The Proposal: A Lesbian Wants A Sperm Donor And Some Queer Men Want Partners

The Proposal: A Lesbian Wants A Sperm Donor And Some Queer Men Want Partners

I am a bisexual man in his 30s. I am also HIV+.

I am pretty well read, educated and financially stable. I am also independent, upwardly mobile, God-fearing and a goal-getter.

Sadly my HIV status especially is making it hard to find a life partner and someone to raise a family with. I am currently undetectable due to medication and medical advancements, and as such, cannot infect anyone with the virus through sex. I am looking for a level-headed female, who’s educated and understanding, preferably from eastern Nigeria. She has to be mentally mature and looking for a solid relationship that could end in marriage if we vibe right.

If you are interested, kindly reach out to me via email to

Submitted by Jemini


My name is Vina and I am a Nigerian queer woman in search of a sperm donor, preferably of the homosexual orientation.

This person is going to be a sperm donor only.

He should be from Anambra State or Imo State, because my partner is from there and we want the kid to be as close to her as possible.

He should be tall as I am very short. Distance is not a barrier.

We can discuss other technicalities, genotype, blood group and family history in my email.

Anyone interested in helping with this arrangement should contact me on

Submitted by Vina


I am a gay man, in my early thirties, living and working in Delta State. I am looking for a woman (lesbian, bisexual or open-mindedly straight) who is interested in getting into a marriage of convenience.

I am looking to find a kind and understanding woman from any ethnicity (preferably Igbo) who is as eager to start a family as I am. I hope we can be friends and get along well. She should be Christian or at least be able to keep up Christian appearances for the family. She should be in with the age bracket of 24-30.

I am okay with whatever method of conception and birth she decides to choose. We mustn’t know everything about each other but should be willing to learn and understand one another.

Anyone interested should please send an email to

Thank you.

Submitted by Frederick


Hello, I am a gay man of 40 years of age, from the Eastern part of Nigeria and currently living in Lagos. I am businessman. As you can imagine, because of my age, the pressure from both family and friends to settle down has been intense.

My wish is to find a lesbian or bisexual woman who has the same issue I’m having, and is understanding and willing enough to want to start a family. She has to want to have a child or two in this marriage of convenience. If at any time she chooses to leave, I can still take good care of her and our children.

If anyone is interested, please you can connect with me by sending a message to

Submitted by Prestige


Hello, my name is Ani. I am in my 30s, a bisexual Christian, employed and based in Lagos.

I am in search of a commitment with any queer woman of 29-31 years old. She can be from any religion (though preferably Christian), be employed and be ready to get into a marriage of convenience. We can also have a child by whatever means we find available.

If you are interested, do kindly reach out to me via email at

Submitted by Ani

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