After a successful interaction between the interviewer and I…

The interviewer: We’ll call you on Monday.

Me: Thank you very much, sir.

I am rising from my seat, when –

The interviewer: Wait a moment. Please sit back down.

I resume sitting.

The interviewer: See eh… If you want to balance well in this life, you need to try and be sounding proper.

I am befuddled by this.

Me: Proper, sir?

He coughs, shifts a little on his chair and for whatever reason, he suddenly can’t look me directly in the eye.

The interviewer: You’re just too womanly. The way you sound is somehow.

He lets out another cough. I am seated, staring at him, feeling cold.

The interviewer: Your dressing is very good, very manlike. It makes you look like a solid man. It’s just your voice that you need to work on, you hear? Just try and work on it.

Me: Okay, sir.

The interviewer: You can go now.

Me: Thank you, sir.

And I stand and walk out of the office.

Written by Real-Me

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  1. Colossus
    November 28, 08:10 Reply

    What da fuck did I just read? What is it with people and unsolicited advice? So he should do what? Eat gravel to make his voice manly?

    • Tj
      November 28, 08:28 Reply

      Its the ‘ eat gravel ‘ for me 😂 TF!

    • Mannie
      November 28, 09:11 Reply

      Eat what?😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Francis
      December 26, 09:30 Reply

      🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  2. Bliss l
    November 28, 08:53 Reply

    I have had this Experience this year sha..
    After i got the Job, i quit d next day.

  3. Delle
    November 28, 10:27 Reply

    That’s not an organization you want to work for. Trust me. Good company ethics demand that such Personal lines are not crossed.

    What irritates me most is how these sort of my organizations have the most ratchet setting, terrible salary structure and clumsy scheduling.

    All wrong. You’re not losing anything if you spit on his face and walk out of that door with an extra swing to your hips.

  4. Pete
    November 28, 12:33 Reply

    Nigerian HR 🤝overstepping boundaries

  5. Lopez
    November 28, 13:39 Reply

    Unless you’re going to die if you did not accept the job offer, don’t accept it.

  6. Raine
    November 29, 03:36 Reply

    This is my issue aswell… Insane lots

  7. fesi
    November 29, 06:08 Reply

    So now he should be eating stone to make his voice “manly” and “solid”??? stupid idiot.

  8. Gb
    November 29, 15:38 Reply

    Never change yourself to please any mf if they’ve got issues with you being you that’s on them……periodt

  9. Sadeeqsmiler
    November 30, 01:14 Reply

    I can relate with this. It reminds me of when i go for teaching interview . The interviewer told me that the students will not respect me with the way i am doing with my voice. Almost all the schools i went keep repeating thesame thing and they never called. Being feminine is hard

    • Pink Panther
      November 30, 14:25 Reply

      That’s really terrible. To simply define a person’s strength of character by his un-masculine voice. That is how Nigerian institutions loses potentials.

  10. Prometheus
    December 02, 10:11 Reply

    I had somewhat of this experience early last year. It got to a point one of the interviewers started asking if I had a girlfriend

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