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Skipping class in public schools, like my previous one, was a thrill. The school wasn’t fenced, and there was the town on one side of the school and the bushy wilds on the other side. As junior students, we loved skipping class, preferring instead to go swimming in the streams and plucking fruits from the trees in the bushy wilds. It was such bliss.

The school I moved to for my senior year however was different. Not only were we smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, but it was a pretty small school, and fenced in on all corners. One could only be absent from classes for so long without detection. If you were to evade class any day, you were either ill in the school clinic, or in the library (that is if you had an assignment or something to catch up on), or in my case, in the dormitory.

Here’s the thing though: if you do decide to be in the dormitory during classes, you’d be locked in, until rec time, and after then, till school over. Of course, the dorm patrons did their usual rounds before securing the locks on the hostels, and the principal also made her rounds to inspect all the dorms. So, you had to evade getting caught twice, thrice if you’re a junior, because the senior prefects did their rounds in the junior hostels.

That day that I skipped class, I’d spent the previous night reading a novel I’d promised to return to the owner by morning. I was in my hostel, which was nicknamed Titanic, not because it was a ship or anything, but because it was a very large space, with many doors leading in and out of the many dorms and bathroom stalls, making it easy for students to evade detection by those patrolling for truants. It was literally quite the maze, my hostel.

And so, I skipped class that morning to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get the previous night and to read another book. I knew I wasn’t the only truant in the hostel; there are usually as many as ten students scattered all over the hostel, with one reason or the other for skipping class – but on that day, we couldn’t have been more than four students. Things were relatively quiet in the hostel.

So, there I was in my bed – well, not actually my bed; I was on the bed of my corner mate – a cup of tea in my hand and wrapped up in a duvet, engrossed with my reading, when he walked in. his name was Jesse. Jesse was one of those boys who liked to think they were tough, macho, gangster – but you can tell that they’re really just nerds playing at being macho. He was a leanly-built boy, very dark-skinned, with blood-red lips, a startling splash of colour on his coal-dark face. He wasn’t drop-dead good looking, but he was extremely attractive and his wannabe bad boy persona was a little alluring. He walked over to my bunk and was all chatty, which was really exasperating for me because I simply didn’t want to be bothered. But I managed a grunt or two before turning my attention firmly back to my book.

Then he fully entered into my corner and perched on the side of my bed, creasing my almost-perfectly-made-up bed, with smirk on his face that I found annoying.

“Dude, wallahi, I’m very hungry,” he said.

I was in my mind, like: WTF is that to me?

And then, he switched beds and came to sit on the bed I was in, edging closer to me and said, “come on, man, help me out. I’m hungry. We’re locked in, otherwise I would have dashed to the cafeteria to get something.”

At this point, just to get him away from me, I was about to get up, throw open my locker and just let him have whatever he wanted. It was no secret that I always had my provisions stocked every two weeks or so (my mother was trying to make up for the extra year I had to repeat for changing schools, and I didn’t stop her when her actions went from compensation to a habit).

However, as I was about to move, Jesse then said, “I’ll do anything.”

To be honest, I’d never had any interest in Jesse sexually. Being something of a book nerd myself, I wasn’t into other nerdy boys. So, I never thought of him as someone I’d ever want to get down with. But I was really irritated by his intrusion on my time and I wanted to have some fun at his expense.

So, I turned to him and asked, “Anything?”

“Yeah, dude,” he said.

At this point, I was mulling over whether I really wanted to go down that path with him. I mean, it had worked with Zik, and I wasn’t even out to have any fun then.

“Just what exactly would you do for me?” I finally asked.

He kept on stressing on anything, with that bad boy attitude, like he could lay the world at my feet and nothing was too big a feat for him.

So I decided to go for the shock factor, to take him down a few notches.

“Okay then, fuck me,” I deadpanned.

He giggled and said, “I know, right?”

But I was in dead-serious mode as I said, “No, Jesse. I want you to fuck me.”

He reared back, looking startled then, which lasted about two seconds, and then he burst out into laughter, making it a point to stomp his feet and smack his hands on the bed. Only when he saw that the seriousness hadn’t left my face did he stop laughing long enough to say, “Wait, you’re actually fucking serious?”

“As serious as the hunger biting your stomach,” I answered, very poker-faced.

And then he burst out in outrage, “Bro, what the fuck! Why would you even say something like that? That’s disgusting.”

I calmly turned to my book and relaxed into the bed, saying, “Well, you’re the one who’s hungry. So, what’s it going to be?”

He stared at me so intently that I had to look up from my book to meet the expression of disgust and menace that was in his eyes. It was such a fulminating look that I inwardly recoiled as I wondered if I’d gone too far.

As I began thinking of a way to douse the situation before it escalated, he said quietly, as though he wanted to be clarified, “So, you want me to fuck you… In the ass, you mean… A guy like me…”

I was about to ease up and play it off as a joke, but then he went and added, “But you have one of the hottest girls in our set as your girlfriend.”

Seeing as dating that girl was something of a sore point for me, I was irritated afresh. And I was re-determined to continue pushing. So I said, “You said you would do anything, Jesse.”

“Over my dead body!” he exclaimed.

Okay, that was fun, I thought. It’s time to be done with this boy.

So, chuckling as though to tell him this was all just a joke (which it technically was), I got up from the bed and threw open my provision locker, asking him to take whatever he needed. He stared at me for a few moments, as though he couldn’t understand what had just happened, before reaching in to grab a bag of cereal and beverage, and proceeding to fill up his bowl generously. I couldn’t tell if he thought I was joking or not as he started munching away, but I knew from the furtive glances he kept throwing my way that I’d fucked up. I tried to make light of the situation, but he didn’t look like he was buying it.

After an uncomfortable period of time spent chatting about nothing in particular, he was finally done eating and soon left. By this time, I’d lost interest in the book I’d been so engrossed in, as I began thinking to myself what would happen if Jesse decided to get chatty with other boys about our weird encounter. I began to realize the repercussions of my rash behaviour – the damage to my reputation if this got out and worse, if it reached the girls’ hostel. What would I do? How would I survive that?

That whole day, I kept looking around for the snickering looks, especially from the boys in Jesse’s dorm. But other than the usual joshing around, nothing much was happening. However, my mind wasn’t at ease. I knew it would only take awhile, maybe a day or two, and Jesse would talk and the newsreel would start spinning. That entire day, my heart was in my mouth and I was very tense with dread. However, I didn’t run into Jesse again until the day ended.

It wasn’t until far into the middle of the night, when the whole Titanic was quiet with slumber, safe for the soft music from the stereos we were allowed, that I felt it. My duvet was gently being lifted, and I felt a light tap on my foot and a whisper of my name.

It was Jesse.

I became instantly alert but kept my cool. What on earth was he doing here?

“Scoot over,” he whispered.

But I was too dumbfounded to speak or react. It wasn’t until he started trying to get into the bed with me that I quickly made room for him, all the while looking around in the dark to see if he was alone or if someone or others were lurking in the dark; if this was a setup of some kind.

But I couldn’t discern any other movements in the darkness.

And then he was whispering into my ear, “Okay, Yusuf, I’m game. Let’s do it.”

I giggled nervously under my breath, quite unsure what I’d just heard. “Jesse, what the fuck are you doing here?” I found myself blurting out.

Of course I knew what he was doing here and what he meant – but hey, remember how I was originally not serious about it?

But this guy was not having it, stating that I’d talked him into it, and he was willing to try and not to leave him hanging.

“Not here,” I began saying.

But he wouldn’t budge. “Why not here? Everyone is asleep. No one will hear us.”

I relented then, especially since I could feel his boner on my side through the briefs he was wearing. I reached into that underwear and grabbed hold of his cock. It wasn’t that big, but when he let out a soft moan, that was all the encouragement I needed. I kissed him and he kissed me back. It was good; he was a good kisser. We continued kissing, and then I broke it just long enough to grab for my Vaseline, lubricating my palm and then massaging his throbbing cock as he writhed in pleasure beside me. Then, unable to bear it, he turned me on my side, my back up against his chest, and began to prod his fingers into my ass, gently easing a finger, then two, inside me.

I was still dazed and, to be honest, a little apprehensive about getting caught. But when he pulled down my boxers and began prodding into my hole with his cock, I abandoned all apprehension I was feeling and relaxed, guiding him in the dark. Looking back at it now, I have to say we were crazy, taking a risk like that. But I remember thinking to myself: Hey, you’ve fucked plenty of times with Zik like this, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Jesse was passionate, but only because, I suspect, he was focused on doing this without making a lot of noise. He made love almost like he was a natural at this, teasing my earlobes and the base of my neck with gentle bites, whilst firmly grabbing at my ass cheeks and parting them open like he wanted to dive in deeper. I had to reach back and press his head against my back to muffle the sounds of his grunts as he reached orgasm. He held on tightly to me and we didn’t move as we relished that moment perhaps. As his cock went limp and slipped out of me, I felt his cum roll down the side of my ass cheek. He stayed a little longer, five, ten minutes. And then, just as he’d slipped quietly into my bed, he also slipped out and was out of my dorm.

I laid there in my bed for a minute or two, too scared to move. I casually glanced about my corner, feeling reassured by the deep breathing of my corner mate. Chances were if he’d slept through that, then most likely my other dorm-mates did as well. But looking back at it now, it’s hard to fathom that a roomful of sixteen to eighteen boys slept through my nocturnal hookups, not just this one with Jesse but all the others with Zik. And those nightly shags with Zik were too numerous to count. I mean, there had to have been at least one person who knew. But if such a person existed, he never said a word to me and no one ever hinted at it.

Anyway, I didn’t run into Jesse again until two days later. And when I did, it was strange. I expected us to act like nothing happened, and we did, but not for long though. Jesse switched up on me a couple of days later – changing routes whenever we were approaching each other, avoiding eye contact with me. He was basically treating me like I was a plague.

I wasn’t going to have that. The last thing I needed was awkwardness around me; I do not know how to deal with that. So I cornered him in the hostel the day after I noticed this change; my intention was to get some reassurance that we were good.

Once cornered, he panicked, darting his eyes left and right like he didn’t want to be seen with me. I couldn’t understand this behaviour and even began to get irritated at him. So, I pulled him from the hallway into one of the bathroom stalls (oh, what the walls of these bathroom stalls would say if they could talk), and after checking to be sure we were alone, I said, “Okay, what is up with you? Why do you have to be so awkward?”

Still looking wildly around, he said, “Look, guy, I’m sorry but we can’t do that shit anymore. Ever!”

I drew back in surprise, and then, feeling my irritation bloom, I snapped at him, “What makes you think I want another go at it?”

He looked slightly hurt at my response, which baffled me. Like, WTF was wrong with this dude!

Then he drew in a deep breath and finally said in a steady tone, “Someone saw us the other night.”

I cannot describe the instant cold that went down my spine when I heard this. I went still and for a moment, right there in the bathroom, with the faint dormitory noises coming in from outside, you could hear a pin drop.

I sighed and then asked quietly, “Who is it?”

Jesse looked at me and swallowed hard before saying, “Zik. Zik is the one who saw us.”

Another wave of shock slammed into me, but this time, it was mixed with relief. Zik?!!! OK, what!

When I asked him how Zik found out, Jesse snapped, “I don’t know! But he came to me the day before yesterday with the devil’s look in his eyes, saying he knew what we did and he was going to go to the school authority.”

I began to feel terrible for Jesse. He was visibly shaking as he recounted his encounter with Zik.

“What else did he say?” I prodded.

“He said he never wants to see me anywhere close to you, and that if I as much as breathe in your direction, let alone look at you, he will go straight to the principal. Dude, please understand, I don’t want to get into trouble, not for this, bro.”

I could understand his terror, and I promised I wouldn’t make the situation any more complicated. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that for nearly a year, Zik had been tapping my ass on the regular and that he, Jesse, was simply on the receiving end of a jealous lover’s scorn.

Till we graduated, Jesse avoided me like I was the harbinger of the plagues of Egypt, and I kept my promise to not complicate matters by trying to talk to him. However, that day, as soon as he dashed out the door of the bathroom, I doubled over with incredulous laughter. I laughed for about a minute, until it dawned on me that I wasn’t exactly out of the woods myself. Zik knew. Of course he knew. He and I were in the same dorm and he was only a few bunks away from me. If anyone had a reason to keep my bunk under surveillance, it’d be him. He had a volatile temper; he was the real deal when it came to the badass guys.

What I couldn’t understand was why he hadn’t confronted me. It’d been nearly a week since that night with Jesse.

Then it dawned on me that he had in fact been acting funny around me, giving me cold stares and not saying anything to me. I realized that if I’d spoken to him during that time, he’d have likely ignored me. He was seething and I didn’t even know it. I suddenly began to panic. What was he going to do to me, about me?

It took a week, just when I’d resigned myself to the notion that this whole matter would quietly get buried – when my confrontation with Zik finally happened.

It was one of those days I didn’t go to the dining hall for lunch. I’d spent time in the biology lab (can’t remember exactly what I was doing there), and when I got back to the hostel, I just needed to shower. The Titanic was mostly empty; it was lunchtime after all. I was in the bathroom, had just turned off the shower and was about to lather up, when I heard the bathroom door flung open and slammed shut. I heard footsteps but I wasn’t particularly concerned, until I heard the curtain to my stall get yanked apart so hard, it almost fell off the railing.

I whirled about to find myself facing a furious Zik. His eyes were bloodshot and he was breathing heavily. I won’t lie, fear gripped me. Seeing his emotional state had me suddenly afraid for my wellbeing.

“How could you?” he spat at me. “How could you do that to me?”

I opened my mouth, ready to feign ignorance, but he seemed to know I was about to lie because he snapped, “And don’t even deny it. I saw you with Jesse.”

At first, I didn’t know what to say, and then I blurted out, “But Zik, we never talked about us being exclusive.”

“And that’s why you go fucking other guys, right?” he sneered.

I recoiled, utterly shocked by the intensity of his anger. I was also really dumfounded by the hurt and devastation I could see on his face. His eyes even looked glassy with unshed tears. I grabbed his shirt and tried pulling him to me, but he slapped my hands away.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” he roared.

Something about his rage touched me. I was thinking: This dude, baddest guy of his class, beloved of the girls – brought down to tears by an average but decent ass on a fellow boy?

I was moved. I grabbed him a little harder this time and pulled him into the stall. He tried to fight me off but I held on tighter, all the while mumbling that I was sorry over and over again, till his trembling body began to relax against mine, into the embrace.

I cupped his face in my palms and I said, “I’m sorry, Zik. If I had known you’d be this hurt, I swear I wouldn’t have done what I did with Jesse. It wasn’t even planned. It just happened.”

“Don’t tell me that,” he said, getting riled up again.

And I quickly kissed him to silence him. After we’d kissed for a moment, while still locked in the tight embrace, his clothes wet from their contact with my wet body, he finally whispered in my ear, “Don’t ever do that to me… Please. I love you.”

I nodded and we broke our embrace, mainly because we could hear students returning to the hostel from their lunch.

As he walked away with the wetness on the front of his clothes, I said, “Will you come over tonight?”

He nodded, giving me a little smile. And then he said, “I swear, if I catch Jesse anywhere near you, wallahi, I’ll fuck him up.”

And he was gone.

I stood there for a minute thinking. At my age then, I’d of course never experienced such raw emotions from another male. And this warmed my heart. It opened my eyes for the first time to the possibility of sharing my heart and life with someone, a man.

But this was years ago. And I’m sure you’d like to know where Zik and I ended up.

Well, we stayed together for about two years after secondary school. I got admission into a public university while he got into a private school. As time passed, things mellowed down between us. Numbers were changed and we lost touch. I got a hold of his number later on and called him. But I didn’t get quite the reception I’d hoped for. He wasn’t cold, just indifferent; talking to me like I was one of his homeboys, which I found odd. And every time I tried to steer our conversation toward something sentimental, he’d shut down.

This went on a while every time I called him, and then I came to the realization that I had to move on as he’d clearly done. It was apparent that he either wasn’t into boys anymore or just wasn’t into me anymore.

Recently though (which really was the catalyst to me writing this story), I got a friend request on Facebook from him, which kinda surprised me, because I’d thought our chapter was closed. We got talking, and I decided to test our situation by bringing up our love affair. This time around, he was more receptive to that line of conversation, and couldn’t wait to meet up and catch up – not necessarily about us, even though he mentioned that he was open to us discussing the possibility of us hooking up again.

But too much time has passed and I’m not really interested in hooking up with him. But it could be something I might do for old times’ sake. However, with the pandemic, I haven’t been able to get back to him about a scheduled meet-up. He’s based in Dubai now, but currently still in the country. So maybe we’ll see, maybe we won’t. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll keep y’all posted.

Written by Yusuf

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  1. slender
    July 12, 09:08 Reply

    beautiful ending! but what about Zik? you ought to put him out of his mystery.

    please who has seen The Old Guard??? is that movie not beautiful? for obvious reason we are getting a sequels but i cant wait for the tv series, just hope the develop that

    • Pink Panther
      July 12, 09:17 Reply

      Lol. You got to the ending, and still asked “what about Zik”? ?

    • slender
      July 12, 09:49 Reply

      wtf! sorry i meant Jessie, i guess im obssesed with Zik, lol.

  2. Lopez
    July 12, 09:18 Reply

    Boys talking about being exclusive in secondary school. I’m a joke!

    • Pink Panther
      July 12, 09:21 Reply

      Must seem like such an otherworldly reality to you, but I in fact did have my first boyfriend in secondary school. A boy in my set that I was exclusive with from SS1 to SS3.

      If this story was about a boy and girl talking about being exclusive in secondary school, would you still be a joke? ?

      • trystham
        July 12, 11:41 Reply

        You know, I think he is bemoaning his booless state

        • Pink Panther
          July 12, 15:18 Reply

          If that’s so, then my apologies for misinterpreting the comment.

    • Yusuf
      July 12, 15:25 Reply

      Well to be honest, I wasn’t exclusive to Zik. I was oñly just coming into my own person. But I knew, and understood enough to not fuck with an individuals heart. So I played it safe. Keeping all my rendezvous with other guys far away from him.

  3. Zoar
    July 12, 09:25 Reply

    I feel for Jesse though….. But shit happens as that’s the beauty of life and living.

    But what I want to ask is how do young guys give the act of fucking another guy all they’ve got as they grow up and then suddenly pretend to totally forget all that early experience as the time and age go by?

    Not talking about Zik now but I’m speaking generally for “Straight” guys who suddenly turn straight as they grow older. I had this Experience with my first ever experience till date and even if I’ve tried to get closure from him, he won’t just talk about that phase of life as if it never happened to him. So I’ve decided to totally go blank on him especially now that we’re even both Married and he’s got children now.

    What make guys do this? Any reason?

    • Mandy
      July 12, 09:38 Reply

      If it’s something that happened in secondary school and then thereafter they start becoming straight, I feel it’s one of two things.

      Either they were experimenting, as teenagers are wont to do, because hormones. And so after school, they’ve realized out of all that experiment which team they really swing for.

      Or they left school, realized just how much society works against homosexuality and decided to conform and treat whatever happened in secondary school like a bad memory.


      • Zoar
        July 12, 15:03 Reply

        It actually started from our Primary School Days and he won’t let me breathe as he was all over me. He even gave me a scar that is still on my forehead till date and my mum hated him for that sole reason…. He wouldn’t let me be at that time and to make it worse he was a friend to my young uncles and that gave him the opportunity to come sleep in our house and would always find his way to sleep beside me to fuck my lap some time and we were practically inseparable. He still Respects the ground I walk on till date but he just can’t come to discuss that particular part of what brought us together.

        This guy practically showed me the directions of how to be gay and when I had gotten to the point of no return he then stopped abruptly.

        Okay lemme tell you guys a lil story. This guy would dry hump me anywhere anytime. He was so free with his sexuality as young as we were. He would take me the bushes even in the Primary School(it was a very big public school with bushes at the back of it) to fuck my lap. He would come to our house and we’ll both go to any uncompleted building and he would always fuck my lap and cum. This thing continued from primary school to the time we left our Primary School and I got into Secondary school and then I became curious as to how the feeling of a Dick entering my ass. so on one of those days he came around and we went to a bush. He wanted to use my laps as usual but I insisted he tried putting it in. He told me it won’t be easy for me as he was extremely Big and he didn’t think I would be able to get on with it which I eventually failed at. He forced his Dick and as expected I bled and he became scared and we stopped the whole process all together. That’s the point he just stopped everything Sexual with me.

        Even when I healed and approached him for it ( something I have never done before because he’s always the one doing the approaching) he won’t agree to it and he would always try to dodge my request. This continued till I got admission into the university and I had to finally know that Bottoming wasn’t my calling from Experiences in the university. Till date I still love that guy but he won’t just give in.

        I have even tried to talk it over with him some time but he won’t listen to it. He would invite me to his house and he always failed to be around when the appointment reaches as he was always not around to host me. So I just had to let it go and be at peace with myself. Maybe I have that fondness for him because he was the very first guy that I did this stuff with.

        From my story, could we say he was scared of the blood Experience and was that Enough reason for him to have stopped it totally?

        I and my Best Friend in my University days tried to set him up. My Best Friend called him when Midnight call was still raining and it was on loud speaker because I slept in his hostel for that night because of our plans. My Best Friend was a Professional in TB matters and he guided me well through out my stay in the university till I graduated. He started “chyking” my Friend. After they were done talking. MY Friend called me instantly that night to tell me about my Best Friend. According to him he said someone just called him now to tell him to do that “thing” we used to do back in the day and he doesn’t know what to do. I innocently advised him to give it a try if he’s interested or wave it off if he isn’t. But nothing ever happened between the both of them. And that’s that. He didn’t know I was the one trying to know if he’s still doing that but just didn’t want to do it with me any longer.

        Seriously that experience was a tiring Experience for me because I still feel some kinda way for him.

  4. Delle
    July 12, 09:28 Reply

    Aww. This should be a movie. Thr bathroom scene… Oshey!

    *dabs at teary-eyes*

  5. Mandy
    July 12, 09:40 Reply

    This is such a beautiful story. Like damn! That bathroom scene… ??

    And I quickly kissed him to silence him. After we’d kissed for a moment, while still locked in the tight embrace, his clothes wet from their contact with my wet body, he finally whispered in my ear, “Don’t ever do that to me… Please. I love you.”

    Hay God. See powerful emotional moment. Somebody should tell TIERs and Asurf that there’s a story waiting here for them to turn it into a movie.

    • Yusuf
      July 12, 15:15 Reply

      LMAO, twas one of my most favourable moments as well to be honest.

  6. Pezaro
    July 12, 10:53 Reply

    I felt very nostalgic reading this. To think that I spent 6 whole years in an FGC and never had anything nearly as intimate as this.☹️ I really have to go back down that journey to find my own Zik.

  7. Yusuf
    July 12, 15:20 Reply

    Y’all make me want to set a meet pronto, just for the fun of what’ll possibly happen.

  8. Yusuf
    July 12, 15:21 Reply

    I met Jesse a few years ago, it was somewhat of a school reunion, so we didn’t get to go down that lane, hopefully in the future, who knows right…

    • Zoar
      July 12, 16:49 Reply

      Both of you need to have a discussion to clear the air. It must’nt always end in sex but if that comes on the menu then it’s a plus.

      But a discussion should occur between you two so you guys can be on thesame page as regards that awkward experience back in the day.

      My 2cent..

  9. Black Coffee
    July 12, 18:05 Reply

    Awww see this sweetness o. Nice one Yusuf. I’m itching to know what’d happen after you guys meet.

  10. Yusuf
    July 12, 18:20 Reply

    Thanks@Zoar. Gladly noted, will do. ? I’m curious as well.

  11. Peace
    July 12, 20:56 Reply

    Heiiii where was I biko when people were getting exclusive. I actually was the one catching feelings and wanting exclusiveness and my hookups were not interested in that! Secondary school sha!!

  12. Rudy
    July 13, 04:42 Reply

    This piece was so on point! The grammar and diction painted a story that could be relived, taking the reader to a place of nostalgia.

    Thank you Yusuf for sharing this lovely encounter with us.

    *I could now go back to my bunker and curse my stars for quitting boarding school just after the first term*

    Imagine all the endless possibilities and the gag worthy KD stories I could have churned out if I had just hold on….

    Take note, future gay kids!

  13. Ogbo
    November 30, 19:09 Reply

    Why do I have a suspicion that Zik saw Yusuf enter the bathroom and thought Yusuf was getting it one with someone in the bathroom ?

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