Sometimes, it’s always about Beyoncé’s hair

Sometimes, it’s always about Beyoncé’s hair

1413380810644_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_byOk, so y’all know it won’t be a complete day in this here gaybourhood if we don’t talk about what Beyoncé has done with her hair. Lol.

The superstar singer has only to sneeze loudly to send her millions of fans into a frenzy, but the reaction to her new super-short ‘bangs’ has been intense to say the least.

The 33-year-old singer unveiled the extreme fringe on a trip to London with husband Jay-Z, and while the queen of pop is beautiful enough to pull off many looks, most seem to think that this has been a hair fail for the mega star and mother-of-one.

But while Beyoncé’s undeniable natural beauty means it is difficult for her to put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes, opinion on her new harsh hair cut has been less than complimentary. Check out some of the tweets posted by fans below.tweeLOL! Some of these tweets though. That one about Blue Ivy doing a great job had me doubled over with laughter.

1413381078851_wps_53_Beyonce_and_husband_Jay_ZKnowing Beyoncé, it won’t be long before she changes up her look to something suitably glamorous.

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  1. #TeamKizito
    October 16, 05:44 Reply

    Lol. Trust me, there’s a Beyonce fan out there who’s going head over heels for this look.

  2. Obatala
    October 16, 05:45 Reply

    eeeewww, dafuq is this?
    beyonce, biko, bia
    let me whisper in your ears
    # whispers…if you continue with this washed out bangs, don’t complain when Mr Carter frolicks with the nearest Haitian diva. Okwia?

    • chestnut
      October 16, 07:23 Reply

      Lol…notice how Jay-z’s smile in dat pix is not reaching his eyes? That smile is not coming from a deep place.

  3. Vhar.
    October 16, 06:10 Reply

    And then they are complaining about her hair?

    The difference between their opinions about her hair and her newspaper-wrapped-suya is that she asked for neither.

    All this Captain Obvious though.

  4. Dennis Macauley
    October 16, 06:14 Reply

    The thing I love about this woman is that she is too classy to respond. Try this with Riri, she go curse your mama and your papa join!

  5. Vhar.
    October 16, 06:15 Reply

    Pray. When will Panther continue his Declan and Kizito story na.
    It aff be becoming tey o.

    • chestnut
      October 16, 07:31 Reply

      Hian, another album kwa? U know dis woman waits at least 2 years between albums. She’ll milk dis one for everything it’s got b4 releasing another one.

      • pinkpanthertb
        October 16, 07:42 Reply

        Not everyone is like Riri who drops albums like they’re weekly journals

      • chestnut
        October 16, 08:41 Reply

        OMG Pinkie!!! Not “weekly journals” tho! *falls out of chair* LMFAO…why u gotta shade RiRi like that? Not cool man, not cool.

      • Peak
        October 16, 13:10 Reply

        Actually, word on the street is that she is dropping a 4disc rerelease of the Beyonce album (November) which will contain the footage of OTR tour and MCWT and possibly new music. To y’all trying to shade Rih, not every one can drop and albums back to back and still manage to go platnium in the US(6 times). The girl can spot a hit miles away.#justsaying

  6. #TeamKizito
    October 16, 06:47 Reply

    True. Pink P, give of Episode 18 of ‘Love And Sex In The City’.

  7. chestnut
    October 16, 07:19 Reply

    Beyonce really tried it with this horrendous bangs…#MeNoLikey *straight face*

  8. Absalom
    October 16, 07:22 Reply

    Bangs are ugly anyway; doesn’t matter who’s wearing them!

  9. trystham
    October 16, 07:52 Reply

    Sadly, y’all will hafta get used to seeing this for a looooong time. I mean what mother will not coo at her daughter’s artistic flair n flaunt it for all the world

    Is it me, or does Mr Carter look handsomer???

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 16, 07:55 Reply

      Its not me. I’ve been looking at that pic one kain one kain

    • chestnut
      October 16, 08:45 Reply

      Hahaha…of course, anyone would look “pretty”, in comparison,standing next to that dreadful fringe…even Jay!

      • Colossus
        October 16, 16:47 Reply

        Hahahaha. Oh the shade, dark side of the moon shade

  10. Ruby
    October 16, 09:25 Reply

    Funny Looking I must say!!!!
    I’m tempted to believe Blue has a Hand in this look… #Just Sayin

  11. Dom
    October 16, 11:55 Reply

    Looks more like Blue Ivy than a ceiling fan.

  12. GB_show!
    October 16, 14:59 Reply

    Jay Z’s new look tho’….better!

  13. Lothario
    October 16, 16:02 Reply

    I loved the Blue Ivy comment. No be every time wey she go blind us….rubbish!

    Mama Blue has put a wrong foot forward *kmt*

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