Breaking the Code

Breaking the Code

Before I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant, I used to fuck around without a care in the world. It didn’t matter who I gave the dick to – dudes, bitches, trans bitches. They all got the dick as long as they were cool with me wearing a condom. But when I did get my ex pregnant and she gave birth to my son, I slowed it down and I came up with a code. I decided it was best not to fuck anybody she knew or anybody that knew someone she knew. I couldn’t risk pissing her off and having her keep my son from me.

I was doing a good job sticking to the code until Andre, my baby mama’s cousin, moved back to Brooklyn from Atlanta. I almost fucked with him once before he moved away, and now that he was back, I was fighting my urges.

So, one day I was at the barbershop where I work cutting hair when I get a text from Andre asking me if I knew a dude nicknamed Teezy. I texted back saying yeah, because I did know him. I fucked him once but I made sure not to say that to Andre. But I didn’t have to say it because the next text I got from Andre was a text asking if I’d fucked Teezy and made him cry. I quickly put my phone up and finished cutting my client’s hair. Once my client was gone, I hurried to the back room of the shop and locked the door. I then pulled my phone back out and called Andre.

“Who told you that?” I asked the moment he answered the phone.

“Is it true or not?” he asked with a giggle.

“Tell me who told you and I’ll tell you the truth.”

“Teezy told me. Is your dick really that big, Benzo?”

I lowered my voice as I asked him, “When did Teezy tell you that?”

“Last night when we were smoking some weed. Did you and him really fuck? He only told me because I asked when he last got fucked. He don’t talk to anybody about that kind of shit except with me.”

“Yeah, we did.”

“Damn. And you made him cry?”

“I wasn’t even fuckin’ him that hard. He can’t take dick. And he needs to keep his mouth shut.”

“So, you really packin’ that much meat?”

I laughed a little and admitted, “I ain’t that thick but its long. Why?”

“Just asking. I didn’t know you got down like that. The way my cousin talks about you, I thought you only fucked with pussy.”

“Nah, I’m…what they call it? Fluid? I don’t give a fuck. As long as it smells decent and I don’t see any bumps, I’ll put my tongue and dick up in anything. As long as they cool with me wearin’ a rubber, it’s all good. I don’t fuck without rubbers.”

“Okay, so how did my cousin get pregnant by you if you wear condoms all the time?”

“She was ridin’ me hard as fuck and the condom broke right when I was bustin’ my nut. She trapped me.”

“I still can’t believe you made Teezy cry.”

I laughed again and joked, “I’d have you cryin’, too.”

“Boy, you wish. I can take dick.”

My dick got hard as fuck the moment he said that, so I had to grab it. I got cocky and betted, “I bet you can’t even take half.”

“I’m tight but once I open up, I can take some dick. But not yours because you’re with my cousin.”

“Man, I ain’t with her. I just got Corey with her. She do her thing and I do mine. The only time we talk is when we talk about Corey. But you right, you her cousin and I don’t do that.”

“That’s right. For the record, I always thought you were fine. Had I known you were into guys… Nah, never mind. Thanks for being honest with me. I’ll talk to you whenever I see you again.”

“Alright, bye.” I ended the call and after waiting for my dick to go back soft, stepped out of the back room to cut my next client’s hair.

I wanted to stick to my code but that shit was getting tough as the next few hours went by. I kept thinking about Andre. I wanted to know if his ass was as tight as he’d said it was. I loved making my dick fit into tight holes. By the time I was leaving the barbershop, I was horny and still thinking about Andre. While sitting in my car, I decided to just break my code and fuck Andre. I mean, he was willing to give me some ass and I needed it. I hadn’t fucked anybody in two days and that was a long time for me.

“I know I called you a few hours ago,” I said to him over FaceTime while smoking some weed, “but I been thinkin’ and…”

“You want some ass?” he asked with a laugh. “I knew you’d call back.”

“So, what’s good? You gonna let me come over or what?”

He looked into the camera at me for a little while in silence before saying, “I don’t know. I know Kim would never find out but that’s my cousin.”

“And? Dre, I already told you she ain’t got shit to do with what I do. You won’t say nothin’ to her so she won’t know like you said.”

“Well, let me see your dick and I’ll think about it.”

“I can’t whip it out right now. People walkin’ by my car and shit.”

“I’m sure you have pics on your phone.”

“I do. Are you gonna show me a lil’ somethin’ in return?”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

“Cool. One second.”

I scrolled through my photo gallery and came across a pic of my dick that I’d taken a week ago. I didn’t take many pics of my dick so I chose the most recent one I’d taken. It was of my dick on top of a long can of Arizona strawberry and kiwi fruit juice. I sent it to him and then rejoined our FaceTime session to see his reaction once he’d seen the pic.

“Damn!” he shouted. “How the hell do you keep that hidden?”

“It ain’t that long when it’s soft,” I told him. “Now, show me what you got, shorty.”

He sat the phone down and backed up on his bed. He was already in nothing but his tank top and underwear, so it didn’t take much to get me turned on while watching him. He pulled his underwear up so that it rode up in his booty and then got on his back and pulled the underwear to the side so that I could see his asshole. The fact that it was hairy drove me insane. I loved hairy ass and hairy pussy more than anything because I liked the way it felt when I was eating it. I wanted to taste and fuck his ass until he begged me to stop.

“Yo, my shit hard as fuck,” I told him. “Can I come over now or what?”

“Yeah, you can come over,” he said as he picked the phone back up and stared into the camera at me. “You know where I stay right?”

“I know the building but not the apartment.”

“Apartment three-twelve, the third floor.”

“Okay, I’m on the way.” I ended the FaceTime session and finished my blunt.

On my way to his place, I stopped by a convenience store and picked up some condoms. When I got to his place and knocked on the door, he opened the door and pulled me inside with the quickness. He led me to his room and pushed me down on the bed and whipped my dick out within a matter of seconds. I wanted to tell him to slow down but his mouth felt so damn good the moment it was on my hard dick.

“Fuck, shorty,” I said as I grabbed the back of his head. “Slob on that dick.”

He was definitely hungry for some dick the way he was sucking and slurping on my ten inches. He didn’t care that I hadn’t showered since that morning either. He must’ve love that somewhat musty scent because he was sniffing and licking my balls, too. After a while, he climbed onto the bed beside me and sucked my dick from the side while I slid my hand into his underwear and rubbed on his tight and warm asshole.

“Damn, you got a monster between your legs,” he said to me as he smacked his lips with my dick. “I wanna choke on it.” He sucked as much of it as he could and released a big load of saliva all over it while gagging.


I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had my dick sucked that good. He had me on the verge of just lounging back and letting him suck my nut out instead of me fucking him, but I needed some ass. I made him stop sucking me so that we could get naked. And that was when I noticed how nice his ass truly was. He had one of them cute little bubble asses that weren’t too big but looked big in some sagging pants or shorts. I wanted to bury my face in that ass but this little nigga got on his knees and started sucking my dick again. Every now and then, he’d pull my dick out his mouth and let me teabag him.

“Get on the bed and arch that back,” I told him.

He pulled his mouth off my dick again, leaving it dripping with his saliva, and climbed onto his bed. The moment he arched that back for me, I bent down and sucked on his tight asshole like a suction cup. I licked on it and kissed it and spit on it before slurping on it, making him jump a few times. The fact that he was hairy made me hornier and it wasn’t long before I was sliding my finger deep into him. His tight asshole gripped my finger tight as fuck. I pulled it out and when I smelled the scent of vanilla, I got turned on even more.

“Damn, that ass sweet as fuck, baby,” I told him while squeezing on his butt cheeks. “I swear, you bottom niggas know all the tricks.”

He laughed and told me, “All I did was rub a small amount of vanilla scented lotion inside with my pinky finger.”

“You need to tell some of these dudes and females to do that then because damn!” I smacked his ass hard and went back to eating him out.

“Ooh, fuck,” he moaned as he reached under himself and rubbed on my chin. “Eat that ass, Benzo.”

I couldn’t get enough of that ass. I climbed onto the bed and laid down on my back while he sat on my face. My dick remained hard as fuck while he rode my face. Every few seconds, I’d take a quick break for air but I mostly kept his ass on my face. I loved the scent and taste of it so much that I was starting to think about making him a regular. I decided to make him a regular the moment he bent over with all that ass in my face and deep throated my dick in the 69 position. He got extra points for massaging my balls while doing it.

“I gotta fuck you now,” I told him as I made him get off me. “I can’t waste this nut on head.”

He giggled as he picked up his bottle of KY Jelly from his nightstand. He put some on his finger and started fingering himself. I took a condom from the pack and tore the wrapper with my teeth. I put it on my dick and lubed it up for him. He turned over and put his ass up in the air and his face down on the pillow. Seeing him in that position did it for me. I had to make this nigga a regular.

“Ease that big dick in, baby,” he said to me while I fingered him with my middle finger. “I value my walls.”

“I got you, baby,” I told him.

I stopped fingering him and gently pushed the head of my dick against his tight asshole. I’d never had trouble entering ass or pussy before so I didn’t know what to do when he kept pulling away from me. I could barely get the head in without him clenching up and pulling his ass away from my dick. Not knowing what to do, I gently rubbed on his asshole and bent down to kiss from the back of his neck to his lower back. I then made him lift up for a second and turn his head slightly towards me so that I could kiss his lips from the side. When he put his head back down on his pillow and arched his back for me again, I pushed the head of my dick into his asshole and he relaxed and let me inside him.

“You good?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he moaned. “Go deeper.”

I pushed more of my dick into him and he didn’t pull away or even flinch. He remained relaxed and let more and more of my dick inside him. I got a little more than half of it inside him before I started to stroke him nice and slow. I pulled back out of him so that I could take my socks off and when I re-entered him, he threw his ass back on me and started fucking my dick like he wanted me to pay his bills. I was so surprised by him doing that that I almost fucked up and nutted too quick.

“Throw that ass back,” I told him. “Fuck my dick like it’s the last one you’ll fuck.”

He threw that ass back on my dick harder and faster. When he worked his way up to taking most of my dick, I grabbed onto him and fucked him back. I dug deep into that ass and had him starting to cream up. I came up on my feet and fucked him even harder while squatting. His sexy moans were telling me how good of a job I was doing. I kept getting the urge to completely dog him and fuck him harder but he seemed to be enjoying how I was giving it to him.

“Lay on your back,” he told me as he pulled his ass off my dick. Some juices rolled out of his ass and onto the bed as he moved over so that I could lay down. “I’ma ride that nut out your dick.”

“Shit, you can try,” I said with a laugh. “This big dick built to last, baby.”

He climbed onto my body and grabbed my dick. He positioned it under his ass and got the angle right the moment he came down on it. After getting used to it again, he placed his hands on my chest and began working his ass on my dick. He was moving his hips and lower body in a perfect rhythm, riding my dick like we were making love instead of freaky sex. I stared into his eyes and that was when I felt a little something for him. It was rare for me to get butterflies in my stomach or feel some type of way about somebody I fucked for the first time, yet there I was. He was just so damn cute to me.

“Tell me when you’re close,” he said to me. “I wanna cum at the same time as you.”

“Okay,” I said while squeezing on his butt cheeks hard. “Help me get this nut. Ride my dick faster.”

He picked up the pace and went up and down on my dick while still working his crazy rhythm. He was taking almost all of my dick into his ass which I was amazed by. His dick was hard so I grabbed it and jacked him off using some of his booty juices as lube. It wasn’t long before I was catching my nut. My toes curled up and I looked back into his eyes.

“I’m gonna cum,” I told him. “Ooh, fuck!”

“Ah!” he hollered out as his dick skeeted nut all over my stomach and chest.

I came inside the condom while my dick was all up inside him. Since it had been a couple of days since I last busted, that nut was strong as fuck. He kept riding me and I thought I was gonna pass out a few times. I tugged every ounce of nut out of his dick and then sat up with my dick still inside him and kissed him. And it wasn’t a little peck on his lips; I was shoving my tongue into his mouth and touching his tongue with it while our lips were pressed together.

“You think you’re the shit, huh?” he asked with a smile.

“Man, fuck you,” I said back with a laugh. “I know I’m the shit. You ain’t lie though. You can take some dick.”

“Told you. Once you get me going, I can take it.” He kissed my lips again before asking, “You gotta be somewhere anytime soon?”

“Nah, why?”

“You wanna watch some TV and eat in about an hour? I got some burger patties and curly fries I can cook up if you’re hungry.”

I rubbed my stomach and said, “Shit, I can eat.”

“Cool. Let’s go take a shower then.” He carefully pulled himself off my dick and we climbed off the bed together.

I kissed him and hugged him while we showered together. I helped him put on lotion and rubbed his feet. I never did that kind of shit with anybody but he had me in my feelings. I mean, I couldn’t even remember the last time anybody, male or female, cooked for me after some bomb ass sex. And he could cook, too. I ate three of them cheeseburgers. I knew while I was hugging him and kissing on him before I left that it was gonna turn serious between us. I guess I’d broken my code for good.

Written by D. A. Morrison

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  1. Eddie
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    I just knew it was D. A Morrison lol…giving us American type realness… Gotta say though, that got me all hot and very bothered. Damn

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    December 04, 11:20 Reply

    I’m in the office, working on a faulty system and reading this simultaneously. Now I’m done but I can’t get up from this seat.

    Oh Father in heaven!?

  3. Lil-Dicky
    December 05, 11:39 Reply

    Wow!!! this story is so intense. Storyline is so lit damn!
    Both and Andre and Benzo got their sex games on point. From the moment Andre started stroking Benzo’s dick i knew he was gonna make him a Regular because shit like that isn’t meant to end as a mere freaky sex, it was meant to continue. If i was Andre i would let it continue. I felt like i was the one taking the Dick, i’d imagined how long he was down there and how i’d have struggled to take that dick inside my asshole, just like Andre. I love Benzo’s kinda guy…as long as its cool he’s ready to dick-up until he is satisfied.

    Menh! I’m damn horny right now been a long time i had this kind of sex.

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