This is just way too much gorgeousness in one family

This is just way too much gorgeousness in one family

You know how you’re a one-man man, and you believe you can only ever be in an exclusive relationship with one person. But then you look, and lo and behold, you see not one but two other men who makes you just want to marry all three and keep them all for yourself…?

Well, that was my exact thought when a thirsty KDian brought my attention to these three brothers. I don’t know who they are, but — and I’m asking for a friend here — are all three of them interested in being a thirsty young man’s baby daddies?

Brothers Brothers @eugyofficial @joee3b @he3b ?❤ #Official #KenteKings

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  1. MagDiva
    March 12, 07:24 Reply

    My ovaries just exploded ???. Surely it’s illegal to have this much fineness.

  2. peaches
    March 12, 08:34 Reply

    laws! its Sunday! I shall not be tempted!. oh dear!. I need to take a casserole to that house to see things with my two naked eyes!.

  3. Kerr
    March 12, 09:18 Reply

    The one with the purple scarf, pls .?
    Thank you.

  4. Danger
    March 12, 11:16 Reply

    *tongues out*
    I’m just visualizing a threesome. On a sunday morning!
    God bless my evil mind.

  5. y
    March 12, 13:16 Reply

    They’re Ghanian.

  6. illuvmua
    March 12, 14:51 Reply

    full detective mood activated……….*jumps to Instagram*

  7. illuvmua
    March 12, 14:53 Reply

    the one at the center… me singing hallelujah……. those eyes lawd !!!! speak to me again

  8. Dumdum
    March 12, 15:54 Reply

    Take the camera down a bit let the drooling advance to stage 2.

  9. iAmNotAPerv
    March 12, 21:43 Reply

    My Lawd! When God made these ones, He said “They are good… and very yummy” I would not mind one of them… Cici if you see this, it’s just a joking sturvs

  10. Alex
    March 13, 01:19 Reply

    Oh my, I’ve never commented on Kitodiaries before but when I saw this. Please How can I reach them, all of them, Pleasssssee

    March 17, 23:03 Reply

    Those lips though, (especially the guy with the purple scarf…); So many ways to put them to orgasmic use ???

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