I had been celibate for over five months, a situation that was most certainly not by choice. Hot, macho dudes were simply no longer available in the market.

Then, I got to learn that my cousin’s wife and baby were back in the Island from their stay at my mum’s place since she had the baby. I love kids, especially when they are cute and cuddly. So I went over to see them. I’d always heard that my cousin shared his three-bedroom apartment with his friend, who occupied a room. I’d never met this friend though, and I’d never cared to.

The weather was hot, and when I got to my cousin’s place, the house was hot too. The baby was wailing for Africa and America combined, and while I sought solace behind a hand-fan, my cousin’s wife (who I’ll call Shantel) remarked that she’d sent Calvin to go get fuel for the generator.

“Who is Calvin?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s Victor’s younger brother.” (Victor, I knew to be their flat-mate who I hadn’t met).

Anyway, I didn’t give Calvin any further thought as my cousin’s baby calmed some and I was able to carry her and occupy her and me with the cooing of baby noises. Occasionally, I traded gossip with Shantel, and we were in the middle of disseminating one particular juicy morsel of gossip when Calvin walked in. He greeted me and I greeted him back, making a mental note of how great his body was and how I’d love to get to that in due time.

I didn’t dwell on him the moment the generator was turned on and electricity – and all the goodness it brings with it – came alive in the house. The television came on, the fan brought life, the baby was very happy, and all was right with the world.

Later, in the evening, I got hungry and went into the kitchen to make something to eat. Calvin walked in as well, clad in just boxer shorts.

And right there and then, he commanded my attention in a way he hadn’t earlier on when he’d been fully clothed.

What kind of temptation is this? I screamed in my head as I watched the sinewy body move toward the fruit bowl. He picked up an apple and leaned his derriere against a cabinet, clearly intent on staying on in the kitchen. As he munched his apple, he made small talk with me. How I managed to respond civilly to him without pouncing on him and the chocolate goodness my X-ray vision could make out through his boxers was beyond me.

As we conversed, I began to feel a familiar electric buzz go through me, that feeling I get when the hoe in me is rising to say Hallelujah. The spirit was willing to stay righteous, but the flesh was weak. And so, I dropped my innocuous responses and got flirty with him.

He stayed in the kitchen until I was done making my ‘yamarita’ – the fancy name I have for yam with fried egg sauce. I’d made enough for more than just me. Calvin helped himself to a plate of yamarita, and suggested we eat together…

In his brother’s room!

All by ourselves!

And just as I was willing my spirit to intervene and say no to this temptation, Calvin added that he had new episodes of Game of Thrones, and we could watch together while we ate.

Cersei Lannister, is your hand in this impending downfall of mine?!

Anyway, to his brother’s room we went.

It was just one episode, and soon, we’d finished it and moved on to a horror movie. This was the genesis of it all, as I kept shrinking into his body every time something scary popped up on the screen. During these unconscious body contacts, my hand brushed against his crotch and I was startled by how thick his dick felt for a flaccid penis of a twenty-two-year-old boy. My interest was spiked upon this contact, and my determination to get into those boxer shorts was firmed.

As luck would have it, Victor, his brother called him to inform him he wouldn’t be coming home that night. The plan wasn’t for me to sleep over during this visit, but with this golden opportunity that had been presented to me, it was only natural I insinuate an invitation out of Calvin to not only stay the night but to spend it in the room with him.

Eventually, the night settled and everyone within and without went to sleep. When our good nights were said to my cousin and his wife, and we retired to the room, Calvin very quickly slept off. And then, I got to work.

I went to my bag and got my emergency fuck tool kit, and returned to the bed, to my position beside Calvin. With my heart beating wildly, I laid a hand on his well-defined abs. He didn’t move, kept sleeping on. I moved my hand lower to the waistline of his boxers and let it rest there. There was still no reaction from him. After some seconds that felt like an eternity, I burrowed my hand into his boxers to meet the flaccid, well nourished dick.

Oh Good Lord!

I was panting slightly as I bent low and pulled out the dick. Then I went to work on it with some lollipop action. It wasn’t long before the dick began to come to live. I sucked away at it with all the dedication of a heart surgeon attending to a complicated surgery. The dick quickly turned rock-hard, and I was now deep-throating him.

It was at this time that his body gave a jerk that told me he must have woken up. I didn’t look at his face to confirm. I was too busy with his shaft. Then he was still, and I guessed this was because his brain was probably trying to process what he’d just awakened to, what was happening. But if you have ever received a blowjob from me, you’ll know that thinking is something that’ll be impossible when I’m doing my work on your dick.

And then, Bam! His hands were on my head and he was thrusting his hips upward and into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider to accommodate his thrusts, and we were at this for nearly thirty minutes. He just kept banging away at my mouth. And then, with a harsh groan, he pulled his erection from my mouth and turned to ejaculate on the bed.

A few moments passed while I sat and waited. He stopped jerking, a signal that he had spent his ejaculation. Then he slowly turned to me, clearly back in his heterosexual senses, and said in a low voice, “What did you make me do?”

What did I make you do? Oh hell no, mister! Irritation sparked to life inside me, not necessarily because of his question, but because I’d just realized that if I had a naira for every time someone asked me that question, I’d be counting some good cash now. How dare he try to make me the entire culprit of what happened when he could have stopped any time he wanted in the thirty minutes he spent fucking my mouth?

“Better save it,” I snapped at him, “because I just can’t give you head and you will try to play the victim card as a way of ending what we’ve just started. So, first we finish and then you can have the rest of the night to vent.”

Haba! I cannot come and suck you and you’ll come and vex before my bugaina is satisfied! No nau!

Evidently, Calvin wasn’t having any that. He lost his temper and began raving, as much as he could in a low voice that wouldn’t wake the house, about how he would break my head and how dare I touch him, and all that jazz.

And all through his diatribe, I kept up a small smile, silently telling myself with quiet confidence: Philip, just chill. He’ll get a boner soon enough.

And in a mellow voice, I told him that I was sorry I’d touched him and that it wouldn’t happen again. But that since we’d already started, we should just finish it. He didn’t exactly expect the pleasure to be one-sided, did he?

As I talked, he kept on acting pissed. But I’d had enough of his attitude. I simply went straight for his crotch, and to my utmost surprise, the little man was awake, waiting for some more action. I turned a smirk to Calvin, who’d been lying there, unresisting.

And he said the words that almost made me laugh, “Do you really want this? Do you think you can handle it?”

“Try me,” I said.

And after that, there was no need for any more words.

Written by Philip

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  1. Colossus
    July 29, 06:05 Reply

    Well, this pseudo-rape/molestation was not as fun as I thought.

    “What did I make you do? Oh hell no, mister! Irritation sparked to life inside me, not necessarily because of his question, but because I’d just realized that if I had a naira for every time someone asked me that question, I’d be counting some good cash now”

    So, i take it this isn’t your first rodeo? How prolific of you.
    Phillip, the first of his name
    Of house always horny
    King of the converters
    Father(Mother?) of the raging hormones
    The throne is yours.

  2. bruno
    July 29, 06:51 Reply

    lol. this is how people get lynched

  3. bain
    July 29, 08:08 Reply

    Omo u no dey fear oooh,guts dey ur body wella,plus ion believe a straight guy would fuck another guy (without strings attached or being undr d influence),so cavin Is probably as gay as the sky is blue.

    • Klaus
      July 29, 08:22 Reply

      you’d be surprised what you can make a straight guy do when their penis is thinking for them.

      • bain
        July 29, 09:51 Reply

        Ngwanu,e choro I raputa onwe gi,go on.

      • Silver Cat
        July 29, 12:00 Reply

        An erect dick is like a full bladder. It seeks only to be relived regardless of who is doing the relieving.

  4. zilayefa
    July 29, 08:23 Reply

    Ngwanu clap hand for yaself na……as a joystick resource control officer that you is na. Commander in chief of the felatio forces. Queen of the ministry of impromptu affairs. ???..…we admire your courage!

  5. Kenny
    July 29, 08:57 Reply

    Wow Phillip, wow!! You deserve a medal. A gold medal, and a large one at that. Here’s a round of applause to go with it ? ??

  6. bryannnn
    July 29, 09:36 Reply

    Pls!!! Let’s not idolise this story, it really had my eyes popping out in surprise. Imagine the nerves, dude just thank your God. How can you just throw caution to the wind? If you must know, you risked a lot of things here, majorly being ousted to your cousin, the wife and all. Did you consider the shame, if it ever goes the other way???…….this story is totally not worthy of emulation..

  7. ambivalentone
    July 29, 10:00 Reply

    I applaud the guts. It makes for a very good story. But I cannot encourage it. Imagine my horror when a friend told me straight converting is the new deal. Haaa!!! Here I was still decrying another friend’s bold moves. I pray for peace in all y’all nether regions o. It will put u in trouble if u don’t take care.

    July 29, 10:21 Reply

    Hum… Nne your matter no be here o… idikwa imilimious! …
    I salute your courage anyways, even if I sleep with a straight guy am dying for naked, my hand no go move till morning!….
    The first day I tried did not come up with good tales….

  9. Delle
    July 29, 10:33 Reply

    Oh church!
    Sorry, where and how did you get the balls (every pun in the world intended) to do this?!
    How could you be so sure you won’t walk out of that room with your brains in your palm?
    How can you do this and walk away with it, biko?
    How can this not go wrong with all the signs of Danger and red skulls hanging everywhere?!

    Lastly, why did you cut out the details of the main episode, ehn kwa?

  10. Raj
    July 29, 11:31 Reply

    Ah! Philip! Philip! Philip!
    Your next outting may bring you to the light o…
    Not all straight guys can tolerate us after giving some head…
    Life’s short to be wasting your guts on such methods.. You’d have made him desire you first; of which you lost the opportunity to do when you both were in the kitchen.


    I’m just passing…??????

  11. chuck
    July 30, 10:39 Reply

    Yeah this is molestation. No consent

  12. peaches
    July 30, 12:35 Reply

    Did he seriously ask you “are you sure you want this?” (Laughs and spreads myself on Ojuelegba bridge) such qweshon, diaris something in dat sucking u gave him. Hehehehehehe. *Bites gala*

    • Shawn
      July 31, 14:57 Reply

      Lying on Ojuelegba bridge.. random dicks alert

  13. MagDiva
    July 31, 07:02 Reply

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. And it certainly shouldn’t be encouraged nor the writer applauded.

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