Gay: GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His voice echoed back to him in the empty cathedral. The church was as empty as his very soul. Again he cried out.

Gay: GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then something totally unexpected happened.

God: Did you call? I am here, Son.

It was a voice. It was loud and clear and seemed to fill his heart, the church and indeed the entire universe. He was very startled by it and jumped up from the marble floor. His eyes quickly scanned all the sections of the cathedral to make sure some mischievous person was not playing tricks on him.

God: I am here, son. It is I, God of all creation. DO NOT BE AFRAID. Stop looking for the source of my voice. I am speaking from inside you, for it is written, “the kingdom of God is within…”

Gay: So where have you been all these years when I needed you? Why have you not answered my cries? I have been through so much pain and I was just about to give up and end it all. Why did you suddenly decide to show up?

God: I have always been with you, living inside you. And darling child, I have an answer to every question you can ever conceive, if only you could even understand. I am looking into your heart and I see that you do not even understand your questions.

Gay: Why did you create me? I never asked to be born!

God: Oh, but you did.

Gay: Huh?

God: I said you did. Dear Gay, there was a time when time was not and all was not but Me. But I AM everything, therefore all WAS, yet it was not. And in that timeless time, I had a bright idea. That idea is what you call the universe. I looked into this idea and in that instant I apprehended the entire history of the world. You usually use the flash bulb as a symbolic representation of a brain wave. I had something close to that; a flashbulb instantaneous idea! A brilliant one, if I do say so myself. I looked into it and saw the universe exploding into existence…the galaxies and the supernovas, the black holes and the solar systems, the eternal dance between matter and antimatter. And yes, I saw the blue planet. I apprehended immediately its total history. I danced joyfully to an orchestra composed of numberless laughter and drowned in an ocean of the sum of humanity’s tears. I saw great wars but I also saw great peace. Yes, I saw you too. After seeing all this, I decided to let my idea be, because greater than evil is the gift of opportunity irrespective of how it is used. And the opportunity used for evil is followed by an opportunity for repentance and growth. So I decided that opportunity was better than nothingness.

Gay: So it was You that decided! Not me!

He was sobbing.

God: If you can remember, I said I had an idea called the universe?

Gay: Yes?

God: Now that idea was in my mind (I did not have a mind then but I’m using language you can relate to), therefore the idea was inside Me and was a part of Me. The idea was Me and is Me. And it is rightly written, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” You and I are not separate. We can never be. Therefore, the decision was OURS. So you did choose to be born! I know this is hard for you to accept.

Gay: You are right. I don’t understand. It sounds meaningless.

God: (laughs) As it should sound when I speak to you, for the wisdom of God is foolishness to man. But that is not what bothers you at the moment.

Gay: I hate myself. I hate my life. I hate EVERYTHING!

God: Why?

Gay: Why am I gay? It is written in your word that homosexuality is a sin. So why am I gay? I did not choose to be this way! Please change my sexuality, I beg of you! Erase my past and bury my shame!

He burst into fresh tears.

God: Oh, dear child! I made you as you are. And you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Gay: But You wrote it in Your word that a man should not lie with a man as with a woman. It was very clear. And I know God’s word is unchanging and eternal. How am I sure You are God?

There came a burst of laughter, thunderous bellows.

God: As far as the heavens are from the earth, so far is My way from yours. It amuses Me ad infinitum how you children of Mine try to cage Me in a system of ideas. You don’t have the faintest idea of the vastness and complexity of My being. Do you know how many eternities have passed before I conceived of your universe?  Dear child, the truth is that you are all so ignorant of the Truth and of reality. And oh, I’m not angry! Not in the least. You are all so young compared to Me, so I understand. But, you assume to know so much when you know so little. What amuses Me even more is your arrogance in ignorance!

Now know this. The universe you live in is about MOTION. Without motion, there would be no universe. MOTION is LIFE. Nothing is still in the universe. There is always a FLOWING. Flowing waters are fresh and stagnant pools stink. Anything that tends towards a cessation of motion tends towards death. That is why when you die, you lie totally still. I am a Spirit and earth is My nursery of gods. My intention is to groom and nurse you into the gods that I have made you to be. Now this is a PROCESS, a step by step progression towards the certain height, a flowing that is FORWARD. But how can I teach you something new when you cling so ferociously to everything old? Now you see why it was written that you should not put new wine into old skin because the skin would burst and both the wine and the skin would be wasted. You have become stagnated in your ideas about Me and the world and that makes grooming you very difficult.

Gay: One of my favourite songs in Sunday school was “gimme that old time religion”…

God: Listen very carefully; there is a time for everything, time to flow with religion and a time to flow against it.

Gay: Oh my God!

God: I’m right here, dear.

Gay: I can’t believe You said that!

God: But I just did.

Gay: It’s wrong to flow contrary to the church and its doctrine!

God: Now this is funny because that is exactly what Jesus (whom you claim to follow) did.

Gay had no response. He was silent, thinking.

God: Yes, my son! Think! Of all the persons in the bible, only Jesus was bold enough to declare, “It was written…but verily, verily I say unto thee!” He flowed against religion and called out its leaders because the old religion had outlived its purpose. It had become a YOKE on the people rather than a lifter of BURDENS. He spoke out RHEMA, a new truth for the MOMENT! You took that truth and wrote it down and have not moved from it for 2000 years, and That, my child, is STAGNATION, a tendency towards cessation of motion. If you are truly a Christian, act like one!

Gay: So it’s okay for me to be gay?

God: Yes it is, because I made you that way. You are beautiful and perfect, just the way you are!

Gay: Okay, let me attempt to flow forward with you. Tell me why it is okay to be gay.

God: It is okay because I made you so. Do you remember choosing to be gay? No. Of course when I say “I made it so” I also mean “we made it so” because you and I are one. Don’t get confused, stay with me

Gay: I’m trying, Father.

God: Good. Secondly, I wonder why you think the Ancient Of Days is so deeply concerned with how you use your penis and vagina. Just imagine me leaving all eternity to descend into time and all I want to tell you is, “Do not put your penis into the spot marked Y. Put it only into the spot marked X.” Like seriously? So why did I give you free will in the first place? What do you think I am? An eternal busy-body? Omnipresent meddler? THINK, MY CHILD. The paradox is OBVIOUS! Such an idea is simply absurd. Now this is what you hold onto so dearly and can even kill for! Very sad! Does a father worry about how children use their toys?

I didn’t mean sex toys, so get your mind out of the gutter!

There was another rumble of laughter.

God: Now I know you are shocked that I seem not to care about your sex life. I do care, more than you can ever imagine, because I love you and care about you deeply. But my care for you is not in the manner you think. Children who play under the watchful eye of their father have no fear. I am there when you play because I am everywhere.  You struggle so hard to please Me, but there is something you don’t realise.

Gay: What?

God: I am always pleased with you.

Gay: What?

God: YES! Now think of a being that is capable of the greatest love conceivable, a being whose love for mankind is an infinity of infinities. A being who is the personification of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, a love that never dies. Now would such a being stop loving you at any point? Would such a being stop loving you because you have sinned?

Gay: Um…No.

God: So why have you not thought or believed that I am such a being? We agree, I hope, that unconditional love is the highest kind of love. And God is the highest of all beings, yet the God which you conceive loves you with condition. Who then is this other being (if not me) whose love is eternally unconditional? If you have sinned, this is it. If you have blasphemed, this is it. You have not ascribed to me the wisdom and glory that is due my name, the personification of unconditional love. Man’s love is always based on condition. “If you do this or that, I’ll love you.” Now the love of the God you have conceived of sounds so much like yours! So have you made God in your own image and likeness.

Gay: Wow!

God: Yes, wow. Now know this: even if you were to die on top of another man, my love for you will not change.

Gay: Really?

God: Yes. Because that is the only thing I can’t do. I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU. I JUST CANT. I CANT EVEN TRY.


Written by Sensuous Sensei

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    June 29, 07:16 Reply

    Sensei Hilarious piece, thought provoking too! While I don’t endorse all aspects (not like it’s my place to endorse anyway), I have always been of the opinion that there is so mich about God that we don’t know. Peharps the Theologians will help us elucidate. Where is that Martin guy?

  2. Chizzie
    June 29, 09:39 Reply

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an actual conversion with God just like this?- distinct and clear; like a conversation between two human beings. For one, religion wouldn’t be so confusing and condemning. I don’t have a problem with religion or the Christian faith; I have a problem with the church today and how it’s run. I don’t think God will ever be accepting of homosexuality but he will always love the homosexual nonetheless. Hate the sin but Love the sinner is what Christianity should be all abt

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 29, 09:42 Reply

      That’s a distinction today’s church seem to find hard to make.

      • Chuck
        June 29, 11:26 Reply

        how do you think the church should treat homosexuals?

    • CeeCee
      June 29, 12:37 Reply

      Umm… Chizzie, i also wish you could have that convo, then maybe you could ask why, if isnt accepting of homosexuality, he chose to create them just like he created persons with heterosexual attractions … you might also say, God will never be accepting of dark-skinned people nevertheless he created them .. your opinion though, which in my opinion, makes not a lotta sense …

  3. DeadlyDarius
    June 29, 10:11 Reply

    I have as much use for a belief in God as for rainbow-colored unicorns. That is all. Brilliant piece though, as always Sensei

  4. damitajo
    June 29, 10:46 Reply


    Trashy write-up.

  5. The Cute One
    June 29, 11:36 Reply

    I’ve been reading this blog for a long while now but I’ve never really wanted to comment… but I will now. Homosexuality is a sin, we all know that, and so is fornication, adultery and divorce (except on the basis of infidelity). No one is meant to judge the gays because that’s God’s job, not anyone’s. But I must correct you, God loves us but he doesn’t love the fact that we are gay, or bisexual for some people like me, so he didn’t create us this way. He created us normal, to love women, not men. Just like God allowed the Devil to tempt Job and Jesus, he’d allowed the Devil to make us think we preferred guys to girls. Slowly and gradually growing into this, we accepted that mentality and made it part of us. We are sinners, and so is almost everyone out there. We are not meant to be judged, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are sinners. We also should know that anyone who keeps up with this lifestyle till the last day is ending up in hell, and that is the plain and very obvious truth. So it’s better we stop acting oblivious to this and choose a path we would like to follow.

    • CeeCee
      June 29, 12:53 Reply

      Gosh!!! Did anyone else notice the stupidity of this entire comment? First of all, did you take into consideration the fact that not everyone is a christian, some people are muslims, jews, hindus, sikhs, freethinkers, atheists, spititualists, African traditional religionists etc? anyway, you’re obviously firmly convinced that your life should be regulated by the dubious, contradictory writings of a bunch of jews who lived thousands of years before us in very different circumstances and with agenda/motivation we probably will never fully understand. if you’re going to base your opinions on Leviticus etc, then u have nothing but withering scorn to pour on you!You are obviously one of the thoroughly brainwashed populace who r still firmly tethered to the opium pipes. Tear yourself away dear, open your mind and think!! I know its hard to start questioning what you’ve held onto as true all your life, but sometimes theres really no other way to go! and umm, stop the idiotic act of holding up your bisexuality like its some slightly better variety of homosexuality, you’re so thoroughly full of internalized homophobia #deeply harmful# … when you say “the devil makes us think we love men and not women” Please, please and please, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!! on this issue, i dont ever recall sitting down to vote you as my spokesperson as to why i am attracted/not attracted to men or women!!
      So if you’re going to wallow and die in guilt and self-hate over your sexuality which is as innate (hope your not so dumb as to not know the meaning of this word) as your height, skin-color,racial origin,hair color etc, please do it all alone!! Dont attempt to rope me in – am not part of it! Wallow in it, revel in it and a huge fat bunch of good may it do you!

      • Absalom
        June 29, 13:39 Reply

        Ahn-ahn? CeeCee, take it easy. Poor guy’s cuteness may not survive this kind of pummeling you’re giving him!

      • Hi CeeCee. I am not trying to start an argument or fight but I feel your response wasn’t a good one. We all cannot share the same belief systems and we should learn to respect our differences and have intellectual conversations not have arguments like the folks that go on Linda Ikeji’s blog. Anyone that comes here, does so because they are looking for a safe place to escape to. There are various ways to respectfully disagree with is comment without all the negativity and hate. Let us be a support system for one another. The cat-fights are totally unnecessary

      • Chizzie
        June 29, 14:57 Reply

        lol CeeCee is it that time of the month?

    • Williams
      June 29, 17:06 Reply

      I love boys,I love the lord,I have a good life and I’m yet going to Heaven.

  6. trystham
    June 29, 14:35 Reply

    I laughed at this piece. If only I weren’t in such mortal fear for my soul
    The going against the flow part, and sticking ur penis into aperture Y part got me rofl
    Anyway, something caught my attention recently. I was on the bus running through a side street where I saw this ram mounting another ram…I guess I still need much more strength to deliver myself from unnecessary guilt religion has imposed on me.

    • Absalom
      June 29, 15:54 Reply

      And you came here to tell us about the ramming rams without taking a picture? Fuck! You’ve ruined our case by letting evidence escape.

      • trystham
        June 29, 17:33 Reply

        I’m sorry. Didn’t think to do it then. I was so shocked. If these supposedly mindless, soul-less animals who are more in tune with their creator happened to be like that, I don’t really think religion/God should have anything against our sexuality. Like someone stated in one of the earlier topics, I only think he’d be more against our indiscriminate sexual habits.

  7. Lanre Swagg
    June 29, 16:06 Reply

    Fucking and Sex are earthbound activities, just as there’s no marriage in heaven (Matthew 22:30). So fuck as much as you can now.

    Entering heaven depends on a covenant with God. The bible says ‘God raised Jesus Christ from the dead’ (Romans 8:11), and the same resurrection from the dead will happen to everyone who believes, including men who fuck other men.

    What is sin? The bible says for there to be sin there has to be a law. He who knows what to do and does it not , to him , it is sin. (Romans 5:13 and James 4:17). Knowing what to do is a matter of your conscience. If you believe being gay is evil and you go ahead against your own conscience, you are sinning. People who are brought up under such a law as the Bible are likely to feel this way.
    But if your conscience sets you free and you know that being homosexual is not a sin, then act according to what you know. For you then, it is not a sin. The key is, your conscience.

    The arguments about going against your own conscience are repeated by Apostle Paul- himself a homophobic Jew, in Romans 14:23 and in 1 Corinthians 8:13.

    Jesus said nothing about homosexuals- except in his answer about Eunuchs. Men who feel no sexual attraction to women. Jesus said for some it is acquired, and for others, they are ‘born this way’ ( on a Gaga thing)- he also said “all men cannot receive this saying except they to whom it is given. He that is able to receive it let him receive it”. (Matthew 19: 11-12).

    Jesus refused to argue against the dogmatically bigoted Jews. He simply stated what he knew . Till today the noise of religion drowns out the voice of Jesus, and most homosexuals are afraid of God.

    How to divide rightly between God’s Word and the context of man’s tradition is a matter of revelation based on the Word & the Spirit.

    • CeeCee
      June 29, 16:13 Reply

      Woooowwww … the intellectual prowess of an academic heavyweight!! With just a few words, you have accomodated a wide spectrum of views. I curtsy, bow and flip my weave out of respect for you, your brain dey hot wallahi!!

    • Blaq Jaqs
      June 29, 17:56 Reply

      Hmmmm… great write up. Well done Sensei! Had to wear my thinking cap (bonnet in my case) to read this one….
      I’d like to play something in-between a blonde girl and a devil’s advocate in response to Lanre’s comment (correct me where I’m wrong or have misunderstood the points raised).
      Entering into heaven has to do with a covenant made with God, same applies to men who fuck other men. Would it apply to pedophiles, war criminals, and the typical Nigerian politician who at the point of his death, makes peace with God and enters into a ‘convenant’ with Him on his death bed (please note that I’m not defining these acts as the same but to the average thinking man or religious scholar a sin is a sin regardless) and each of these people can justify their acts no matter how heinous we perceive it.
      Which brings me to the next point of sin being based on its perception in your mind’s eye (conscience). I can do grand things like rob a bank or ‘take’ a piece of meat from my mother’s pot without her knowledge. And I can will my self to believe that the bank has insurance or that the bank have robbed several other people of their money in the past to the fact that what belongs to my mother belongs to me or its just one piece of meat after all, as the case applies. I can have peace of mind. Go to sleep believing these things. But will that make it okay? For every wrong and right act (which is relative) that happens, there’s a justification for it. The longer we will our selves to believe that it is acceptable the more our minds and conscience believe these things to be ok. Where do we draw the line between what should or shouldn’t be a law?
      I’ve always craved to have this conversation too. So many questions to ask. The paramount one would probably be can I be sexually attracted to men and not give into my attraction? So many gray areas that I need to be enlightened about.
      However I know certain things. I’m Gay. I didn’t choose it. If it was a choice I’d have taken the easier road but it is who I am. And I embrace it with all its highs and lows.

    • Chizzie
      June 29, 20:08 Reply

      The Bible is very clear about Homosexuality, it called it an abomination. There is nothing about the Bible that suggests its pro-gay. The Scriptures u quoted are vague and indistinct and they could’ve as well applied to something else.

      And the issue of a conscience being the determining factor of what’s sinful or not; Everyone is born with a conscience, but the it seems the more we ignore our conscience and are deviant abt it, the more it fades away till we have none at all.

      so just because u don’t “feel bad” about doing something doesn’t make it right. Sin is not a relative thing, Sin is Sin.

      The rule of thumb for me is, as long as it makes me happy and doesn’t harm anyone then im all for it!

      • osilama24
        June 30, 14:47 Reply

        Chizzie, your head is there…. Once you are a christian and chosen to believe what it postulates, then you can’t come here and claim homosexuality isn’t a sin or is relative or is based on conscience…

    • victor
      June 30, 09:18 Reply

      This is the best coment by far! Guy ur brain ehn…….

  8. The Cute One
    June 29, 16:42 Reply

    Eyah Lanre. Well, for one, I do love the way you console yourself. Keep having faith.

  9. wetin I go do
    June 29, 19:56 Reply

    Had this long conversation with my mom and she wants grand and great-grand children soonest. Now, I am so gay! Never kiss a girl before in my life nor had Y-aperture sex at any time. Kinda confused, my mates are getting married and now all eyes are on me! Choi!

    *sinking in thots*

    • kendigin
      June 30, 21:23 Reply

      Ur options

      1. Come out of the closet (nightmare?))
      2. Arrange fake marriage with a lesbian
      3. Actually marry a lady and live in the closet all ur life
      4. Do not marry. Do not have kids. Evade all prying eyes and hope they one day let u be
      5. Make money, become rich, the buy/adopt kids

  10. Ace
    June 30, 00:15 Reply

    One thing I know is each time they speak about sexual sin in church, I feel very uneasy when homosexuality is mentioned. I have prayed to God countless times to take it out and I feel one day if it is really a besetting sin that I have (because I can’t think of any major sin I commit) then I believe God will one day purge me of it if I keep praying to him for grace to stop.

    P.s For those who think they don’t preach against homosexuality in the USA, you are so wrong. Infact in the church I attend, it is condemned at almost every meeting. Maybe one day I will share my story of how the US isn’t as gay welcoming as you’ll think.

  11. kendigin
    June 30, 21:16 Reply

    #in the voice of Lana#….in the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel..looking to get fucked hard!

  12. Dominic
    June 30, 23:17 Reply

    Tbs and religion especially Christianity sha…good news..We’ll have the best orgy in hell and wow it’s gonna last forever. …*winks

  13. Koteh
    July 02, 07:30 Reply

    Hmmm…..It’s high time I had a conversation with God…

  14. Ikenna David
    July 02, 08:14 Reply

    If the comments I’ve seen concerning this post proves anything, its that there are still very sensible, somewhat schorlarly Nigerians. And in this time of Educational, material and human bombardment in Nigeria, its such a beautiful sight. *my heart leaps with joy. Thumps up guys.
    However, on the issue of Gay, Gay humans, Christianity and GOD, I think these components can have a concord, because God reaigns supreme over all, and truly I believe He created all humans irrespective of their sex, gender and race. And he’s all Loving.
    As to conscience being sin determinant, may I disagree. A killer kills, and infact derives joy from killing. For this man, his conscience is clear on the subject, but for Lanre, he’ll arrest the man and help his imprisonment. The concept of sin is as confusing as the concept of God, but through faith and true worship, the later is revealed.
    Its clear in Liviticus or something (forgive me, I’m no bible scholar) how men who lie with manking are to be treated- killed or something? But what’s also clear where Jesus adressed divorce, is that Moses may have altered God’s command to suit the men at the time(but I’m not a bible scholar).
    My submission is simple, God is a Being of Love and acceptance. Let he who’s without sin cast the first stone. GAYS have come to stay, and God Loves them no less than anyone.
    LIVE and lets LIVE.

  15. ofunwa
    December 30, 03:35 Reply

    I admire d ingenuiy of ur write up. But epistemologically, it begs further questions, one of which is….. If procreation is as importan as d xpression of love in sexual intercourse, why then will d creator b less concerned in the act that leads to the continuity of creation to which He (God) has commanded us? Put simply, if d penis is a means to achieving an end (procreation), why would a God who established this means b less concerned in d manner of its usage? I’m a good follower of ur blog by d way nd i enjoy some of it. Skepticism hwever is one of my weaknesses, especially in intresting articles as this.

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 30, 03:41 Reply

      And your skeptic opinions are appreciated. I’ll get the writer of this piece to come do his best to answer you.

  16. s_sensei
    December 30, 09:19 Reply

    Ofunwa, thats a great question. If the penis was made strictly for procreation, then it should be used for that and nothing else. In other words, sex should not be done for pleasure but for procreation. So a woman should not give her husband a blow job, all kinds of oral sex between a man and wife should not happen. God does not have a list of rules on how a man should have sex with his wife. He however, by design, has made it such that attraction will happen, and there will be sex, and eventually procreation. And God doesnt tell us when to stop procreating. Why then would he allow a man to have 15 children he cant cater for? And besides, God who wants sustenance of the species stood back and watched the two world wars and other genocides happen. Why? Its called freewill. But is God bothered about what we do with free will? yes and no. Yes, because he loves us and wants us to do what is best for us. No, because He knew even before he gave us free will, everything we would possibly do with it. Yet, that didnt stop him from going ahead with His intention. why? thats the divine paradox. Since God is totally good and God knows everything, it means He knew everything that could possibly be before he created the universe.Concerning evil, this can only mean one thing: evil has a purpose. Other wise, we would have to accuse God of making a mistake, which is impossible. what is the purpose of evil? Evil causes PAIN and then forces us to CHOOSE GOOD. It was after the atrocities of the second world war that a major push at a global level for human rights came into being. Nations came together and signed treaties to ensure that such a thing would not happen again. God is not an idiot. Anything he permits to exist, exists for a purpose. So you see, the price of Good is Evil. If God is the all-sufficient, self-sufficient one, He cannot at the same time WANT anything.God cannot be NEEDY. If He needed anything, all He has to do is say the word. But He has not! God doesnt desperately need you to do or not do anything. And coming back to the question, I dont think he is concerned with sex as a whole, especially if its consensual. Why would God be concerned with the details of how our physical bodies come in contact? If God were concerned about anything, wouldnt He be more concerned about hunger and starvation, disease and gruesome deaths, wars and genocides, gay bashing and gay suicide? If God is concerned about what a person does with his body, it would probably be the last on his list. And besides, the world is overpopulated and we have more humans than we can cater for. If anything, and if God is practical, at this point in our history, we need to cut down procreation. A father who takes his children to the park cannot possibly be concerned about every detail of how the children play. He does however want them to be safe, so he watches and intervenes when necessary. So why hasnt God intervened? Do you not think that it is probably because He sees we are still safe? and intervention is not necessary? We are spirits and therefore cannot die and cannot be harmed. Physical death is just an apparent end. If His love is truly the greatest and truly eternal, then no child of his can be lost. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another”. He knows all this, and that is why He isnt bothered.

  17. Sammy
    April 09, 22:00 Reply

    I know I’m like 2 years late, but pls who wrote this?? this write up has me crying like a child…

  18. Junior
    December 19, 18:59 Reply

    I’ve never for once felt the need to comment on this blog all these years (personal reasons)

    But this post brings me to asking myself this Question «  are we going to far ? »

    In theorizing God

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