THE PROPOSAL: Three Queer Men (One Of Them An Arab) And Two Queer Women Are Seeking Partnerships

THE PROPOSAL: Three Queer Men (One Of Them An Arab) And Two Queer Women Are Seeking Partnerships

My name is Adam, I am 29 years old, Arab, Muslim and I live in the UK. I know my nationality is not one you’d expect to read about in these requests, but hear me out please.

Like I said, I am based in the UK and I am currently looking for a femme Muslim lesbian between the ages of 23 and 30. I have a job and an education, so bringing you to UK won’t be an issue, if our arrangement comes to that. I would like us to get married and live together and support each other through life as best friends. And if we do decide to raise a family, I would like us to raise our children to be Muslim; however, this will be up for debate, as I understand how this may also be complicated for us. My family is not progressive or liberal, so you should be modest and carry yourself like so.

The reason I am considering a Nigerian for this is because I have a connection to Nigeria. I was in a relationship with a Nigerian man for a number of years, and I was able to meet and connect with the culture and way of life of the Nigerian queer community through that relationship. It made me feel a kinship with Nigeria.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch through the email Thank You.

Submitted by Adam


Hello, I am Maria, 35 years old, feminine-presenting queer woman from the East, Christian, educated and employed. And I am very ready to start a family. But for that to happen, I need a partner.

I would like to get connected to a queer man who is Christian and in his thirties as well. My hope is that we will get married and have kids. But we’ll of course not be romantically linked. You must be kind to me and our children, just as I would be to you.

I want someone VERY SERIOUS (as some of you guys can like to waste a girl’s time even when we are both trying to help each other out) and INTENTIONAL about this arrangement. I intend for us to develop a friendship for easy communication.

It goes without saying that this will be a long-term commitment because of the children we’ll have, but don’t worry, I won’t cage you. You must however consider the kids in your lifestyle, as I would do so too.

You must have something going well for you, like a career, as I have mine. I have to reiterate that I want only the man who is certain this is what he wants and is ready to pursue it. I say this because I met someone here that I really liked and things were going just fine, until he suddenly decided to back out due to reasons best known to him. So I don’t want unserious and time wasters please.

Be ready and fully committed to seeing this through before you hit me up.

Thank you.

Any interested persons may send me a mail on

Submitted by Maria


Hi, my name is Desmond and I’m 34 Years old, a realtor and an entrepreneur. I am a Christian Bisexual and HIV+ Undetectable. I am Yoruba and I reside in Lagos.

I am searching for a femme lesbian who is interested in having kids. She could be Christian or Muslim, between 24 – 32 years of age, kind, accommodating and understanding. Any tribe is okay.

I would want us to start from friends then to partners and live our lives without it affecting the children we choose to have.

Any interested lady may reach me on

Submitted by Desmond


Hello, my name is Vicky, and I am a feminine-presenting lesbian in my thirties and an entrepreneur. I am also HIV+ Undetectable and as such, I am comfortable with being connected to a possible partner who is also poz. You may be gay or bisexual, 38 to 48 years of age.

I want someone who is ready to settle down, preferably from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Not that he must be residing in the East. I just want someone who can communicate well and who is ready to build a home.

Interested persons can reach me via email

Submitted by Vicky


Hi, I’m Clinton, 30 years old and ready to settle down (in two years’ time). However, because I don’t want to start looking to get connected then, and because I want to develop a friendship with this possible future partner, that is why I’m sending this request out now. I want us to be friends, get to know each other, and work out how we will live together and stuff like that. We could even date, but there’d be no sex involved. I am gay.

That said, I am a fashion designer based in Port Harcourt, a graduate and Igbo. I love children very much and the idea of a family is one of the reasons I’m putting myself like this out there.

I am looking for a femme lesbian – any tribe is fine by me – who is a graduate or still in school. You should be committed to making this arrangement work and be ready for us to help each other. It would be preferable if you live in Port Harcourt as well.

Any interested persons may reach me via email

Submitted by Clinton

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