The Internet is obsessed with Adele’s new bodyguard

The Internet is obsessed with Adele’s new bodyguard

Forget 25, the Internet has a new obsession.

Peter Van der Veen – a.k.a. former Mr. Europe, a.k.a. former bodyguard to Lady Gaga, a.k.a. the Internet’s next boo – has taken up the position of Adele’s protector, a.k.a. bodyguard.Celebrity Sighting in New York City

Following her increased celebrity and public appearances that came with the release of 25 last week, the people in charge have enlisted the help of Van der Veen to ensure any crazy superfans are kept at arm’s length, and it’s safe to say people are pretty pleased with this decision.

Twitter has been awash with compliments for Mr. Van der Veen — praise that ranges from appreciative to downright dirty. But they all have one thing in common: everyone loves Van der Veen.peter tweetpeter tweet 2peter tweet 3

But Lady Gaga fans, who are apparently on first name terms with Van der Veen, have been outraged at his turn of allegiance.peter tweet 4

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  1. Kenny
    November 28, 06:11 Reply

    Lol @ d last tweet!!! Painment!!!!

    • façade
      November 28, 07:12 Reply

      Lol, I died at that last tweet

      • Pink Panther
        November 28, 07:15 Reply

        I swear, that fan looks like she’d be ready to take on Adele if they put the both of them in a wrestling arena. For the love of Gaga.

  2. Ringlana
    November 28, 06:50 Reply

    In all the Pix am only seeing Peter. Pheew!!

  3. Mandy
    November 28, 07:07 Reply

    Well, this one does not deserve to be said hello to from the other side. Maka why nah?

  4. façade
    November 28, 07:13 Reply

    In Britney spears voice *hit me baby one more time!*

  5. Dick Advocate
    November 28, 07:35 Reply

    Well the man is cute but I’ll pass… ?

    How ever just look at Adele!!! My word!! She gorgeous AF!! This is the kinda FAT woman ill so totally do. I could eat her soft pussy all year long. ?

    • Peak
      November 28, 11:40 Reply

      @DickAdvocate, Adele is fucking gorgeous. I started paying more attention to her since her 25 era kicked off. The girl has one of the most exquisite facial features I have ever seen. For a plus size woman, she is really really gorgeous. Add her goofy-playful demeanour to the mix and you just can’t help but like her.

      • Max
        November 28, 12:05 Reply

        You among those who wanna sleep with Adele now Peak?

        • Peak
          November 28, 13:01 Reply

          Since when does appreciating a good looking person equate to sexual interest?

  6. posh6666
    November 28, 07:44 Reply

    Lol the 1st commenter Hannah is such a slut “lmao @ he could set fire to the rain”

  7. #Chestnut
    November 28, 08:04 Reply

    I’m not seeing his appeal o. Maybe it’s a white girl thing?
    Adele is looking kinda… “mature” in d first pix; she isn’t 30 yet,right?

  8. Chizzie
    November 28, 08:22 Reply

    But he looks too red. Like a bleached Yoruba market woman

      • ambivalentone
        November 28, 11:02 Reply

        he seems to know way too much about them to make me wonder if he doesn’t spend too much time around them…as their errand boy perhaps? It would account for the all the animosity *files nails*

          • ronniphoenix
            November 28, 19:41 Reply

            At last something makes me laugh and be genuinely happy since the begining of this week.

            What a way to end the week.

            • Chizzie
              November 28, 22:02 Reply

              Homegirl is getting ready to throw another pity parry. Hope there would be jollof rice sha.

              • ronniphoenix
                November 28, 23:31 Reply

                Oh gurl, our peace truce is over.

                Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

                • posh6666
                  November 29, 08:08 Reply

                  Lol Ronnie….gurl are u sure?we all know u are a fragile porcelain doll dont do this!

  9. JustJames
    November 28, 08:51 Reply

    He’s attractive? I’ve seen plucked turkey more attractive.. NEXT PLEASE!!

    • Mandy
      November 28, 09:35 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa! James! Don’t be such a Chizzie.

  10. McGray
    November 28, 08:55 Reply

    Cute to d extent of internet obsession kwa? Hmmm. Ndi ocha na omume ha sha

  11. Kerr
    November 28, 09:59 Reply

    Bryanboy too is tripping… Lmao

    But how can former Mr. Europe end up as body guard ?

    But the guy is not fine like that jor… Maybe it’s with the white appeal..

  12. Ringlana
    November 28, 12:50 Reply

    lol 😂😂😂😂 you are?

  13. Sinnex
    November 28, 13:35 Reply

    He looks like one of Mirinda’s missing 3 Orange men.

    Adele is so pretty.

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