I graduated from the university in 2016 but couldn’t start my clearance immediately due to some departmental issues. So, I was at home, bored and frustrated about life.

I am a sucker for dark-skinned guys who averagely would be considered introverted. And even though I cannot perfectly match the sewing machine, I know my stuff about fashion.

All these are the factors that made it possible for my problem to exist.

There was this not-so-cute, dark-complected tailor on my street who I’d been noticing for quite some time now. He was always hard at work in his shop, sewing clothes and generally minding his business. I’d never seen him fraternize much with anyone from the neighborhood other than the service provider-customer relationship.

You know how they say an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop? Well, now that I was at home, bored and seeking distraction, all of a sudden, I took a likeness to this tailor. And one day, while I was walking past and he called out a greeting to me, my heart did this funny little jig in my chest cavity. And I suddenly made a decision to get closer to him. Devising a plan to make that happen followed.

I started by making myself his customer. I’d come to him for minor amendments on my clothes, which graduated to giving him a few simple fabrics to help me fix. Predictably, we became quite close and because he liked my knowledge of designs and patterning, I became a regular at his place. Our relationship strengthened when I further became a friend to his family, and as weeks rolled into months, I discovered I had grown very deep feelings for Ige.

Ige and I talked a lot to each other about personal stuff, and one day, he asked me about my love life, and I jokingly told him I was queer and considered him my boyfriend. He laughed at that and didn’t comment on it. Because of my effeminacy, some of his neighbours had begun calling me his wife, while some of his customers regarded me as his manager because he usually left the duty of pricing and choosing patterns and designs to me. We grew from mere friends to something deeper I couldn’t explain at the time, as he’d started letting me touch his dick and feel him up. Never going beyond that anyway.

Then came the period when I was supposed to commence with my clearance. Two days before I was to go to school, I was with him working, when it started raining. It was such a torrential downpour, that he closed shop and we went into the house, which adjoined the shop. It was while we were indoors that I broke the news of my impending departure to him. I would be gone for four weeks, and he didn’t receive this news well. He was obviously unhappy, and the heightened emotions and cold weather set the stage for the intimacy that followed. One thing led to another, and we ended up making out heavily and me giving him a blow job.

Crossing that threshold into full-blown homosexual activity is something I grew to regret till today.

Now, let me give you a preamble of Ige’s background. He is an orphaned child who lives with his father’s younger brother. His uncle has five sons of his own and is a widower. The man was the one who paid for Ige to go to fashion school and set him up in his design business.

Like I said before, during the course of my friendship with Ige, I became really close to his family, so much so with his uncle that the man made me his confidante of sorts. He’d tell me things like his sexual conquests, family issues and sexual fantasies. This relationship with this older man made me know we were cool, but I was careful not to say anything about my sexuality to him.

And so, I left to school for my clearance, and Ige and I would talk regularly on the phone. Something changed, deepened, between us after that intimate evening we shared. It was though a part of him that he didn’t know existed was awakened. It was almost as if we were now boyfriends, the way we talked to each other.

I finished my clearance and returned home. Returned to my routine of hanging around him, although this time, we took our relationship to a much more sexual level. We graduated from foreplay to giving him his first anal sex experience, and it wasn’t very long before he discarded the girls he’d been occasionally seeing and I became his steady booty call. Sex with him was amazing, and I loved the way he appreciated my body at every time we were intimate. We maintained a good business and sexual relationship, and as a late-blooming queer man, it increasingly began to get almost impossible for him to keep his feelings in check around me.

He began to nag over things I did, the same way a typical boyfriend would do when he feels threatened. He would call me all the time to come be with him. He peppered me with questions about the status of my relationship with every guy he saw me with. He called me on the phone incessantly.  He always ensured we ate together. He would show signs of jealousy, openly, whenever he perceived me flirting with other guys, one time with one his cousins. There were so many irrational acts he began exhibiting. It was exhausting. I am someone who believes that two people who are in a relationship should be able to give each other space every now and then, because I’d learnt that love when choked or given in excess tends to burn out fast.

And this soon became the case for Ige and I.

One Friday, he told me on the phone that he was very hungry and that they had just started cooking in his house. And so, I told him to hold on, that I would get him food before nightfall. On my way to a vigil that night, I stopped at his place with food but didn’t meet him. I inquired about his whereabouts from his uncle, who told me he had gone down the street. I followed his directions to where Ige was, met him there and gave him the food. He offered to walk with me to where I’d get a bike. We talked a bit in the dark and then I kissed him and left for church.

I came home from the vigil by past 5 AM the next morning and was resting in my room when my mum came to call me, to let me know that Ige, his uncle and cousin had come to see me. Surprised by this visit, I hurried out to meet them seated in our living room. I should have clued in to the fact that Ige seemed uncomfortable and wouldn’t meet my eyes as we all exchanged pleasantries, but I was too surprised by their visit to dwell on that. I asked why they were at my place, and his uncle responded that he just wanted to talk to my parents. Thinking he perhaps wanted a loan or something official from my parents, I called for my dad and mom to come meet them.

Soon, my parents were out in the living room and seated. And that was when a shocker was dropped on us.

Ige’s uncle began by going on and on about how he’d been suspecting the exact nature of my friendship with Ige for some time now, and decided to be on our case. And finally, he got confirmation of what “the Holy Spirit told him about us” directly from Ige himself that we were both involved in a homosexual relationship. At this, my father immediately sat up straight on the couch and my mum sprang to her feet, clutching at her heart and shooting me a growing scowl. When the man started talking, I’d been feeling this growing sensation of dread, a coldness gradually creeping through my body – until he got to the part about confirming from Ige that we were in a homosexual relationship, and I simply wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

Ige’s uncle wasn’t done talking. He continued, saying before Ige told him, he’d grown suspicious because of the way his nephew had started displaying a level of affection toward me that was only supposed to be witnessed between a man and a woman. And then one day, he’d overheard us having a lover’s quarrel. This was when he confronted his nephew and got his confirmation.

The man said a lot of terrible things; I couldn’t believe they were coming from the person who had taken me so under his wing, he had told me things he couldn’t even tell his own sons. Then he turned to Ige and asked him to corroborate the things he’d said. Even then, even as I could see the apprehension in Ige’s eyes, I wanted him to defend me, to defend us. I hoped he would lie for us, that he would protect me.

But he didn’t. He opened his mouth and began telling my parents about how I came to his room one day he was asleep and gave him a blow job, and how I continued doing it, every time while he was asleep, and how he’d felt too awkward to stop me each time he woke up to find me doing it. How he didn’t like what I was doing and how that was the reason for our quarrels.

This kind of vicious prevarication devastated me even more than Ige saying anything to side with his uncle. I stared at him in shock, willing him to look at me to see the hurt I was feeling by his betrayal.

My father then turned to me and said angrily, “Young man, explain yourself!”

I shook my head to myself as I came to a decision. If this was how Ige had decided to play this, then two can play that game. I denied everything. Turning my pain into anger, I furiously told my parents that I was surprised to hear such nonsense and that none of what the two men said had ever happened. I told my parents that I was disappointed that they sat down to listen to such nonsense, especially considering from whom it was coming – this I said as I turned a sneering look to Ige’s uncle. I bared my claws and went for the jugular, as I revealed to my parents that the man was unhappy with me because a love affair he started with a friend of mine, a rich single mother, didn’t blossom because the woman dumped him after letting me know she couldn’t handle the man’s baggage. I’d noticed that his attitude toward me changed after he was dumped by the woman, who he was aware is acquainted with me, and I suspected he must think I had contributed to the negative stories about him that made her leave him. All this I revealed to the entire room, spitefully using my close relationship with Ige’s uncle to discredit him in the eyes of my parents.

My father quickly got incensed and asked the three men to leave his house and to never come back.

After they left, my parents of course quizzed me further about their claims of my homosexuality in the presence of my younger brother. I stood my ground. Even though it was obvious that Ige and his uncle had sown a seed of doubt in their minds, I refused to water that seed by admitting to anything. Fortunately, my brother backed me up. He told our parents to stop asking me such ridiculous questions, and went on to call my older brother’s attention to what was going on. My elder brother came home to fume at my parents. He said he couldn’t believe they had even allowed “those people” into our house and given them room to utter such nonsense to them. My brother insinuated that the Ige’s uncle must have an evil agenda of breaking up our family, because if he was on the level, he would have at least confronted me with what he’d learned first instead of coming straight to report to my parents. Coupled with my earlier revelations about the man’s involvement with my lady friend, my brother hit the final nail on the man’s discreditation.

In the following days, I stayed away from Ige and his family, and they stayed away from me. Ige however called me incessantly with apologies about what happened, telling me he’d been threatened by his uncle to say the things he did. He pleaded for my forgiveness, admitting that even though he knew that things would never go back to the way they were between us, he couldn’t help how much he missed me. He told me he truly loved me. I was unmoved by his pleas.

Ige’s cousin, the eldest son of his uncle and the one over whom he got jealous because of how he thought I was flirting with him, was another person who stayed in touch with me after the mess with his family. We were always chatting on Facebook, even though he never brought up what happened. Back when I was still just friends with Ige, he was someone I’d had a brief interest in, because he was way better looking than Ige. But nothing came of it, even though we became friends.

One evening, I was at a bar with a friend when he messaged me, saying he was bored at home. So, I asked him over to join us at the bar. He came over. We had some drinks and it was at this time that he brought up the topic of what happened with his father, apologising to me on behalf of his father, and telling me that even if I was gay, it’d still be cool with him because he had nothing against gay people. Hearing him say those things meant a lot to me.

We left the bar late that night, retiring to my friend’s house. Ige’s cousin, James, called his house to let them know he wouldn’t be coming home that night. And while in bed, nearly asleep and under the influence, I touched him. At first, he rebuffed me, but when I touched him again, he responded by touching me back. And before long, we were kissing. From kissing, I was soon sucking his dick. My friend woke up at this time, and it became a threesome. Before morning, we had gone two more rounds of sex. And just like that, James and I became a thing. Just sex though. Nothing as deep as what I shared with his cousin.

Then one day, I was home alone when someone knocked on the front door. When I opened the door, it was to see Ige on his knees, begging me to take him back. That his life had been empty since he’d had to live without me. He was in tears, and I didn’t even know I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I listened to him until I pulled him up and we hugged. And then, we were kissing each other furiously, like we were rediscovering the pleasure of something we’d been starving for a long time. The sex that came after was inevitable. And it was just as good as it’d always been. We officially made up but agreed to keep things quiet so as not to draw any ire from our families. I also had a secondary reason for not wanting the world to know I was back to good terms with Ige; I was still hooking up with his cousin, James.

However, it’s all gotten very exhausting. One of my New Year resolutions was to cut ties with that family entirely. It’s been difficult severing ties with both brothers, but it’s a process I’m still working on. Being attached in any way to Ige and his family has become tasking psychologically for me. just the other day, his uncle, for all his anti-homosexual indignation against me, was caught getting a blow job from a sixteen-year-old girl. The scandal that erupted from that has created quite the stink around that family.

Add to that the fact that the aftermath of Ige’s uncle trying to out me to my family is that the pressure from my parents for me to get married has become a thing. So far, I am resisting, and I know the time will come when I will have to tell them the truth. But right now, I do not have the mind to come out to my family, even though I know they know on some deep level that this is who I am.

Life, they say, is a struggle of many steps. And right now, I am taking mine one day at a time.

Written by Audrey

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  1. Oludayo
    February 09, 10:31 Reply

    ‘I know they know on some deep level that this is who I am”

    Don’t they all?

  2. Angel
    February 09, 11:49 Reply

    Great read, very messy ??

  3. Omiete
    February 09, 12:38 Reply

    I can so relate with this story. I have a somewhat relationship with my tailor, it went south at some point when he accused me of seducing him. Of course I read him and we didn’t talk for months we later reconciled and weeks after uncle is begging to have sex with me again. I am just tired of this men. I am glad sha that you came out okay I was worried at the confrontation scene

  4. Maycakes
    February 09, 13:04 Reply

    Me I wud never let him back in my life oooooo

  5. Delle
    February 09, 15:36 Reply

    Hey Audrey, you sure seem to be a labyrinth of experiences, don’t you?

    Just wow!

    And the way you get the men to become regulars, a little short of wonderful ?.

    Organic read.

    • Audrey
      February 10, 15:51 Reply

      My brother I’ve garnered a whole of Sexperience oh which has made me bolder and wiser.

      I probably turned out this experienced because I accepted myself and truth quite earlier in life.

      Don’t worry I’d soon send in my Story bout my affair with a clergyman that almost went south but as usual my Confidence saw me true.Thanks Pink Panther for this Platform.


    • Leon
      February 24, 01:41 Reply

      Delle this your comment is epic???

  6. bamidele
    February 09, 17:06 Reply

    What a story.
    well, it’ll be better for you to settle down with Ige, since he loves you! real love is quite rare. the question is how to live together happily ever after in the midst of your and his family… And the cousin? …lol

  7. Keeva
    February 09, 19:09 Reply

    Quite juicy I must say…
    Please ensure you hook’up to the Maximum with both Ige & his cousin,cuz from what you said,you’re getting good shag from both of them,so why let go of any?
    Life is too short to let any free,regular & slightly dramatic D slide!!!

  8. Jinchuriki
    February 09, 19:56 Reply

    Can we stop trying to turn straight people and leave bi-curious ones to discover themselves?

    • Fineman
      February 10, 01:18 Reply

      I didnt read any converted straight character in this narration. Ige is definitely pansexual or bisexual at most. He’s just a late bloomer.
      And Jacob (abi Joesph. J whatever) is…., well having gay sex once (or so) doesn’t make you gay.
      They’ll be fine, laslas.

    • Bells
      February 10, 09:55 Reply

      But how would they be discovered if everyone avoids them?

  9. Tristan
    February 10, 00:22 Reply

    “…I do not have the mind to come out to my family, even though I know they know on some deep level that this is who I am.” I was just about to comment they already knew before I read that line. Your family is everything – what an unconditional love. They know you too well, Audrey, yet protective of you.

  10. Pjay
    February 10, 00:51 Reply

    But na wa for your parents sha. You just finished University in 2016 and they’re already hounding you for marriage in February 2019. How many years have you worked? Do you have a master’s degree?

    • Delle
      February 10, 13:42 Reply

      Having a Master’s is the criterion for marriage?

      • Audrey
        February 10, 15:36 Reply

        Azin eh!

        My brother the talk just weak me.So we must all get a Masters degree.My dear abeg I no read again because the one I read sef dey cause me headache.

        Delle you is a funny person

  11. Fineman
    February 10, 01:14 Reply

    Foremost, I respect your creativity and wonderful story telling skills. Your sentences swim into each other so much so I had to scroll down to make sure this is not under fiction category.

    Secondly. Unku how do you do it?!? Show us the way na. Fisher of men! Lol.

    Furthermore, do you by mistake have that scene where Ige and his unku came to confront your fada and moda taped? It’s bittersweet. I want to burst laughter when you turn the calabash on the old man. His expression would be priceless, I’m sure.

    In conclusion, whatever made two grown ass men cry must be strong. Better consider Ige. You both share strong chemistry.

    • Audrey
      February 10, 15:46 Reply

      My Brother I think being quite Sexperienced has also helped a whole in this Ministry of fishing for men and I know how to make you feel bad for refusing me.

      once you are able to break the first door(Which is being allowed to feel up the D and see it erect) My dear the rest na Akara case…

  12. Black Dynasty
    February 10, 06:52 Reply

    Really really well written and described.

    I don’t know that I could get back with someone who wounds me that badly, as in just throwing you under the bus and lying to save his skin. I would forgive but hmm, it would be almost impossible to continue love or even close friendship after that.

    Excellent story nonetheless

  13. J
    February 10, 08:28 Reply

    You should be very careful, what you are doing is completely wrong. How could you be having sex with cousins? These people could harm you, be warned.

    I gave up when you said you went to a vigil and returned home at 5:00AM . A Christian sister with a PhD in dick sucking ? I have no right to judge you, let me sweep my room.

    • Audrey
      February 10, 15:38 Reply

      Preach Preacher…

      I bet you wished you were in my position right now.Lemme even tell you a part I missed out Cousin bro is quite Hung And has a wonder working Toungue.#Winks#

      • J
        February 10, 17:47 Reply

        Holy Mary! ?

      • trystham
        February 10, 17:55 Reply

        Shebi it was just attempted outing before. They will kill u this time. Se o lo fe gbo ni

  14. Bhawscity
    February 11, 00:11 Reply

    Me Shaa I like how you stood your ground and rebutted any “allegations” that you are gay. I did same too, I questioned my decision for a period of time, but it was the best decision at the moment. Most people want us not to deny these things, but they forgot that we are still dependent on family lol.

    PS: I have been gone from here for some while, was going through some personal shit lol, back now. I don’t know if I should say this, but it came as a blow to me that I’m not gay, but BI. Okay, thanks, Bye!!

    • J
      February 11, 08:55 Reply

      You can always come out to your family if you want. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s shameful to some people because they only see the sex aspect of it. I came out to my younger sister in 2013 and I still tell about my struggles with being gay and the community as a whole.

      I feel relief that a family member knows about it and I don’t care if she tells my parents or other siblings. I can’t live a lie, I love myself, me is such a good soul ?

      • Bhawscity
        February 12, 14:51 Reply

        Thanks for the advice but I know my family. Ain’t telling no one I’m bi. Nope

  15. Malik
    February 11, 09:59 Reply

    I was typing a comment when my network tripped off. I think it would have been the first comment but in the light of what I’ve read, there’s a need to quickly drop this and run:

    Don’t hook up with two cousins simultaneously! It will not end well. You can choose to stick to Ige, (but bearing in mind that he can snitch on you again if the situation permits). You guys can be together but don’t arm him with what he can use against you.

    However, leaving both of them for your sanity sake is a great idea. Konji is controllable. God bless you.

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