The Desired Touch

The Desired Touch

The week I found out that I’d gotten a random woman from a forgettable one-night stand pregnant was the most stressful week I’d had in years. I was in the final year of my contract with a professional football team and had no idea if the team was going to extend my contract or cut me loose due to my decline in performance. Needless to say, I was depressed that week. I’d done everything by the rules my dad had placed me under for so long, and now, at the age of twenty-seven, I was on the verge of fucking up everything he’d helped me create. I kept telling myself that there was no way I’d ruin all the years of hard work I’d put in. I knew I’d fucked up beyond repair, but like always, I had that sliver of hope. While hiding out in my secret studio apartment for two days, I was also thinking about giving in to something I’d denied myself from ever exploring.

To keep my mind off of caving into the temptation, I played videogames and ordered food and worked out and slept and showered. But then on the second day, I went for it. I logged into an online escort service that I used to get high-priced women, only I decided to search for a man that afternoon. You see, I’d been curious about doing something with another guy since I was in high school but never allowed myself to take the risk and go for it. When I couldn’t find anyone interesting enough on the section of the site for men who only hooked up with men, I decided to search through the section of men who hooked up with both men and women. Immediately, I found exactly who I was looking for.

“You might as well talk, bruh,” said Mr. Dom’s voice on the other end of the phone. “You already paid the cost to get my number.”

“Sorry, man,” I finally said back. “I’m a little nervous. I ain’t never did this before.”

“Your account says you’ve been on the site for two years.”

“I mean, I’ve never done this with…you know.”

“Oh, I understand. Before you hang up on me, just know that I’m strictly professional and I care about customer satisfaction, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This will stay between us.”

“Cool. So, do I have to call you Mr. Dom or can I call you something else?”

“You can call me Mario, man.”

“Alright. My real name is Romeo, by the way. So, you really live in the midtown area, Mario?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“And you’re not too aggressive, are you?”

“I’m dominant but I won’t get rough with you if you don’t want that.”

“It’s not that I couldn’t handle it. I’m an athlete. I just don’t need that kind of…attention. I mainly just need like a massage but I want it to go a little further. I’m not making you feel weird, am I?”

“Nah, not at all. Man, I can already tell that you are under a lot of stress. I can hear it in your voice. Before we even discuss this further, I’m gonna need you to relax. I know this is your first time tryin’ this but you need to relax. I’m gonna try to help you and I can’t do that if you don’t keep an open and relaxed mind. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I understand.” I took a deep breath and relaxed before telling him, “I’m good.”

“Good. Now, tell me why you want me to help you today?”

I lounged back on my bed before telling him, “Your profile pic caught my eye and when I read your description, you reminded me of this dude who ran track at the college I went to. I liked him but I never said anything even though I knew he was bisexual.”

“So, this is like a fantasy of yours? You wanted him to massage you?”

“No, I wanted him…to fuck me. I’ve always wanted to get fucked by a dude who is smaller than me but not that much smaller.”

He was silent for a little while before asking, “Can you afford my hourly rate?”

“I can afford that and a sizeable tip depending on the experience.”

“Go ahead and set up the payment through the site and when I get the confirmation, I’ll text you for your address.”

“Wait. Aren’t you supposed to show me your recent STI test results or somethin’?”

“The link to the PDF version of my results is on my profile in the status section. I’m clean but go ahead and look at it so you’ll have proof. I was just tested last week and you can verify the results with the county health department if you want. The site already verifies all results but if you need to feel more comfortable, verify them yourself as well.”

“Alright, thanks, man. I’ll go ahead and set up the payment. I’ll try to stay relaxed as I wait for you.”

“Okay. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you within the next hour, Romeo. You sound like a cool brutha.”

“You do, too, man.”

I ended the call and then got back on my laptop to set up the payment for Mario’s services. Just to be cautious, I did call the health department to see if he was telling the truth about the escort service verifying all test results. He’d told me the truth and his results were accurate. Using my online alias, Terrence B. Brown, I set up the hourly pay service using my private bank account and about five minutes later, Mario texted me and asked for my address. I texted him my address and as I waited for him to arrive, I took a look at his profile and saw he’d unlocked all of his pics. I got horny as fuck while looking at his sexual and nonsexual pics.

When he arrived almost an hour later, I hit the buzzer to unlock the main door downstairs and then I opened my door for him. The moment I heard the elevator ring up the hall, I knew it was him. Not a second after I’d sat down on my bed, he appeared in the doorway with a backpack on his back and a bottled water in his hand. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. My dick grew hard instantly and I was surprised at how relaxed I still was.

“Wassup, bruh,” he said to me as he stepped over to the bed and shook my hand.

“Wassup,” I said back. “Welcome to my secret getaway.”

He got a good look at me and his eyes grew wide as he began, “Yo, you play for the –”

“Can we not talk about football? I’m trying to stay relaxed like you said and that shit is only gonna stress me out.”

“My bad, man. But you gotta sign somethin’ for me before I leave here. I’m a fan.”

I smiled and told him, “Thanks. So, you want somethin’ to eat or drink?”

“No, thanks. I’m good.” He sat his backpack down and asked, “You’re payin’ by the hour so we can get right to this if you want.”

“Dude, I got the money. We don’t have to rush. I can’t believe I’m actually doin’ this.”

He sat down on the bed beside me and asked, “How long have you been curious?”

“Since high school. It’s weird because I’ve never been attracted to other dudes I play football with. I’m attracted to masculine dudes but not other football players.”

“Other than a physical therapist, have you ever been massaged by another man?”


“Have you ever let another man touch your dick or your ass who wasn’t a doctor doin’ a physical?”


He smiled and rubbed his hands together as he said, “I’m gonna enjoy this. I like first-timers.” He moved closer to me but stopped and asked, “Do you got any recent test results that I can see to prove you’re clean?”

“Shit, my bad. Yeah, I got some. Hold on.” I stood up and went over to my mini kitchen where my recent physical results and blood test results were. I picked them up and brought them over to him.

He looked them over before telling me, “Okay.”

I put the papers away and when I turned back around towards him, I noticed he’d taken his wife beater off. I smiled as I told him, “Nice tattoos, man.”

“Thanks. So, is there anything you wanna know about me?”

“Hmm, are you actually into guys or do you just do this because you get paid more by men than women?”

“Come sit by me again.” He stared at me as I sat back down on the bed beside him. Without saying anything, he gently placed his hand on the back of my head and then licked his lips before kissing mine. He licked his lips again and told me, “I don’t have boundaries, bruh. I don’t live by society’s rules, never have and never will. I’m what people call sexually fluid but that’s just a technical term. My dick can get hard by almost anything.”

“Is it hard right now?”

He laughed and said, “You tell me, man.” He then grabbed my hand and placed it on his sweatpants directly on top of his hard dick.

Feeling his dick in my hand had this effect on me that’s hard to explain. All I knew was that I was readier than ever to do the things I’d wanted to do for years. So, without hesitation, I took my shirt off and stood up to take off my shorts. Since I wasn’t wearing underwear, I was now only wearing socks. He stood up and took off his sweatpants and shoes, leaving on his boxers. When I sat back down on the bed, he kissed me again and then went over to his backpack and pulled out a bottle of massaging oil and some weed.

“I don’t smoke weed,” I told him.

“It’s not for you,” he told me. “I like to smoke after I do my job. Lay back and relax, Romeo. I got you.”

I laid down on my back as he climbed onto the bed and sat the bottle of massing oil on my nightstand. He pulled my socks off and then began to rub my feet. His profile said that he gave good massages but I wasn’t expecting to feel the sensation I was feeling when he touched me. My dick was already hard and standing up straight but it stiffened even more while he was rubbing my feet, and he hadn’t even added the massaging oil yet. When he did add the coconut-scented oil, I felt like I was getting a professional foot massage.

“Ah, yeah,” I moaned as I closed my eyes. “You have no idea how good that shit feels, man.”

“Just remain relaxed, Romeo,” said his soothing voice. “I’m gonna take good care of you and these pretty toes.”

I laughed a little and reopened my eyes to see he he’d somehow removed his boxers without taking his hands off my feet. He put more massaging oil on his hands and then massaged my legs and my thighs. I loved how his hard dick would flop up and down on different parts of me whenever he moved up or down my body. And his hands were like magic. They were strong but gentle at the same time. After spending a while massaging my chest, he took my dick into his hands and gently stroked it. My dick was slightly longer than his but he was professional enough not to get caught up on it.

“Turn over, big man,” he said to me.

I turned over on my stomach and he made me lift up my lower body a little so that he could guide my dick backward and between my legs. He began massaging my shoulders and that’s when I was finally able to let go of so much of the stress I’d had that week. It was like from that moment on, I was in a trance. He massaged me from my shoulders to my back and then from my back to my lower back. When he got to my ass, I tensed up.

“Relax, Romeo,” he said to me softly. “Remember, I got you.”

He stopped and began kissing the back of my neck until I relaxed again. Then, he resumed massaging my ass. He spent a lot of time just massaging my glutes, which felt amazing. Slowly, he worked his way inward but would stop short of touching my asshole and would instead massage my balls and the underside of my dick. Finally, he gently placed his oil-covered thumb against my asshole and when I didn’t tense up, he massaged it. It felt so good that I arched my back and pushed my ass back on him a little.

“That’s it, man,” he said to me. “Let me do what you need me to do.”

I kept thinking he was going to slide his thumb into me so I closed my eyes and bit down on the blanket. However, he stopped pressing his thumb against my asshole and I soon felt his tongue on it. I jumped a little but quickly calmed down as I embraced the pleasure of having his tongue in my asshole and his facial hair rubbing against it. He became more aggressive in how he was licking me and it felt so good that I couldn’t hold my arch. My lower body collapsed onto the bed and he spread my butt cheeks apart and continued rimming me.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned as my eyes rolled back.

He licked on my ass for so long that I lost track of time for a while. My dick was hard and stuck in the position he’d put it in so my precum was leaking all over the blanket. I wanted to turn over but I didn’t want him to stop licking my asshole. He must have sensed that I wanted to turn over because he pulled back a little but kept licking me as he allowed me to turn over on my back. He then pushed my right leg back and licked deeper into my asshole. Every few seconds, he’d look up at me and lick his lips before kissing my balls and then going back to eating my ass.

“Hold your legs back for me,” he told me.

I pulled my left leg up and held both legs back as he continued licking my asshole. He then grabbed my dick with his left hand and jacked me off while keeping his tongue in my ass. I knew then that I was reaching a point of no return. Suddenly, I got the urge to feel something more in my ass. So, I grabbed his hand and made him finger me. The pain combined with the pleasure of my asshole stretching did the truck.

“Fuck!” I shouted as my dick shot cum all over my stomach and chest.

He kept jacking me off and it seemed like the cum wasn’t going to stop shooting out. My asshole tightened on his finger and he kept it inside me as he stopped jacking me off and used some of my cum to jack himself off. It took me a minute to calm down from the nut he’d made me have; but when I did, I stopped him from jacking off so that I could jack him off. He kept his middle finger in my ass while I helped him catch a nut.

“I’m gonna cum,” he told me. “Keep jackin’ me! Ah, shit!”

He was a shooter like me. His cum shot out of his dick fast but went far, landing on my chest and even hitting my face a couple of times. I finished jacking him off and then rubbed on his balls until he finally removed his finger from my ass and then laid on top of me. We kissed again and then got up to take a shower together. In the shower, we cleaned each other and played around and he pretended like he was fucking me. I can’t front though, I was thinking about taking it there with him. Ultimately, I decided I wasn’t ready for that yet.

“How much longer do you want to stay?” I asked him over an hour later. “I can pay for a whole day if you need me to.”

He finished smoking his joint and told me, “Bruh, I ended the clock through the app on my phone before we took the shower.”

“What? Why did you do that? I told you I didn’t mind payin’.”

“You paid me for a service and I did it. Just layin’ around here smokin’ weed ain’t a part of it. Like I told you, I’m a fan, bruh.”

I reached over and picked my wallet up and took two hundred dollars out of it. I handed it to him and said, “Well, take this tip.”

“Shoot, you ain’t gotta tell me twice.” He stuffed the money into his pocket and then said, “You a cool ass nigga, Romeo.”

I looked at him and asked, “Do you live alone?”

“Nah, I got three roommates.”

“Hmm. What else do you do besides this?”

“I work at a hotel.” He gave me a look before asking, “What’s on your mind, Romeo?”

“I was thinking… Maybe we could make this a regular thing without the escort service being involved.”

“Nigga, are you tryin’ to be my sugar daddy?” He started laughing and I did, too.

“Nah, man. Well, kind of. You’d definitely be daddy but I can provide the ‘sugar’. Is that cool with you?”

“What do I get out of the deal other than one day gettin’ to tap that sexy football booty?”

“You can live in this studio apartment rent-free. I’ll pay for your expenses and buy you shit. Hell, you won’t even need to escort online anymore.”

“I don’t wanna be taken care of that much. I’ll move in here and do freaky shit with you whenever you want. I’m not materialistic so you ain’t gotta get me clothes and shit like that. I do want to own a photography studio one day though.”

“Photography? You’re into photography?”


“Cool, I can help you with that.”

“Alright, you got a deal then.” He shook my hand and then laughed as he said, “I’m glad you hit me up today, man.”

I lounged back on the bed beside him and said, “Yeah, me, too.”

Written by D.A. Morrison

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