The Proposal: I Am Looking For A Lesbian or Sexually-Fluid Woman To Be My Partner

The Proposal: I Am Looking For A Lesbian or Sexually-Fluid Woman To Be My Partner


I am a 25-year-old gay man residing in Lagos. As an only son, I’d always known the pressure to get married would come sooner rather than later. So, I am not really surprised that at 25, my family is already asking questions about not just a girlfriend, but one who could potentially be a partner.

That said, I’m not letting myself be pressured into marriage anytime soon, but I would like to have a lesbian or bisexual woman with whom I can build a friendship/partnership with. A friendship that would be good enough to ease the pressures that I or her might be facing.

Marriage and kids… Of course, these are things we would discuss as friends. If these are issues we come to an agreement on, that would be great. If not, no pressure as well. My point is I don’t expect us to have everything figured out as fast as possible. We can simply build one step at a time.

Whoever is interested can kindly reach out to me on

Thank you.

Submitted by Micah

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