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Austin Wolf finally explains the sexual encounter he had with an attendant in an airplane bathroom

Back in 2018, gay porn star Austin Wolf made the news after his mile high sexual encounter was captured on video and released online. During the flight on Delta Airlines,

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Mormon ex-conversion therapist now says he regrets harm he caused, after refusing to apologize when he came out

David Matheson, the Mormon ex-conversion therapist, revealed in a new interview that he regrets the harm he caused. Last week, Matheson made headlines when he came out as a gay


  1. ken
    January 31, 06:08 Reply

    This is the problem, any time u raise gay issue people immediately think about filthy anal sex. But when its straight relatnship, they think about love, commitment, family etc.

    I think more needs to be done by gay community to change this perception. Everything shouldnt be about sex and hookups

    • Uziel
      January 31, 07:11 Reply

      I don’t get what this has to do with the post at hand. The CEOS said that they’re neither gay not straight, they are just puppets which is just fine for me. Trying to bring sexual orientation into (everything) this is *sigh* If the creator wanted to sexualize them, he’d have done that. Reading into things like this… Na your headache sha.

      one time they’ll ask if the Teletubbies are gay.

      • ambivalentone
        January 31, 09:14 Reply

        I’m just tired. You cannot eat, sleep, walk, write, choose without them asking if u r gay. Homosexuality is not a threat to your existence na. Haba!!!

  2. #Chestnut
    January 31, 11:21 Reply

    Lol. But sexual orientation doesn’t start from “below the waist” nah; doesn’t it start in d mind…feelings and stuff?

  3. Zol
    January 31, 11:32 Reply

    Yh, obviously sexual orientation is about the start of your mind. But the fact people try and sexualize everything, I can’t deal.
    I mean, they’re puppets, they’re just there to be funny really, nothing else.
    Tbh, I agree with the CEO’S reply, but not with the fact he implied that sexual orientation begins below the waist.

  4. Somebody
    January 31, 13:11 Reply

    Question of the day: So what if I’m neither straight or gay? Does that mean that I don’t exist below the waist. *points blank*

  5. Oluwadamilare
    January 31, 19:27 Reply

    I totally agree with the CEO.
    That said…It’s called sexual orientation for a reason. Whether it starts in the mind or below the foot… Sex happens somewhere inbetween… So I think his statement about “below the waist” is very valid.

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