The LGBT response to Archbishop Kaigama’s turnaround

The LGBT response to Archbishop Kaigama’s turnaround

Nigerian Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama recently made a remarkable about-turn on Nigeria’s anti-gay law, saying that he does not support jailing gay people, this after he, earlier this year, and on behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, congratulated President Goodluck Jonathan for signing the draconian bill into law. At the time, Kaigama, wrote to Jonathan that his approval of the law “is indeed a courageous one” and “a right step in the right direction.”

It now appears that a visit to the Vatican has cleared Kaigama’s head and helped him realise that the Catholic Church is actually opposed to locking up gay people.

Following his insistence that the media’s reporting of his views was a “gross misinterpretation” and that he only supported the parts of the Nigerian law that banned same-sex marriage, Davis Mac-Iyalla, a Nigerian LGBT activist, responded to the archbishop’s hypocrisy, noting that, “there was and continues to be wide-spread violent attacks against those suspected of being homosexuals in Nigeria. Indeed, the persecution of gay people in Nigeria is strongly influenced by religious homophobia.”

In an open letter published by PM News, Mac-Iyalla wrote: “The Nigerian Christian Association has stood firm in supporting the new laws, and there is no record anywhere to prove that your church or any other church has seriously challenged the persecution of gay people in Nigeria.”

He nevertheless welcomed Kaigama’s new position “with joy” and urged him to “please continue to speak out, as strongly as you can against the barbaric treatment of gay people in Nigeria.”

The so-called Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act not only banned gay marriage (which was never legal in the first place) but also imprisons anyone in any kind of consensual adult same-sex relationship for 14 years. Any public display of same-sex affection will also lead to a prison term of 10 years.

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  1. Vhar.
    October 16, 05:06 Reply

    It feels like a needle-in-the-hay-kinda-hope but then again, its a start.

  2. gad
    October 16, 05:25 Reply

    The media is awash daily with attacks and threats on LGBT people all over the world,especially in the west. The attackers are not even known to be commited xtians or xtian representatives. I have sat under sermons in church against homosexuality. Not withstanding that I’m bisexual,I have to make it clear that none of these sermons has ever suggested,incited nor encouraged violence against gays.In a nutshell,the consumption of the teaching of the church is that none has the right to fight another or 4 God.”who are u 2 judge another man,s servant?”, “if anyone says he has no sin he deceives himself…and calls God a lier” “conecting one another IN LOVE” “whoever is without sin,let him cast d 1st stone” etc are some Bible quotes to show that in as much as d church condemns gay practice,it does not support violence and ill-treatment of gays. Finally,I believe it’s noble for someone to publicly change his earlier stand on an issue in the face of new facts or after a rethink.It can’t be hypocrisy.Its only fools and charlatans that will hold on to their positions even when they found out how wrong they have been. We should applaud this man,s action and not call him names.

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 16, 06:17 Reply

      Oh really cos I have heard sermons in which pastors reminded gays dat god destroyed sodom cos of them, and that they deserved to die.

      Take a trip to Bisi Alimi’s TL and see for yourself. I understand your religiosity and I’m sure it helps you sleep better at night. Just don’t let it rob you of objectivity!

      • Khaleesi
        October 16, 07:01 Reply

        thank you so much my darling Dennis!! am still doing my early morning squats for a tight booty… when am done with my ayurvedic yoga I’ll get@ these turkeys & their brainwashed followers …

    • Absalom
      October 16, 06:46 Reply

      Gad, no man of god in their right minds will preach violence on gays but in riding on public disgust, phobia and Neanderthal ignorance to preach against homosexuality, they might as well have done that.

      Catholic doctrine classifies homosexuality as one of the “four sins crying to god for vengeance.” 😛

  3. Obatala
    October 16, 05:42 Reply

    Reverend King, you have the podium

  4. king
    October 16, 06:37 Reply

    Thanks luvs….however the hatred for the bigotry and double sided mess aside I think we should applaud any body who sees his folly and tries to make amends. I mean that’s why we have forgiveness in the bible bin the first place….. So me think that we should see this as a bold step in the right direction towards gays at least when it comes to tolerance! let’s applaud anybody who asks for forgiveness because if God forgives then who are we not to! So am wondering who here has NEVER said something wrong PLEASE CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!

  5. Rapu'm
    October 16, 07:26 Reply

    Lol. And I should listen to this man who can’t say, “This was what I said yesterday, I was wrong, and so I am sorry”? Please.

    • king
      October 16, 08:06 Reply

      Well in not too open words he said so abi?.or what do you want him to do beg and grovel at your feet first before you listen!?? Seriously!

      • Absalom
        October 16, 08:29 Reply

        As a matter of fact, yes. Is it too much to ask?

      • Rapu'm
        October 16, 08:35 Reply

        He’s denying what he said just a couple of months ago, instead of admitting that he was wrong, but is now wiser. That makes him a liar. So, no, let him keep his politicking to himself. Chai, we don suffer. We’re now pawns in a game of chess.

      • king
        October 16, 12:42 Reply

        Rapum and Absakom really!!!!! Oh boi now I know why it’s called PRIDE day….just too much of pride in some TBs biko….common guys can’t we see and appreciate when wrong was turned right? you think it’s easy for them to JUST accept us just like that? Ah…i just don’t deal…..

  6. Colossus
    October 16, 16:38 Reply

    OK, why does the two men look so alike? Brothers? Cain and Abel situation?
    I’ll get down to the root of this delicious scoop and yes, that was filled with heavy sexual innuendo.

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 16, 16:45 Reply

      Don’t investigate too deeply, every pun intended. 😀

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