To Those Who Had A Problem With Annalise Keating Having Sex With A Woman

To Those Who Had A Problem With Annalise Keating Having Sex With A Woman

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I enjoy How To Get Away With Murder. It challenges me. I have to concentrate in order to make sure I’m not left in the dark once the plot lines thicken. Not to mention, the acting is superb. Viola Davis taps into virtually every emotion as Annalise Keating and it’s a joy to watch.

There’s generally a consensus about that, evidenced by Davis’ recent Emmy win.

But last night, a few people were in their feelings.

In case you missed it, during last night’s episode, we watched Annalise and her former college classmate and boo thing, Eve, get it on like they used to do in the olden days. I watched Annalise and I believed her in the scenes with Eve. It didn’t seem forced or inauthentic. It was Annalise, doing what she always does: Using and manipulating people.

And she did it well.

But y’all know there are always people who want to talk about the so-called “gay agenda” being promoted on television, particularly in Shonda Rhimes’ show. That’s what I was seeing on Facebook. People were calling for Black people to “stand up” and stop accepting these types of roles, roles that paint Black people in some type of immoral or negative light. This person even went so far as to argue that Viola only won the Emmy because people on the voting committee knew that there were going to be lesbian love scenes for Annalise Keating in the future.

Possible, but a stretch.

More than anything, I was perturbed by this line of thinking because it seemed so contradictory to what Viola and Shonda stand for.

They’re about inclusion.

Shonda has explained it ad nauseum. While we’re all about love for everyone, some people took issue with the gay scenes in Shonda’s shows in October 2014 and decided to let Shonda know about it.Screen-Shot-2014-10-20-at-2.32.53-PM

And Shonda, as she’s been known to do, let this “Dina” have a piece of her mind.shonda1

This is exactly what Viola’s memorable Emmy speech was all about.

She wants Black women represented and included in Hollywood images. And we all cheered for that. But when that inclusion is extended to someone outside of our group, then we’re not here for it. Ironically, this is just how Nancy Grahn sounded on Twitter when she bashed Viola’s speech.

And that’s what’s so troubling about these comments. Whether you believe that homosexuality is a sin or not, you understand that gay men and women live and exist in this world. They certainly have unique experiences and stories that I’m sure they too would like to see reflected on the television screen.

It’s always so interesting to me that Christians will readily watch people lie, steal, cheat, kill, rape, and torture someone without flinching. But two same sex people kissing or having sex or hell, just being in love, is entirely too much to bear.

The show is literally called “How To Get Away With Murder” and people tune in expecting it to be the new TBN.

It’s fascinating.

It pains and saddens me to hear Black people call for inclusion and representation and then scoff and lob shame on so and so when that same basic decency is offered to someone else. We sound like hypocrites.

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  1. #Chestnut
    October 05, 08:41 Reply

    People will continue to be dumb and hypocritical…lol@”ByeFelicia”

    ION: pls u ppl should help me and ask PP what he was doin in Flavour’s bedroom last nyte; dey were on d bed together and everything (and I have picture evidence!). And I’ve heard rumours about Flavour…*sips tea* Pinky, coman explain urself o!

    • sinnex
      October 05, 08:55 Reply

      Wouldn’t that be what you guys call ‘lesbianism’? I assume PP is bottom and if Flavour were to be gay, I think he would do well bottoming.

      • #Chestnut
        October 05, 09:02 Reply

        So,Sinnex,u’re not sure Flavour is gay,but u’re sure he’s a bottom? Why? Becos he’s light-skinned?becos he has long hair? Becos he whines his waist? I’d really like to know how u guys assign roles to (non-effeminate)ppl,based on how they look or act.

      • Django
        October 05, 09:22 Reply

        Why? Black people hate themselves, no one here got the memo?

        BTW, Shonda Rhimes deserves an award for that badass reply to that bigoted tweep displaying her “MILD” homophobia on Shonda’s intellectual property. Way to go, ma’am!!!

  2. Ace
    October 05, 08:43 Reply

    I love this. I love how HTGAWM introduces new traits and secrets of characters. It always has this mind blowing effect every time. People will talk but T.V is here to push equal rights and haters should get ready to bury their heads in shame. Go Shonda!

    P.S: There is a gay story is Scandal? I just started the series this season.

  3. Francis
    October 05, 08:53 Reply

    The comments on the site where this was sourced are just fucking depressing! I’m grateful to God I’m a black man born and bred in Africa. No one should have to deal with so much emotional baggage. Kai!

  4. sinnex
    October 05, 08:59 Reply

    I don’t know if Scandal is even worth it. Seems like it is the only popular series I haven’t seen…well, and maybe Teen Wolf.

    About the post, people would surely talk. I wonder what the OP would say if he/she reads what Max typed about Viola’s skin as to it being ‘dirty black’. PP, I think you should share a link with the OP.

  5. Chizzie
    October 05, 09:15 Reply

    Well, actually I do think the gay scenes on TV are becoming a tad too much. Its almost like they are trying to patronize us, and worst is, they are hardly ever honestly portrayed . What worries me is the effect this might have on growing kids that happen to stumble on such scenes. I know such shows aren’t PG rated but lets face it, kids can easily have access to them if they want to.

    Its fine if people and even growing children identify as gay on their own , but what I have a problem is where scenes like these might trigger curiosity in an otherwise straight person and cause them to dabble in homosexuality. Homosexuality isnt something one dabbles in without first analysing the pros and cons.
    Kids are extremely vulnerable, because they are generally more weak willed than adults and would try to reenact what they see on TV.

    Ultimately its gay propaganda at the end of the day, and I’m not particularly a fan of it.

    • Francis
      October 05, 09:25 Reply

      I’ve been watching heterosexual sex scenes all my life and my induction into porn as a kid was straight porn yet I never for once felt curious about trying it with a female.

      My point is you’re gay, you’re gay and vice versa. Nothing you see on telly can change/influence that. I may be wrong sha.

      Over to the gays that have dabbled with females and lesbians that have dabbled with males. Una do am because of TV influence?

    • Brian Collins
      October 05, 09:34 Reply

      Bull crap Chizzie, you really aren’t as smart as you think you are. You think i didn’t ‘stumble’ upon many heterosexual sex scenes in movies and TV while i was growing up? There was no curiosity triggered. Let’s just say i still ended up very gay. To say that it is gay propaganda is quite small minded, no one said anything about heterosexual propaganda after Original Sin.
      It is a fact that gay people exist, it is also a fact that gay people have sex. Why shouldn’t this be portrayed on TV when what most of us are about is real acting.

    • Keredim
      October 05, 11:45 Reply

      Firstly Chizzie in the countries where these shows depicting homosexual sex scenes (and indeed containing any adult content and extreme violence) are made are aired on TV “post watershed”.

      Secondly, broadcasters when they air the program, broadcast a warning BEFORE, the program is aired and in some cases, just before the segment when the adult theme comes on.

      Thirdly, you cannot catch “gayism” (apologies Delle?) from watching TV. It is not a disease and hence not contagious. It’s is not a CONDITION one is born with either. It’s no different from the colour of your eyes, the length of your index finger, dick size, butt size or the way you walk. It just is. ?

    • james bruno
      October 05, 11:50 Reply

      “Homosexuality isnt something one dabbles in without first analysing the pros and cons.”


    • Max
      October 05, 13:35 Reply

      @Chizzie, your comment reeks of internalized homophobia to the highest order. I feel ashamed whenever a gay person opnes their food hole to spew such crap. Tufia!!! . straight people kiss on TV daily and children are exposed to it, but when it comes to gay people, it becomes gay agenda abi?

      I expected more from you( I shouldn’t have). Tueh

    • Chizzie
      October 05, 14:08 Reply

      Can we all calm our vaginas please. Really, its just my opinion, which doesn’t make it right or wrong but atleast I’m entitled to having one, and I still stand by it.

      Oyah take, ???? chill pills for everyone

      • Keredim
        October 05, 14:34 Reply

        Yup, you are entitled to express your opinion, the same way we are entitled to point out how archaic and dopey they are.

        • Chizzie
          October 05, 14:57 Reply

          Haha, you’re one to talk about archaic!

          • Keredim
            October 05, 15:49 Reply

            Yup, that’s what we need, another gay man with the Peter – pan syndrome

            • Chizzie
              October 05, 19:20 Reply

              Right so because I have an opinion which isn’t the general consensus, I have Peter Pan syndrome? Which is ironic considering you are the much older one here and as such should be able to call to correction without labelling and exhanging words. Believe it or not, some gay guys have principles albeit conservative. Just the other day, you played the town crier of doom when the issue of PrEp, was brought up. So before you go throwing labels and calling people archaic and what not, have a good look at yourself in a mirror.

              • Keredim
                October 05, 21:08 Reply

                Ok Chizzie you win. You can have the last word. Go and have your unprotected sex. ?

                • Chizzie
                  October 05, 22:03 Reply

                  I will,. Remember to take your teeth out before you go to bed. Night. FOP ?

      • Brian Collins
        October 06, 10:26 Reply

        If only you could drown yoursrlf in a sea of chill pills.

    • Khaleesi
      October 05, 14:38 Reply

      am sorry Chizzie, but that comment is so dumb!!! you probably grew up watching straight sex scenes, why didnt you turn out straight? most likely you were gay before you even understood what the word meant, so take that twisted opinion of yours and plug it up your butt!

  6. Delle
    October 05, 09:15 Reply

    No matter what they do, no matter how hard they try…we are moving on. And to me, that’s all that matters. The hate speeches seem to be fuelling our image in the light, be it positive or negative, limelight is limelight nonetheless (honey, we are gonna be famous! *in Cookie’s voice*)

    The recognition gays and lesbians alike are getting now is so overwhelming I’ve decided 2 skip breakfast in joy! Virtually every movie, series has a gay character…what more can we ask for…people would get used to it, there’s no way out of the inevitable. I envisage a world where being gay would be a prerequisite 2 getting employment in a company…lol.

    P.S: These people should use gays to act gay roles, I don’t want 2 ogle a gay character only to find out he’s straight in the real world! Such a bubble buster!

    • #Chestnut
      October 05, 09:54 Reply

      I don’t think Typecasting of gay actors is helpful. I actually enjoy it when a straight actor can play a gay role convincingly,and when a gay actor can play a gay role convincingly; it makes me respect them and their craft,the more.

    • Delle
      October 05, 12:35 Reply

      Umm…now the word ‘gayism’ is viral? Dis is preposterous!

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    October 05, 09:49 Reply

    It’s funny how people talk about kids when it’s a same gender scene. A lot of series depict heterosexual scenes and we don’t talk about kids.

    Sex in the city, californication amongst others come to mind and nobody talks about how these shows affect our kids. That line of argument smacks of double standards and terrible judgement.

    I grew up watching straight sex scenes on TV, I discovered straight porn (infact I still only watch straight porn) and nothing has changed, I’m still gay.

    Gay people exist in our world today and it’s only natural that they should be portrayed on tv.

  8. Ruby
    October 05, 11:02 Reply

    “Gay Propaganda”
    The Proclaimed Bane of the Society….
    These people should just Shut Up n get Lives…
    Akak mi ndien!
    Nso itibe???
    Inam mbufo nso???

  9. Dennis Macaulay
    October 05, 12:16 Reply

    They don’t include gay characters we shout discrimination, they include them we accuse them of patronising us and spreading “gayism”!


  10. Max
    October 05, 13:38 Reply

    Shonda’s reply is epic. ??

    • Pink Panther
      October 05, 14:12 Reply

      Aswear! I fell in love with that her response over n over n over again.

  11. Khaleesi
    October 05, 14:34 Reply

    “And that’s what’s so troubling about these comments. Whether you believe that homosexuality is a sin or not, you understand that gay men and women live and exist in this world. They certainly have unique experiences and stories that I’m sure they too would like to see reflected on the television screen.”
    This phrase captures in very minute detail; the hypocrisy of the vast majority of religitards!!! Warreva!!

  12. tobby
    October 05, 19:47 Reply

    The actors have no problem. What’s d fuss?

  13. Ali
    October 05, 19:56 Reply

    She’s Fucking Analise Keating, she’s allowed to screw both male, female, even gnomes if she damn well pleases.

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