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Okay, I am Yusuf. Like many a gay man, I knew I was different from an early age. I knew there was something about guys that I liked – a connection, if you will, that seemed to run deep for me. It wasn’t until a slightly-older cousin put his penis in my mouth, that I knew right then that I liked cock. The smell of his pubes still linger whenever I think about that encounter. I was barely five years old when it happened and some would argue that I couldn’t have understood what happened. But I did. Being an only child, growing up with parents who were always on the go and leaving you to the care of nannies, television and books, I got pretty exposed to stuff I shouldn’t have. In a way, I’m glad about it, because it prepared me for the world I was growing up into. I knew this person I was becoming wasn’t typically normal, but I also knew without a doubt in my heart that it wasn’t wrong.

At thirteen, I was ready to have sex. It didn’t just happen; I planned for it. I decided that my then-best friend, Larry, would be the one to lose my virginity to. We’d fooled around when we were growing up, but we grew out of that kind of caper by the time we hit age 9. So, you can imagine his shock when I got straight to the point.

I said, “Larry, you remember how we used to mess around when we were little? You’d climb on top of me and dry-hump me while I struggled to get you off?”

He got shifty-eyed with astonishment and gave a nervous laugh. I knew I had him. We had sex that day. And we continued to have sex till we were about seventeen years old. But by then, I’d gotten other fuck buddies, especially back in Junior Secondary School.

After my junior secondary schooling ended, my mother suddenly decided it was time to change schools for me to a mission school. She’d initially had her eyes on CKC Gwagwalada in Abuja, but some members of my family were vehemently against it. In private, a cousin of mine told me stories about boys raping boys in the basketball court of the school. He might have thought he was terrorizing me; instead I got all warm and fuzzy from listening to his stories.

And then, much to my horror, my mother eventually made up her mind to send me to a mission school in Jos. It was a mixed school. Being in an environment that had girls in it too; this was new to me. How was I supposed to exist here? And as if that was not bad enough, I also had distant cousins and family friends who were in the school as well.

Since I came here after the term had started, news about the new boy who came from Abuja was exactly that: news! Girls, especially, were coming from other classes to check out the new guy, giggling and pointing through the windows of my classroom. I was shiny and interesting. I’d barely been there a week and a friend, Moe, whom I’d just made friends with, approached me to talk to me about a girl in our class who had a crush on me. He convinced me to at least talk with her even though I was hesitant about the situation. You have to understand, this was a private and mission school, whose students were children from rich and influential backgrounds. Things were different here than they were in my last school and there was a need to belong, to be relevant, especially at fifteen years of age. And so, because dating this girl was one way to fit in here, I did it. We dated for a year, but she must have gotten frustrated over the fact that I wasn’t being sexually frisky with her as boys my age were supposed to be, because she then broke up with me when we were in SS2. It was a relief, one that lasted a few hours, because then, she called me to let me know that she wasn’t serious about the breakup, that it was just a stunt. I’d feigned a broken heart when she told me we couldn’t date anymore; so when she told me it was a joke, I couldn’t possibly say no to us getting back together. So, I had to endure a couple more school terms of the relationship before it finally went south.

Meanwhile, during all of this heterosexual romance, I felt empty and trapped. Imagine being in the bathroom every morning with other boys taking their baths, with penises in every shape, size and colour dangling here and there. Imagine that struggle!

Lord! I was in heaven and in hell!

The rainbow gods however must have considered my situation and decided to do something about it. For there came the evening, it was dinnertime and I’d just walked into the dining hall when prayers were going on – when this boy (let’s call him Zik) walked up to me from behind and said, “Bruh, abeg lend me 200 bucks. My guys and I are preparing kodo.”

Kodo was the name for a hostel junk meal of garri, red oil, seasoning and pepper.

I turned to him and without meaning it, said sarcastically that he would have to fuck me a thousand times for me to give him shit.

He got this serious look on his face when I said this, and in a low tone, he responded, “I’ll fuck you a thousand times more if you give me the 200 bucks.”

I became flustered by this; I wasn’t even sure what exactly had me flustered, the words he said or the look in his eyes when he said them. I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. And because I was so rattled, I didn’t know when I handed him a 500 naira note, before quickly walking away from the situation.

This was a Friday night, and night preps weren’t observed on Fridays. So, basically, students were allowed to roam and caper until it was lights out at 10 PM. I got back to my dorm after dinner to be told that I’d just missed Zik. I figured he was trying to get me my change from the money I gave him. I honestly wasn’t interested in the change.

Then I left my dorm and headed to my class, only to get there to learn that Zik just left and he’d been looking for me. This was worrying. I wondered why he didn’t simply give the change to any of my friends or dorm mates.

Eventually, we ran into each other when I was back at the dormitory in one of the hostel hallways. The school generator was on and only powered the classrooms and dining areas. So, this hallway was dark.

“How far?” he started off saying when we stopped before each other.

“I’m good,” I said. “What’s up?”

He handed me my change, which I immediately pocketed.

But then, just as I was about to turn and be on my way, he grabbed my elbow and said, “How about the other stuff?”

At this, my heart started beating a fast tattoo and I started trembling, wondering what I’d gotten myself into. I wasn’t sure how to play this, seeing as since I’d been to this school, I’d never once had a homosexual encounter. I tried to play off what I said in the dining hall as a joke, but Zik wasn’t hearing it. He said we’d made a deal and he intended to keep it. He got my attention at this point, but I still wasn’t buying it. This boy had a reputation of being very braggy and conceited, so I couldn’t trust him to be serious about this. But I played along. I told him to meet me in the bathroom stall, before hurrying off to my dorm room to grab a roll of tissue and Vaseline.

The bathroom area was pitch-black, but I was familiar with the terrain. When I got into the bathroom, I called out his name. He answered from the far end, where the toilet stalls were located. He was in the last one.

My God! He was really here!

My heart was beating wildly at this point. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen.

As soon as I got in, he locked the door of the stall, and for a moment, we stood there, not seeing each other but standing so close to each other, I could feel his breath on my face.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

I could now hear him moving and the rustle of clothing as he apparently took down his pants. I obeyed and as soon as I dropped my pants, he slammed me against the wall and locked his lips with mine. I was stunned. My head was screaming: IT IS HAPPENING! IT IS HAPPENING!

He grabbed my ass as he ravaged my lips, squeezing the cheeks so hard, I thought he was going to rupture them like balloons. After some moments of intensely making out, I slid down to make my head level with his crotch. Then I started sucking his dick. I sucked that dick with the desperation of one who hadn’t gotten to do this in so long. I sucked him so hard, he was moaning obscenities into the darkness. Most of the students were out socializing and the hostel was mostly empty, but even then, occasionally, we would hear someone walk into the toilet to take a piss, and then we would stay still until they were done, before resuming our sexcapade.

Zik was such an adept lover, so sure with his moves that I had to wonder if he’d been doing this with other boys. I opened the Vaseline lid and applied a generous amount on his already-throbbing cock. I couldn’t see it, but it felt beautiful. I simply had to have him inside me. As soon as I was done lubing my ass up, he spun me around, and his groin pressed against my ass cheeks as he started to gingerly penetrate me. He was good and really considerate. He had good strokes, which had me thinking again about his experience with this.

We fucked for what seemed like an eternity, and then, I felt his cum dripping out my ass and making its way down the back of my thighs. At some point during his ejaculation, as he groaned and spasmed behind me, the school bell went off, signifying prayer time and subsequently lights out. As soon as his dick stopped throbbing inside me, the bathroom door was flung open and we heard a group of my classmates walk in, rowdy and yapping away about the mischief they’d been up to with girls. One of them hit the door of the stall we were in, and I quickly placed a finger on Zik’s lips, signifying that he keep quiet. Zik was a year my junior and these were my classmates.

I spoke up, alerting whoever had banged on my door that I was the one in the stall, and that I was taking a dump. And for a few minutes, we laughed and bantered about what they’d been up to that night. I could feel Zik’s impatience as he stood behind me, his dick still nudged against my ass. At some point, he blew out an exasperated breath and I could tell he’d rolled his eyes as well.

Immediately the boys left, we quickly cleaned up and I made my way out first, into the courtyard. At this time, the lights in the hostel had been restored and prayers were well underway. It wasn’t until the prayers were done that I saw Zik using the cover of the crowd to make his way out of the bathroom area.

This encounter signified the beginning of a situationship between Zik and me. We fucked several times a week. Sometimes, he’d creep into my bed to fuck me. Because of the Jos weather, two boys sharing a bed wasn’t something that drew suspicion. We would fuck in the toilet stalls, in the dorm room when no one was around, in the junior dorm when they were out doing their duties. During the holidays, when I didn’t travel to Abuja, we’d fuck in my house in Jos or in the boys’ quarters of his own house. Much to my surprise, that first time we did it in the toilet stall was Zik’s first time, even though he’d watched videos; and so, he’d discovered the pleasures of anal sex with me, and was relishing it, as evidenced in his eagerness and the frequency of our sex.

This torrid affair continued until one day in the dormitory, when things took a turn that led to an interesting discovery.


Written by Yusuf

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  1. Mitch
    July 11, 07:28 Reply

    All of you that went to boarding schools have seen things, fa.
    I kuku praise my Lord and Saviour that I never went to a boarding school. I’d have been a much bigger hoe than I was in my hoe years.


    • Yusuf
      July 11, 19:39 Reply

      Things would’ve been much better if my older cousins hadn’t dissuaded my folks from fixing me up in an all boys college. Now that would’ve been paradise.

    • Yusuf
      July 11, 19:44 Reply

      I envied the guys who went to all boys colleges, lol.

  2. Zoar
    July 11, 07:34 Reply

    Pinky wassup with all these cliffhangers?

    We’re still expecting the sequel of “KGB Boys Origin” now this is having a “To be continued” again???


    • Pink Panther
      July 11, 07:45 Reply

      LOL. Forgive me. Some things are better taken in gentle small sips. KGB Boy Origins will soon return with a new episode, as will this one. Hehee

    • Scarlet_witch
      July 11, 08:18 Reply

      Co-ask o

      I’m this close to finding Pink Panther so I can flay him for all he is putting me through.

  3. Oba of Benin
    July 11, 08:43 Reply

    #kodo ? my first taste of that food was also in Jos. Those days sha

    • Yusuf
      July 11, 19:53 Reply

      Kodo, it was really interesting. But I found it a bit to dry for me?

      • Nba
        July 17, 18:32 Reply

        As I heard Kodo, I said to my self I went to this school. Well that was some escape u had.. I keep wondering who’s this Yusuf! Hehehe

  4. Delle
    July 11, 09:29 Reply

    At fifteen!? My good gracious me!???

    Please this had better continue sharp sharp abeg, the relish with which I read this must not wane!

    • Yusuf
      July 11, 19:50 Reply

      LMAO, I’d personally like to think I was matured beyond my years. I’d started messing around with guys even earlier than that. Though not all the way, but pretty heavy stuff.

  5. Kendrik
    July 11, 13:46 Reply

    My first time was in an abandoned Js2C class with a senior who repeated to my class in 2009. God, I was just 13 and it was my last time. So, i can relate.
    PS: It wasnt a boarding school

  6. Manny
    July 11, 15:24 Reply

    For all the years I stayed in boarding school, the only things I was able to do was look at other boys dressing up not taking their baths o.

    You dare not take your baths together, the bathrooms were segmented and had top notch privacy. If two boys are found in the same bathroom. Nna, they will just expel the both of you without asking questions.

    The first time someone touched me in boarding school was SS1, the next day he apologized. Me, I was indifferent.

    Those days, We couldn’t even sit on the same bed together or two boys be in the same room together, only the two of them.

    Guess what! That school has a huge number of homosexuals pretending to be heteros who are unnecessarily homophobic towards the feminine guys.

    A na-emenu.

    • Yusuf
      July 11, 19:49 Reply

      In my junior secondary school, prior to an incident regarding two guys caught in the act, prefects frequently carried routine checks to ensure two boys didn’t sleep together on a single bunk bed. It’s was darktimes for me, hehehehe.

  7. Mikey?
    July 11, 20:36 Reply

    Am I the only guy who went to a boarding school and came out a virgin?

    • Adè
      July 11, 21:01 Reply

      No ooo???. Im on that table oo,

    • Eddie
      July 12, 13:09 Reply

      Lol…. You’re not alone, dear
      I know ex-classmates who believed I was a hoe when in reality I never did anything… The malicious rumors they spread about me though…

  8. Peace
    July 12, 20:40 Reply

    Oh my Goodness!!!! reading this brought back memories!!! Yusuf we should catch up O! Well lets say I went to your dream school in Gwagwalada and spent 6 good years there. Mehn one day I’d write about the sexcapades that happened in that place!! Pinky can link us both.

  9. Spike
    July 16, 23:36 Reply

    Waoh…….funny you should mention zik……….my senior zik gave me the hottest sex I. Secondary school till date. I had been eyeing him for 2 years and he knew. Said it wasn’t time….God

  10. Nigma
    July 17, 18:28 Reply

    was it Ecwa staff or Tcnn you attended?

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