I haven’t been to church in nearly three years. It’s not so much about my sexuality; I just was never really much of a churchgoer. The times I attended church was mostly because Mummy sat on the parish council and we had to be model kids. So when it was up to me to decide if I wanted to go, I just refused to bother myself. I would use Sunday morning to get good exercise or invite my other churchless friends for a good meal and some wine.

Anyway, so I woke up one morning recently and felt a desperate need to be in church that Sunday morning. I felt an urgency in my spirit to go; quite frankly, I couldn’t explain it. I mean, I am certainly the last person this Holy Spirit would talk to, right? Eventually I brought out one suit that I had kept for a special wedding and laid it out on the couch, trying to decide how to style it.

Now the big question was: What church? I began to analyze my choices

RCCG: Way too conservative for me! Plus those big hats the women wear remind me of my mom and her stony looks when we capered in church. Pass!

House on the Rock: Very many of my friends – and half the gay men in this town – go to church there, so much so that I won’t take my attendance serious. It would be like a socialization arena. I refuse the devil to use me!

MFM: I would have to take aspirin after each service and end up with GIT wahala! Chukwu aju!

Winners’ Chapel: Let me just skip what I intended to say. My money wee not buy another private jet, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Christ Embassy: Under sized suits and shiny hair? Yea, pass!

Eventually I decided on a new church with a not-so-large congregation. I got there, worshiped with my new brethren, and I felt peace. To crown it all, the pastor hit the right note when he brought up the issue of homosexuality in his sermon:

“These things are more complex than we think… Every day, I keep praying for the wisdom of God to illuminate our minds on this issue… Kill them or jail them is not a solution, even if you want to help them, will shutting them out of church help them? It’s easy to talk about it but what if it was your son…”

Now I have never sought validity in the eyes of Christianity, mostly because I think it is an exercise in futility, but this man won my respect with that singular statement. The music was also very good, plus they have a strong youth wing (*coughs and drinks water*), so it’s safe to say I have found a church for myself.

To all those that acted like I betrayed them when I shared my church experience on Facebook, y’all need to chill like yesterday.


I have been chatting with a few peeps on twitter, mostly via direct messaging, and whenever it gets to the point where they ask for my whatsapp number or BBM pin, I often dillydally or outrightly say no.

One of the people I was chatting with, someone who linked with me through KD, accused me last week of just messing with him with no real interest in us getting to know each other. He was really pissed and after sending me like a million direct messages, he unfollowed me and blocked me.

This is not the first time this has happened on twitter. The truth is I am very, very reluctant to meet anyone on a romantic or “getting to know you” level, once I affirm that you read this journal. I feel naked when I go on a date with such someone, because you have seen all and read most things about my life – the good, bad and ugly. I feel there is nothing left to discover, and I am not cool with that.

I remember one time I caved and agreed to meet one guy while I was in Lagos on a work trip. It was so weird. The date ended up being a review of this journal: “Tell me about the asthma guy… Wow that must have been scary for you… What about that your colleague? Yada-yada-yada…” He kept going on, long past when I lost interest.

When you meet a guy and you two are getting to know each other, you decide what you want to reveal, you control what you want the other person to know about you. Imagine then going out with someone who knows your sexual preferences, your hobbies, what kind of work you do, your views on a lot of things in life etc. And you know zilch about this person. How weird is that?

I remember being at someone’s house with a few other people for brunch and while we were gisting, my mouth was running as I was sharing my opinions on everything, all the while pumping myself full with the coffee on the table. Eventually one of the guys cornered me in the kitchen and said, “OMG, you are DM!” I tried to form ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’, but it was too late. He said he pieced it together from the things I said, the opinions I shared, and then the coffee-drinking rounded it all up for him – and all this from a random guy who I wasn’t even going out with. I felt very naked and uncomfortable.

I wrote this because of a particular person(s). I am not feeling cool or anything, my dear. This is just my reason. Biko bear with me.


You know how the devil sometimes works overtime on your matter, and tries to scatter your plans even when you have good intentions. Mmhmm!

Since I declared my celibacy, the devil and some of his agents have made it their mission to ensure that that project will fail! However Jesus died for me and He wee not allow it.

I recently relocated (that will make an entry soon), and I quickly got exasperated with the walls of my new flat that does not let high speed internet signals come through. To watch a video on YouTube, or Skype or do anything that requires high speed internet (which may or may not include watching porno), I have to sit outside the house, and in a compound with eight housewives! (Yes, you read right) Anyway, after trying all the service providers and realizing it was the same for them all, I decided to give those Smile people a try; they’d been bugging my life anywhere I turn in PHC.

I tracked them to the mall and right at the stand, I saw the most beautiful boy ever: slim (almost waiflike), sparkly teeth and so light-skinned, his lips were completely plum. I am not really a fan of light skin, but this boy looked like a porcelain doll and he couldn’t have been more than 22.

Anyway I proceeded with my business, and I told the Smile person attending to me that I would need the device test run in my house to be sure it works, before I spend any cash. And he said, ‘Okay, Ben will go with you.”

Ben turned out to be this beautiful boy.

I instantly knew I was in trouble. As a gay man, you can sense things and you can perceive another gay man no matter how much he tries to hide it. And this Ben smelled of rainbows and unicorns. My initial reaction to the offer that he go home with me was to ask for another person, but I quickly realized how odd that would seem. So I shut up and started moving.

The ride home was very awkward, until Sam Smith started playing and Ben randomly asked if I believed in love. I told him yes, even though oftentimes, love is not always fair. Before I knew it, we were talking about relationships and love the entire drive, and I noticed how he refrained from using gender pronouns during our conversation. I let it slide; I was doing the same thing anyway.

When we got to my house, the first thing he noticed was my bookshelf. He screamed, and began gushing about how he’d read almost all of my books. When he started comparing Violet Boluwayo to Chibundu Onuzo, I knew I was in trouble, because this kid had just pressed on one of my weaknesses.

We spent about 30 minutes talking about books and comparing the writing styles of different writers, and it was quickly obvious to me that he had read more books than me, and it was refreshing to debate some of the books with him. He eventually extracted a promise from me to visit him at Uniport (apparently he was doing his Industrial Attachment with Smile) to see his collection of books. The way he said collection, I could have sworn it was suggestive, but your mind plays tricks on you when you are horny lol.

So na so I carry waka o! I am certain this boy was flirting with me, but he was ever so subtle that if you are not smart, you will miss it. I have told myself that I want to get to know him as a friend, but if it begins to be more, what will I do? See me see my celibacy vow o! It’s like I will just go and be a Buddhist monk! I cannot go and kill myself.


On a final hilarious note, all those I told that December 26th Imelda story, don’t vex o. It was a very late April fool prank! Masked Man, you and John Snow kuku bought it hook, line and sinker. My belle o! No vex, I was just messing with your heads! You sef that believed me… Odiegwu o.



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  1. Lothario
    November 18, 07:03 Reply

    Lol…. Oh dear God *face in palm*….. I’d like to say I had absolutely nothing to do with that mess….. That man up there dragged me into it ?Sorry MM and John Snow

    • Dennis Macaulay
      November 18, 07:07 Reply

      Issalie ooo! MM we hatched the plan together! Lothario is trying to throw me under the bus!

      We wee not take it

      • Masked Man
        November 18, 07:44 Reply

        DM, you haff tried.
        No words for you too.

        Ya’ll will hear from me later.

    • Masked Man
      November 18, 07:43 Reply

      No words for you, lothario.
      Simply no words.

  2. Mandy
    November 18, 07:11 Reply

    *loud gasp* DM found Jesus! After fucking pussy. Your list of gay abandonment just keeps on increasing, don’t it? 😀 What’s next? A trip down the wedding aisle? The 2.5 kids?

    • Dennis Macaulay
      November 18, 07:12 Reply

      Wait gay abandonment?

      Chai lol

      I didn’t know there was a template on how to be a gay man

      • Mandy
        November 18, 07:17 Reply

        Yes nau. It’s in the LGBT gay code of conduct. Thou shalt stay away from pussy. Thou shalt desist from going to church, or indulging in Christian activities. Thou shalt shun all attempts to make thee married to a woman. Thou may or may not have children.

        There! I’ve brought you up to speed. 😀

        • Dennis Macaulay
          November 18, 07:20 Reply

          **scratches head**

          I have practically flunked all of them! Wait what am I then?

      • Pink Panther
        November 18, 07:46 Reply

        Isn’t it time y’all filled us in on this prank?

        • Mandy
          November 18, 07:48 Reply

          Leave them. They’re looking to turn today’s entry into a BBM chat group.

  3. JustJames
    November 18, 07:27 Reply

    Can totally relate with the people knowing everything about you via your journal thing.. I remember being quite devastated when I found out someone I liked had read my journal. Just one of those things you have to get used to. Plus side.. You get to work on knowing the person instead.. Maybe you could try that..

    • Chizzie
      November 18, 07:54 Reply

      Please there’s nothing suggestive or shocking or earth shattering in your journals. So stop trying to be Taylor Swift here by playing the victim.

      The only impression I can get from reading ur journals is that you are someone I can easily kill

      • Pink Panther
        November 18, 08:07 Reply

        And I thought you two have brokered peace.
        Evidently I was wrong. 🙂

      • Max
        November 18, 10:12 Reply

        Someone you can easily kill? Really?

      • JustJames
        November 18, 11:12 Reply

        True.. You could easily kill me but do I get to pick how? There’s a certain region of yours I’d love to be smothered by ??

  4. Kristopher B!
    November 18, 07:27 Reply

    Nice entry, but sincerely comes kinda pompous… You know, I’ve been a fan of your write ups since day 0, but this right here sounds like you’re condescending on some peeps. The part of being selective painted the picture of an opulent guest at a buffet. I totally understand some of these guys can be a pain in the neck as they want a taste of that big chunk of chocolate called you, no thanks to the incessant “adverts” on KD… For all those thirsting to meet DM, hope you’ve read this…

    • Dennis Macaulay
      November 18, 07:40 Reply

      I wasn’t condescending or trying to come across as anything. I just was explaining something to someone in particular!

      Dammed if you do, Dammed if you dont

      **wipes sweat from forehead**

    • Mandy
      November 18, 07:43 Reply

      Lol. And this right here is threshold upon which Chizzie n Teflondon will take off in their joint anti-DM mission. Lol

  5. Chizzie
    November 18, 07:45 Reply

    Its the same formulae : chance encounters of circumstance, someone who you think is hitting on you, name dropping, subtle and sometimes downright attempts at showing off. I’m bored Dennis, I am bored. Will you carry these same theatrics to 2016?

    Even if you are really someone of the upper middle class like you try so hard to convey, there’s a certain parvenu ( please check your dictionaries ) quality about you, which says alot.

    And living in a house with 8 housewives, which invariably means 8 families and given the fertility rate of Nigerian women, over 20 children! Even for Lagos standards thats astronomical.

    Is that even safe? Is health services aware that that many ppl live in one compound? Wawuuu. Lets pray that Ebola doesn’t make a comeback

    • Pink Panther
      November 18, 07:50 Reply

      Chizzie, you live in Lagos and you’re asking this question about crowded cohabitation? Lol. Are you sure you’re Lagosian at all? This city being the champion of ‘communal’ living.

      • Chizzie
        November 18, 07:58 Reply

        In Lagos ppl that live in compounds with over 8 house wives are poor ppl. Except its one of those luxury high rise flats that are ridiculously expensive and both couples have to work to afford the rent.

  6. Masked Man
    November 18, 07:46 Reply

    Hi Jon Snow!
    Seeing as we are the arch victims, babe, come on BBM let’s kumbaya together.
    I have exclusive tea to spill to you.
    We will never let this crime go unpunished.
    Justice must prevail.

  7. #FlyOnTheWall
    November 18, 07:56 Reply

    Everyday one person is here singing the same old tune! Pouring hate and vitriol on a man who has never bothered to acknowledge you!

    Chizzie honestly you have become pathetic! We have gotten your memo a million years ago! Give it a rest!

    Dennis doesn’t care about you enough to respond, yet you won’t stop whining for attention! You have no idea how pathetic you come across as.

    Carry on until you wear yourself out!

    The last part of your comment shows how dumb you are and it’s always great when this happens, because there are estates in this country, but you would not know that given where u live.

    • Chizzie
      November 18, 08:01 Reply

      You know what they do to flies on the wall? They squash them to prevent from spreading cholera . Now go and do like the fly that you are an hover over a lump of feaces.

      • #FlyOnTheWall
        November 18, 08:19 Reply

        Little Miss Piggy, devote half the time you spend hating on Dennis to working out, you may loose the jiggly bits around your thighs and belly.

        You know pork is not favored by many!

        • Chizzie
          November 18, 08:26 Reply

          Someone is still living in 2014…pls catch up with society and the recent on goings of Chizzie’s life as 2016 is fast approaching. I suppose this is what I expect from someone who thinks England isn’t part of Britain.

          • #FlyOnTheWall
            November 18, 08:36 Reply

            Little Miss Piggy at the end of the day you are still a fat ugly bitch whining for attention. The bleaching creams aren’t making things better!

            Look who is talking about poor? A video of less than 100mb you were crying about downloading it.

            Everyday you take on people and get away with it because they ignore you! Go and buy a mirror and take a good look at your bleached face! You look like a fat monkey that was fed some lime juice!

            Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones.

            • Chizzie
              November 18, 09:12 Reply

              I see we’ve resorted to primary school insults and antics here, maybe you should take several notes from Marc of Chelsea abi kini oruko on how to get under Chizzie’s skin without sounding angry and desperately relying on made up information to land a punch line, which actually is so ridiculous on your part, seeing as most folks here have pretty much figured out who I am, so abeg just stick to facts especially abt my appearance.

              Here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to troll the net and find out what u really look like. And trust me, I always do. I just hope you aren’t ugly and look nothing like Posh cus then you might have to change your handle.

              • #FlyOnTheWall
                November 18, 10:02 Reply

                You are cool and all that, you throw barbs at people for being poor, yet the same you spent one full year in some obscure village in ekiti state. Miss Piggy the cool kids would have brought out cash and changed the posting to ado-ekiti atleast so that at the least they can still see a pharmacy to buy their bleaching cream. No! With all your wealth you spent one full year in that village!

                Get a life sweetie! If you are not hating on DM, you are tweeting about killing him or pushing him off a cliff! What kind of obsession is this please? And the guy just would not bother to respond to you! Let it go!

                While we are playing the movie “Deluded” please buy a good mirror (you know some fake ones lie), so get a good one and take a good look at yourself before you come here to insult people for being fat, poor or ugly because you are the poster boy for those things!

                • Chizzie
                  November 18, 10:16 Reply

                  Wait so your idea of wealth is dropping money to change one’s PPA.? Loool. Lool oo. Haai. Ndi KD, what will I not hear. Tufia. May you truly be wealthy one day so you have an idea and set better examples of what wealth really is.

                  And from all indications, you clearly memorize my tweets to heart, so I guess Twitter is a good place to start in figuring what u look like. Thanks for the hint.

                  • #FlyOnTheWall
                    November 18, 10:25 Reply

                    Little Miss Piggy! Take my advice!

                    Take a deep breath and let go! I know it’s hard to be happy when your life sucks so the temptation is there to transfer the aggression. However use that anger to exercise, you will loose the jiggly bits and be happy!

                    And please never tease anybody about looks, that is the irony of the millennium!

                    • Chizzie
                      November 18, 10:54

                      These ‘exercise’ jabs are becoming a tad repetitive, and all you are doing is flat lining. If you are going to come for anyone then come with facts

                      From all indications you obviously know nada abt me, and I’m cracking up and feeling really important seeing you go through great lengths with your fabrications. Clearly uve been itching for a battle with everyone’s favorite KD villain. Well I’ve indulged you long enough and your 30mins of KD fame is over, you may continue your buffoonary for Dennis’ sake some other day.

                      And the truly ironic statement is saying I’m the obsessed one here, when you clearly claim to know more abt me than I do of myself.

                      Guys, its so difficult being a KD celeb, it really is ?

                    • #FlyOnTheWall
                      November 18, 11:26

                      Well Miss Piggy repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression! I want you to truly picture yourself very well before you begin to abuse anybody for being poor or ugly or fat! Hello mirror!

                      KD celebrity? Lol is that one of your life goals? Now I see why you hate DM!

                      *to be popular, take down the popular one**

                      Now you are popular, give it a rest!

                      You have whined and whined and PP has given you a series where you write whatever it is that you write weekly still it is not okay for you. You have been ranting that many people are not reading it!

                      Only you is fat, broke, ugly, bleached and you still want to add attention whore to your CV? Chizzie fear God please and pick a few struggles!

                      Your life sucks mostly but nobody caused it so stop being an online bully! Find happiness in little things and you will see that life is okay.

                      And I repeat, never tease anybody for being broke or ugly! Hello Mirror

                    • posh6666
                      November 18, 11:31

                      Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *ladies and gentlemen and the final blow has been delivered* ??????? *gasps for breath and finally faints* goodnight my people…..

                    • Chizzie
                      November 18, 11:42

                      Abeg this one just carry your matter and enter somewhere else, cause you are so easy. I mean people are talking and you want to join them to talk? Just go and hang out in an IDC where your callibre are and allow this Fly to continue to prove how relavant i am on social media and the life of my fans ?

                    • Chizzie
                      November 18, 11:34

                      You’re a clown. Oyah continue, what other stuffs have i tweeted about and have seemingly forgetten but you’ve been gracious enough to remember. Go on, show me how dedicated my fans are.. ??

                    • Ven
                      November 18, 15:55

                      I’m conflicted. I dislike Chizzie and his antics, but I hate fat-shaming. I don’t know if he’s fat or not, but it shouldn’t be used as a weapon. That said, if anyone had it coming, it would be him.

                    • Chizzie
                      November 18, 16:15

                      But the thing is, I’m not even fat, can’t even say I’m thick & juicy anymore and everyday I wish I had my ass back; so this guy just pissed off fat ppl for nothing.. , Poor fat people ? .. Pls you ppl #FatLivesMatter too..

                    • Ven
                      November 18, 17:26

                      Conflicted no more. By all means, anyone should do what they can to take down the Archdouche of KD. No holds barred,

  8. OMG!!!It's HYPO
    November 18, 08:26 Reply

    I can’t stop laughing @ d drama dah plays out here! Nice entry DM

  9. Mitch
    November 18, 08:30 Reply

    Dennis, some part of me wants to laugh at you while the other part of me wants to commiserate with you in understanding. This, however, is what I’ve got to say:

    You need to stop revealing too much about yourself here if you’re not comfortable with Kdsians getting to know your true identity. Some of us (like me) who have undergone some serious stalking by family have learnt to piece things together. Virtually all your preferences are known here: groomsman, exercises, bitters over shine shine bobo, derss style, heck even your height is known here. That’s how some of us get to find you.

    Also, don’t blame people who wanna meet you. You give out this aura of the mature, wise gay man who everybody either wants to be, to be with or when they can’t be that, to hate. People get attracted to good things for chrissakes and without meaning to sound DM-ist, you my friend are the good thing in this case.

    All that behooves you now is to live your life properly and selflessly. #MyOpinionShaa

  10. mirage
    November 18, 08:44 Reply

    Chizzie,I think you should let it go.And DM you shouldn’t come here and narrate all your escapades with peeps from KD and where is PP?what ever happened to KD is not a hook up platform? Narrating all your dealings with peeps and shii seems rather childish!And for those of us who have met u in person DM,u don’t exude hawtness, so enough already!*shuts door*

    • Pink Panther
      November 18, 09:02 Reply

      Mirage, if you have any bitter grudge against DM, I kindly suggest you handle it with him privately, seeing as you’ve met him in person.
      After you’ve explained to me how KD has become a hookup platform from his entries, that is.

      • ikhines
        November 18, 09:30 Reply

        I don’t understand why you always defend this david Macaulay guy! Stop taking sides! Someone just sent me his picture and I must confess this blog has overrated this guy too much. He is not even fine! Instead of defending him just help him edit the lies he spills abeg

        • posh6666
          November 18, 09:47 Reply

          Lmao seems like some1 has a major grudge,are you amongst those he snubbed on twitter?he just xplained tho that it wasnt intentional oya forgive him.

        • Mandy
          November 18, 10:36 Reply

          Wait, so ikhines, you don’t even know DM. All you know of him is a picture someone just sent you. And somehow you know how everything he writes are lies. Lol. The hate for DM is real on this blog sha.

          • Pink Panther
            November 18, 10:40 Reply

            There are people whose opinions make me pause and consider the sense in what they say. This ikhines fellow certainly isn’t one of them. I thought he’d have figured that out by now n cool off from his unsolicited directives.

            • Max
              November 18, 10:46 Reply

              @PP, He’s just one of the many losers around here, nothing he says counts or makes common sense.
              *slams the door*

          • #FlyOnTheWall
            November 18, 10:45 Reply

            Isn’t that the funniest part? You see? They don’t even know the guy yet they hate him? How does that even begin to make sense?

            I don’t even know DM personally but the hate he gets on this blog is it fair? He is just telling his stories and his struggles, most of which we can relate to. So why all the vitriol? Why?

            • posh6666
              November 18, 17:02 Reply

              One thing is sure #FlyOnTheWall if we were back in secondary school,i would have made sure we were besties and all we would do all term apart from making sure we pass all subjects well is be a bully to fat ugly kids who think they are shit and think they actually have any right to be mean to anybody,we would have made sure their lives was hell and on every visiting day,they will cry so hard to their parents and beg for transfer when they remember the nightmare that awaits them in the hostel.I am your major fan abeg.

        • OMG!!!It's HYPO
          November 18, 12:42 Reply

          He is Dennis not David and U shld understand that some of us are sapiosexual……There’s more to life than six pacs(being hot & sexy). It jes depends on Ur preference!

  11. Theo
    November 18, 08:46 Reply

    OK, this is why I always look forward to DM’s rants, it always come along with some drama in the comment section. Lol

    Lemme just siddon and be licking my cowbell choco as more drama unveil.

    • posh6666
      November 18, 09:49 Reply

      Yeye see the way this one is thirsty for drama hahaha you should be ashame of urself lol

      • Max
        November 18, 10:57 Reply

        The People who compiled the dictionary would be ashamed of your comment.

        • posh6666
          November 18, 11:14 Reply

          *yawns* are we back to this again?ur attempt at throwing jabs is very weak wat dont u get exactly?i write how i wish to write and not here to impress you or any other person so why dont u just learn to scroll away and ignore?who you help?are you paying for my data or bought me the phone am using?why will u think ur opinion matters?get over it i will be commenting on this blog for a long time to come how i deem fit so deal with it…

          • Max
            November 18, 12:32 Reply

            Damn, you’re so easy ???.

        • Teflondon
          November 18, 11:21 Reply

          LMAO!!!! ????

          I’m just here chilling..

  12. sensei
    November 18, 09:00 Reply

    Nice entry!

    Bad belle pipo sha!

    And DM finds Jesus! Nna na wah for you!

  13. Kester
    November 18, 09:40 Reply

    OMG so chizzie is fat, bleached and poor!!! Buhahaha haha haha haha haha haha
    Parvenu Ko venu par ni

  14. posh6666
    November 18, 09:43 Reply

    Lol nawao so some peeps in here have been secretly hooking up?and honestly when i hear about the way tb’s have turned the church to hookup venues am just like wow! I remember few yrs ago when House on the Rock 1st kicked off and i was in abj for the weekend my friend actually told me “oremi we have to dress to kill oh”so many hot guys in that church,he made sure i went mind you am a muslim but was so curious the way he went on and on it was very close to their home in ministers hills so i decided to go feed my eyes.The bitch switches btw House on the Rock,Christ Embassy and Winner’s Chapel apparently those are the churches the cute,rich and classy gays attend.When you are suppose to be worshipping God and confessing your sins o,anywaysthe gays always love the finer things in life no one wants the uglies??????

  15. Dennis Macaulay
    November 18, 10:06 Reply

    Most of the time the comments I read on this journal amuse me. The thing with humans is that there is no “one size fits all”!

    What satisfies one group will annoy another group! Before you sit behind a keypad and haul abuse at someone take a second and think
    “Has this guy done any bad thing to me personally”?


  16. Rev: Hot
    November 18, 10:43 Reply

    the drama in all Shondaland shows combined no reach the drama for KD comments section…

    oh and DM, I don’t agree with your haters, but I do agree that you should reduce the personal information you share…


    • posh6666
      November 18, 11:01 Reply

      If you have been here right frm the start you will know at first i really wasnt feeling Dennis cos i felt “he was too in your face”with some of his accomplishments or financial security,i felt he gave extra infos that weren’t needed and eversince he has toned it down majorly.Do i think he makes stories up?thats not my bizness and shouldnt be worrying my head over that,my major beef then was stop proving to people you are a rich kid which like i said before talking about ones financial power online sounds very tacky.Right now Dennis is just alright and i dont get what infos he is revealing about himself o,anybody that is beefing him right now honestly is just suffering from major inferiority complex and self loath,they wish they had his life and either they admit it or not their life isnt where they wish it to be and hating on dm is the only way they can feel better.I mean if in real life you actually know deep in ur heart that infact getting money to even buy data is a major struggle for you,you dont even have upto 100k in ur account,neither do you have a job neither are you actually happy with ur overall looks how does it make sense hating on someone better than you? Ok am done commenting on this post abeg.

  17. kacee
    November 18, 10:48 Reply

    Imelda LMAO, DM you are so funny. MM and Jon Snow smh

  18. Dennis Macaulay
    November 18, 10:52 Reply

    Lol oh chimo!

    Drink a little water guys, it’s not that serious

  19. Max
    November 18, 10:53 Reply

    The ratings are soaring ???

    I’m just here for the laugh btw…???
    Favorite commenter- FlyOnTheWall (his comments pack quite a punch)

    Losers club- Mirage, Ikhines and co..

    Big bad wolf Chizzie took a beat down from #Fly who beat him by (5-4)

    • Pink Panther
      November 18, 11:24 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa! Max, so it’s clown’s day for you today, huh?

      • Max
        November 18, 12:35 Reply

        Yep yep yep, I’m sitting this one out.

  20. Khaleesi
    November 18, 11:16 Reply

    I totally get your point about church, because like you, i disconnected from the church while i was still in my teens …. i just couldnt buy most the crap that was being spewed from the pulpit – even before i fully accepted and embraced my sexuality, i therefore lost interest and drifted away … And, whoever that Pastor is, he just gained a trailer load of respect from me.
    Getting intimate with people i meet via KD is also awkward for me, i actually prefer to keep the meets to a minimum …
    and … why does everyone say they can sense a gay man, i usually CANT!! except if he’s flaming dead give away gay, then i cant help but notice, but if he acts like any other regular guy, chances are i wont notice…
    Nice piece DM … Muahhh…

    • posh6666
      November 18, 11:19 Reply

      I believe it all lies on the eye contacts,lingering gazes and body language if you are good at that.

  21. Keredim
    November 18, 11:20 Reply

    Dennis, you poor thing. The burdens of a “celebrity”, it’s not easy.

    You should use my PR guys, they stop “hook up” inquiries dead in their track. They just say “No”???

  22. Teflondon
    November 18, 11:36 Reply

    It’s ‘Touché’ and ‘Deja vu’ all over the place..

    I’m just going to take a back sit this time.
    It is quite hilarious.. The post! The comments! Feels good not being the center of attention this time. (Contrary to general beliefs)

  23. posh6666
    November 18, 11:50 Reply

    Btw just read about some men that kidnapped little boys in edo state and were sexually molesting them

  24. Sinnex
    November 18, 12:19 Reply

    Why don’t you guys take your rants a notch higher by thrashing it out on Twitter. Seems like that’s where the Lip Stick gang go to gossip about people who comments here.

    Nonsense and Ingredients.

    Sometimes you think some people have come off age, but they end up disappointing because they are not different from the guy next door.

    Biko, being fat is not a crime. Being poor is not a crime. Bleaching is not a crime. It all depends on preferences.

    Now, we know who to blame when something bad happens to this blog. We complain about ‘Kiss and Tell’ in the Gaybourhood but we are all guilty about it.

    Nonsense and Ingredients…..mtchwwwwwwwww.

    • Somebody
      November 18, 15:40 Reply

      …*pics mic* and the award for most politically correct comment goes to ……..

    • Stranger
      November 18, 16:07 Reply

      Dude, you made so much sense. I think I saw the tweets you were talking about; really immature.

    • Mandy
      November 18, 20:10 Reply

      In Sinnex’s book of self righteousness, every crime committed on KD is the fault of the Lipstick Gang. If Chizzie blasts someone, it’s the Lipstick Gang’s fault. If there’s a retaliation, why, of course the LG is to blame. If a war is raging on twitter, look carefully, you’ll see the LG handing out firearms. If fuel is scarce in Nigeria, ohmygod, the LG must have a hand in it.

      Everyone’s moved on from that moniker, but our dear Sinnex seems reluctant to let go.

      • Keredim
        November 18, 20:26 Reply


      • Max
        November 19, 06:36 Reply

        ???????? @Mandy

      • Sinnex
        November 19, 08:36 Reply

        Say what you like but you can’t hide the truth. Everything is there for the world to see. Oga Mandy, if someone retweets another’s tweet, what does it mean? Biko, are you now the Publicity Secretary of the LSG? Those involved know themselves and they dare not say anything. So, if you don’t know anything just keep your mouth shut and face what it is you do when you are not on KD.

  25. michael
    November 18, 22:15 Reply

    I was beginning to think DM that you journal has gone AWOL. glad to know you’re still here.

    on a second note, my friend Gerald would say he’d never go out with you cos he is afraid he might do or say something that will make an entrance here. maybe you should try eliminating these kind of stories but then its your journal and stories like these are part of your life.

    Then, about the part of not meeting anyone who knows something about this site, not fair and like James said try and get to know them instead.

    • Brian Collins
      November 19, 08:09 Reply

      You really didn’t have to mention the friend’s name. Especially one that is quite popular in PH gay circles. I am certain he won’t be very pleased to see this. And I am almost certain he reads this blog

      • Francis
        November 19, 07:20 Reply

        Lol. Nna I read 96 comments with overdose of drama and lost the zeal to comment. ?

        DM biko don’t stop sharing, pipul like me wey get boring lives need the excitement abeg. ???

  26. Brian Collins
    November 19, 08:19 Reply

    First I am going to PH mall to check out that angel of the devil called Ben that wants to drag you into the pits of hell after you found Christ.
    I really don’t know what people expect to be in a journal. Me I AF taya o.
    By the way DM, I am available any time for that ingide to Beer Barn you offered a while ago. I don’t mind having my time with you end up on RROAGN, at least I go celeb small and be in the spotlight with you.

  27. R.A
    November 19, 12:24 Reply

    My Goodness!!!! And I was having a drab day yesterday. When all the juiciness of life was just here at my feet lol. Nice post and hilarious comments. What you don’t want people to know, you don’t share. Simple!

    Mbok keep sharing o, I for one enjoy dem rantings.

  28. Diego jay
    December 03, 22:58 Reply

    nice write up @ mr DM
    buh una sabi tok lyk kilode!!!

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