Dear Diary,

It has been over a week since I started this new job and now, I am able to include in my online profile that I can “Travel” and that I am DDF: Drugs and Disease Free (This is after I got tested as a requirement for my new job. My job needed just the drug test but I utilized the opportunity to get tested for STDs). The location of my job meant new guys appearing on my Grindr grid and I’m guilty of always refreshing my page on my drive to work to see the guys in my current location and dropping a quick “Hi” in their message box so that I can have them in my chat list.

Online hookup is not always rosy. It is in fact a lot of work. Sometimes, you get messages from people you are not interested in, and they sadly do not take a clue and they continue to hit you up to no end. Other times, you get a similar treatment; someone who catches your interest ignores you endlessly and may go the extra mile of blocking you the moment you hit them up a bit too persistently. In some cases, you start a conversation with somebody and when pictures are exchanged, you either lose interest in the person or the person stops chatting with you clearly because they are no longer interested.

So it is basically a game of hits and misses, but I must say that after I started working out, it has become more hits (though there is this fucking hot white guy that keeps ignoring me, but my God answers prayers). And then, there is this other hot guy at my job that is really catching my fancy; story for another day.

Anyway, new job meant new guys which meant new possibilities, and one day, a black, thick-bearded guy appeared on my list of guys nearby. He looked like one of those high maintenance black guys who probably knows the name of a shirt’s designer simply by looking at it; those guys you see on Instagram who have mad followers because they have a big ass.

His name is Tijel and it wasn’t long before we started our chatversation. Frankly, I have a vague memory of how the chat went, but I vividly remember that sending my dick pic sealed the deal. I later got to be referred to as “Papi” and I basically got an album of his sultry nude and semi nude pics. He was hot for sure: thick athletic build, which I later discovered was from being a former dancer. He had dark stylishly carved beard with an amazing caramel-toned skin. He also didn’t seem to want his time wasted and asked for my number, the days of availability and how soon I could come over. He sent his location and it was quite a drive from mine, but he insisted it was not that far and that I should come as soon as possible. I kept procrastinating and we stopped chatting for quite a while.

It was just another day at work and on Grindr, and someone about a mile away from me, who was requesting on his profile “Masculine men only, no fem guys please. Where my masc guys at?” hit me up. He was tall, about 6 ft with a slim athletic build; well that was my assessment from his photos. He chatted me up, saying he needed some dick because his house was free and he was horny. I replied saying I was at work, to which he replied that he doesn’t live far away and we could have a quickie during my break. I was hesitant but I also loved the sound of a lunch time quickie.

It was lunch time and I sped off to his house. He asked that I come in through the back door. We met and I observed that he looked slimmer than he did in his pictures and that he had a thug-like look; you know, the kind of guy I imagined should have a baby mama or two.

There was no time for small talk. We started kissing right after our “Hi” and “Hello” was exchanged. Clothes went off, and he got down on his knees and started sucking me off. He seemed to be really into sucking me off but there was no time. I had thirty minutes left for lunch, so I unwrapped a condom, sheathed my dick and drove in. At this point, this thug-looking young man assumed a perfectly arched back and took the dick like a champ. He moaned and rode my erection while we kissed. I had my hands on his waist to control the pace while his slender butt did the magic. It was fast and intense, and minutes later, I was speeding above to speed limit to get back to work.

I felt a rush in that moment. I had just had a quickie while still at work. It was a first and was indeed memorable.

It was the end of the day and my phone buzzed.

“Hey what’s up? Let’s meet today please”, and along came a picture of a thick guy with an amazing ass; his knees were on the bed and ass was facing and filling up the screen. It was Tijel. Almost immediately after the message came in, he called.

Ok, someone is really horny, I thought.

He sent his address and I discovered it was going to be quite a ride. It is towards the outskirts of town, and the thought of the drive made me keep my fingers crossed that the sex better be worth all that drive.

I arrived at his apartment and his house was how I imagined a guy like him would keep it. Clean, full of modern artwork and fashion magazines. He was dressed to go to the gym and all I could see was how big his ass was in person.


Written by Duke

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  1. A-non
    June 29, 07:57 Reply

    Some of us need to be more spontaneous and push the envelope a little more.

  2. geeluv
    June 29, 09:00 Reply

    you’ve succeeded in getting me hard this morning…. you do well #eyesrolling#

  3. Too clean
    June 29, 09:14 Reply

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha…

    I can laugh at this….wow….

    You don’t disappoint….i am very confident about this

  4. Mandy
    June 29, 10:42 Reply

    Some days I wonder if the Nigerian online dating scene isn’t more merciful than that of the States. These westerners seem so crushingly defined in what or who they want, it’s almost intimidating. Reading this entry, it feels to me like you’ve gotta be hot, hot, hot to get any action. No wonder the stereotype of gay men being gym rats is fostered there. Becos the pressure to look good is fierce there.

    • Duke
      June 29, 20:41 Reply

      Kinda true. Here, physical attributes like height, body type, race and traits kinda influence how people treat you online. Muscular, big dick, sometimes hairy and tall is what a majority go for.

  5. Sasha
    June 29, 11:17 Reply

    How do you people do it? Removing your clothes in front of someone you just met that day and having sex hmmm. And then going to church on Sunday to wash away your sins and shame.
    More grease to your dicks and asses.

  6. zilayefa
    June 29, 13:39 Reply

    oh well….cheers to all them boys who find it on social media. I never ever go there…. History has it that the Fems never find anyone on social media. I have been proved right consistently… So till i meet d bobo who will be bold enough to walk up to me and say hi, Tabitha and her fellow career sisters like me will continue to be busy #buildingourselves a career (i.e if a career even counts) seeing as we have no 62 abbs and nyashhhhh to offer too…. crosses legs, sips Zobo…. continues sketching.

  7. Chizzie
    June 29, 19:19 Reply

    Wish hukking up in Nigeria were this easy and spontaneous. Over here, you have to do a double, triple check. Google, ask a couple of friends, go on true caller , check location on Google maps., pray and hope you don’t get kitoed..

    It’s so exhausting ???

    • Duke
      June 29, 20:43 Reply

      The only fear here is mainly being catfished.

        • posh6666
          June 30, 07:50 Reply

          Someone tricking you into meeting by using someone else’s pictures and profile.

  8. Cedar
    June 30, 00:41 Reply

    u guys r damn funny. I think I prefer online hukups, gives one a sizzling challenge and it’s more fun dan d straightup meet. *crosses legs and waits 4 d continuing part.

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