The Proposal: PLEASE BEWARE OF MARRIAGE SCAMMERS!!! | Four Gay Men And A Woman Are Looking For Partners

The Proposal: PLEASE BEWARE OF MARRIAGE SCAMMERS!!! | Four Gay Men And A Woman Are Looking For Partners

It has recently come to my attention that there’s a queer woman whose post I have put up here before, who has been exploiting the interests of the gay men reaching out to her for a marital arrangement for her own financial benefits.

Her name is Ukonu Olive Ogechi; allegedly, she operates by feigning disinterest when you reach out to her, and then she tells you of a group of lesbians she belongs to, with members she can link you to for a sum of money. And of course, this promise never actually materializes into anything.

This is manipulative and evil, and this woman works entirely outside the purview of Kito Diaries.

If you are reading this, understand that these connections for marital arrangements are FREE.

Do not heed to anyone who asks you to pay before they can fix you up with someone they know.

Kito Diaries has never asked and would never ask for payment; and so, if anyone is telling you to pay, simply send an email to us and we will put up your information for any interested parties to reach out to you for free.

Do not let the desperation for finding a partner cause you to fall victim to people who only mean to rob you.


THAT SAID, here are some queer men and women who are looking for partners:


Hello, my name is Heart. I am in my late 20s and I live in the UK. I’m looking for a friendship that could lead to an arranged marriage/partnership with a gay man who needs to get married to keep up with appearances.

This person should be between the ages of 29-38. He must have a good character and be family-oriented, independent and live a very comfortable life as do I. He must be based abroad, but I would consider anyone who is already in the process of relocating independently. Also, he must be Christian. He should also intend to live separately if we are to move ahead, whilst being committed to the purpose of the arranged marriage. If you’re looking for a traditional wife, please don’t email me.

But if you are okay with these conditions and are interested, kindly reach out to me via

Kind Regards.


Hello, I’m Emeka, and I am a 42-year-old gay man living with HIV. I am Undetectable though. I am self-employed and doing well. I need a lesbian woman who is ready to go into a marriage of convenience, one who is preferably not more than 35 years and who is also employed. As regards children, we can agree on the best mode for child bearing.

If you are interested, kindly contact me on


Hi, I am Charles, a 30-year-old gay man from Abia State. I live in Abuja, and I seek a queer, feminine-presenting woman, aged 23-27, from the southeastern part of Nigeria (Igbo-speaking) for a friendship and relationship that will lead to marriage.

I come from a traditional and conservative background and I hope she would be understanding and probably have similar upbringing and values. She should be a Christian, educated, kind and interested in having and raising children.

I don’t really like the term “arranged” or “contractual”. I mean for this relationship to be a partnership. What matters to me is being with someone who is a friend and who is compatible with me. Anyone who is interested can reach out to me at

Thank you.


Hello, I am Iyke, a Christian gay man looking to go into a civil union or a marital arrangement with a Christian lesbian. I’m interested in building a strong friendship (for now) with the lady before we can forge ahead into marriage.

I don’t have a tribal preference; I simply want someone good and kind from any tribe in Nigeria. For the record, I am Igbo. I am also 30 years of age, and she should also be 30 or younger, and feminine-presenting.

It is important that she be a compassionate Christian because that is the most important thing I’m looking out for.

Kindly send me an email via if you think we want the same thing. Thank you.


My name is Temitope, I am a Yoruba man in my early thirties and I live in Lagos State. I have a stable income, am hardworking and I possess good values.

I am keen on having kids, and so, I am interested in a marriage of convenience with the idea of a co-parenting situation. I am looking for a woman who is educated, aged anywhere between 23 and 32, who also wants the same thing. She could be lesbian or bisexual, just as long as she is willing to parent a child with a queer man.

Any interested lady may reach out to me via

Thank you.

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  1. O.B
    March 26, 22:19 Reply

    Humans are exploitative in nature, so it’s expected, although still very disappointing.
    What’s the point of taking advantage of people in such a manner?

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