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Morning Humour XXIV: The Fastest Conversion Therapy In History

A KDian sent this whatsapp chat to me of a guy he’d met on badoo, and was getting fresh with. Turns out it is possible to be gay one minute

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Kito Alert! II

He has had many victims for this post to be ignored. Operating out of the Facebook account, David Gold D, this young man – who is reportedly gay – has

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For Our Brothers With Wives And Girlfriends

I happened upon this post titled ‘5 Signs That Says He Is Gay’ and I decided to share for our MGM and MBM, you know, things you should or shouldn’t


  1. Ace
    October 05, 08:34 Reply

    When my crush comes around and I have to show what he is missing.

  2. Chizzie
    October 05, 08:50 Reply

    When you are trying to reenact Beyonce’s Drunk In Love video.

  3. Delle
    October 05, 08:58 Reply

    When u show your over-relaxed bf just how well a doggy position should be.
    From his facial expression, the message was passed

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    October 05, 09:41 Reply

    This is the correct position for doggy! Those of you that push your backs up please take notes

  5. Jamie
    October 05, 10:38 Reply

    Experienced Only Riders Needed!!!

  6. Ruby
    October 05, 11:14 Reply

    Saddle Up Sally!
    *in Ciara’s Voice… Мy body’s ur Party*

  7. james bruno
    October 05, 11:53 Reply

    a little more distance between those knees, please

  8. KryxxX
    October 05, 11:59 Reply

    When your crush comes along……… And you have to pass the message across desperately!

  9. Max
    October 05, 13:27 Reply

    When you’re about to fart while being taken from behind.
    Look at his face.

  10. Nightwing
    October 05, 15:39 Reply

    *I’m on all fours begging please take me, I even got the arc right*

  11. tobby
    October 05, 19:49 Reply

    Some of you are so uncreative.. lmao

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