The Proposal: A Lesbian and Three Queer Men Are Looking For Connections For Marriage

The Proposal: A Lesbian and Three Queer Men Are Looking For Connections For Marriage

Hello, I’m Shade (not my real name of course), a 26-year-old Nigerian Lesbian living in Lagos, Nigeria. I am an undergraduate and also self employed.

I am under pressure from family on the issue of getting married as I am the only child of my mother.

I am interested in a male partner who is YORUBA. A CHRISTIAN Gay Man, within the age range of 28 – 48 years of age, who is also under pressure to find a wife, and who wants to get into a contract marriage within the next year and is willing to have children through various channels we both find convenient. I have to reiterate that you must be Yoruba please.

The man I am hoping to partner with should be understanding; I mean, he has to know we’re in this together and is willing to have my back as I will have his own at all times.

If you are interested, kindly reach out to me with a picture and information about you on

Submitted by Shade


Hello, my name is Chris, and I am a 34-year-old banker living in the eastern part of the country. I am a Christian, gay, and HIV+.

I am looking for a femme lesbian who is interested in going into a marriage of convenience. This lady can come from any tribe or background.

If interested, you may reach me at

Submitted by Chris


Hello, I am Sir. I am a 31-year-old Yoruba, gay and Christian. I am ambitious, academically and career-oriented.

I am interested in a friendship-type-of-relationship that would lead to marriage with a feminine presenting bisexual or lesbian woman, who desires to have a family. She should be Christian as well, from whatever ethnicity and aged between 25-29 years. My hope is for us to be friends and partners who understand that we are in this together, knowing that what one does affects the other.

Any interested persons may reach me at

Submitted by Sir


My name is OJ, gay man and in my late 30s. I am looking for a responsible queer lady in her 30s, who is under family pressure to get married.

I hope she will be kind, compassionate and educated. She could be gainfully employed or a businessperson who is financially stable, as I am financially stable too.

I am looking forward to an arranged marriage, where both of us can have kids and still live our lives.

I am resident in Lagos but location does not really matter, as we don’t necessarily have to live together. However, communication would be paramount.

If interested, kindly send me an email at and let’s get things started from there.

Thank you.

Submitted by OJ

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