Transgender Day: Caitlyn Jenner

Transgender Day: Caitlyn Jenner

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, a culmination of this past week, which has been the Transgender Awareness Week. To commemorate the day, here’s a bit of a focus on Caitlyn Jenner, the latest trans person to draw awareness on the Transgender community.


Between the accolades and praise, Jenner’s transition has been subject to a barrage of attacks and mockery from South Park, from right-wing media, from bigots on Twitter — to the degree that even Siri had to get involved, with helpful hints on how not to misgender the world’s most famous trans person.

At her bright hilltop home in Malibu in September, Jenner is sanguine through all the fuss. “It’s my temperament to be relaxed,” she says. “But it is a lot.” Jenner is in a robe and slippers in a director’s chair, while a hairstylist and makeup artist prepare her for her first magazine photo shoot since that historic Vanity Fair cover. She flips between golf and football on the TV.

“Yesterday was significant, because my name and gender change came through. Holy crap,” Jenner says, and takes a breath. “Here we are—honestly never knowing if this day would ever come. In some ways, it’s a little sad. Bruce was a good guy, did a lot of good things, raised a tremendous family and wonderful kids. But I just couldn’t play that game any longer.” She says the news was overwhelming. “I actually cried a little bit about it. I was on the golf course, off playing by myself. It was very exciting, but such a head trip.”

While the first season of I Am Cait saw Jenner divulge private fears and depicted her exchanges with friends and family (some of whom had never before seen her present as a woman), the show also gave her the opportunity to discover her new community. She met with trans youths at a summer camp, with activists, and with many trans women, some of whom recounted their experiences as victims of anti-trans violence. So much of this world was entirely new to Jenner. Chandi Moore, one of Jenner’s new friends and guides, took her to task for too often saying “they” of trans people, rather than “we.”

“I have been on the outside of that community, until four months ago basically. When did Vanity Fair come out?” Jenner says. “Like three months and a week,” says Ronda Kamihira, Jenner’s close friend and assistant who helped Jenner select her new name. “Chandi was absolutely right,” Jenner continues. “I’ve never, ever been able to talk to anybody. I didn’t meet my first trans person until I did the show. The only connection I had was watching YouTube videos. And during the ’70s and ’80s, and even through the ’90s, there wasn’t any of that. Just like anybody going through a transition, people find it hard to make the difference between ‘he’ and ‘she’ and gender markers and name changes. It’s tough for me to realize that finally, after all of this time, I’m part of the community. People want results right now. And all this stuff takes time.”

Jenner is acutely aware of the scrutiny she and her show are under, and she’s intensely concerned with getting it right. But rather than weigh oppressively on Jenner, her role and obligations have become a new mission in life.

“I always thought that I want to wake up in the morning excited about the day, excited that I have things to do, things to accomplish, things to learn,” she says. “I want to be excited about life always. For the longest time, I was not. I isolated myself from the world. I never felt like I fit in anywhere. Today that’s all changed. I’m so terribly excited about the future. I have so many things to do. I feel like I have a place in life.”

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    November 20, 06:26 Reply

    I remain a huge fan of Ms Jenner and the amazing work that she does.

    She talked about playing the game? Isn’t that like the story of my life?


  2. Mandy
    November 20, 06:53 Reply

    Caitlyn Jenner, that poster woman for the Transgender community that the world just won’t let be. Keep living your life, gurl! 😀

  3. #TeamKizito
    November 20, 06:57 Reply

    The Danish Girl.

    Transgender men aren’t as popular (why). I bet none would ever win Man Of The Year for any magazine even.

  4. Teflondon
    November 20, 07:27 Reply

    She looked stunning in that pic.. Call me old sch but it’s just disturbing the thoughts that btwn those laps of this very stunning ” woman ” is a (probably large) throbbing dick breathing.

    I don’t really know much about trans people but am willing to learn everyday. However, I’m not a fan of Jenner & her work (or whatever it is she’s doing.) I just think everything about her, what she does, why she chose to wait till now before transitioning.. The whole charade before, during and after the transitioning just make it all look staged and planned. Plus the enormous fat pay cheque she tends to be making even makes it harder for me to believe she truly and really wanted to be a trans. remove all the glamour that comes with her transitioning will she still want to be a trans? Well we will never know. Yes! She might have had that feeling of being a woman within but did she feel it to the extent of wanting to transition?

    She had always felt like a trans since ages yet she met her first trans person during the show? Cmon Jenner! You can do better than that. I’m not buying this whole ‘ Cait is born’ thingy.

    • Mandy
      November 20, 07:30 Reply

      If she’s full of bullshit, as you say, then you would know, wouldn’t you? Takes one to know one.

    • ronniephoenix
      November 20, 08:54 Reply

      Um….. Tef, I am transgender but I haven’t met another transgender person in my life.


      You really should think first before letting your hatred for her get the better of you

      • Teflondon
        November 20, 09:21 Reply

        You Live in Nigeria Ronnie (or at-least the best part of you life, you lived it here) There is a big differences.

        and by way, i don’t hate her not just a fan.

      • Stranger
        November 20, 09:57 Reply

        “You really should think first before. . .”. Really? Because someone has an opinion different from yours; that person doesn’t think?
        This guy, you’d better learn your manners and how to speak to people. You’re irritating me with each word you write. Pseudo-transgendered bozo.

        • Teflondon
          November 20, 10:26 Reply

          Lmao!! Easy on Ronnie, she is just a confused and fustrated little kid which is understandable putting all she shares on here into perspective. I feel more of pity than anger towards him.

        • ronniephoenix
          November 20, 16:53 Reply

          Hello stranger, I don’t care if I irritate you or anyone, but that isn’t my intention.

          I give my opinions without caring what people think or if it isn’t popular. I have been through a lot,so forgive me if I say exactly what I feel.

  5. Delle
    November 20, 07:50 Reply

    Eyaa and your already 66, so you basically don’t have that much time (harsh but true, durrgh). Why you waited till 65 before making this transition still beats me but oh well *shrugs*.

    It’s a humongous responsibility being the spokesperson of the Trans community and I get how excited Caitlyn must be knowing she’s finally important 2 some people unlike when as Bruce she was just more or less a side-kick…lol.

      • Delle
        November 20, 08:54 Reply

        What has that got to do with anything?

        • Dennis Macaulay
          November 20, 09:18 Reply

          You are asking why it took her so long to make this decision!

          So I am asking why you haven’t come out to your own family?

          I don’t understand judging someone wearing a shoe similar to yours!

      • ronniephoenix
        November 20, 08:56 Reply

        Thank you DM for asking the same question I was about to ask

      • Delle
        November 20, 09:46 Reply

        Ahn…this is full-blown already? Ok, I know I was kinda insensitive (maybe too insensitive) but I can’t just get over the slight hatred I have for her dissing gay guys. Anyway, seeing as even Ronniephoenix (my sweet heart) is against my comment, I sincerely apologise. Candy pleaseee…
        *puppy eyes*

  6. Chizzie
    November 20, 08:22 Reply

    I don’t like her. I just don’t.

  7. Duke
    November 20, 09:21 Reply

    Caitlyn? OK, I am tired of sounding politically correct. I really do not see what and why this chick with a dick is still making news rounds. We get it! You transitioned, got your show, got awarded as woman of the year in less than a year of transitioning! She is just an extension of the Kardashians empire.

    • Max
      November 20, 10:45 Reply

      “Chick with a dick”, really?

      @Duke, you’re a (“worthless low life man-ass loving faggot” and you’re going to “burn in hell if you don’t change your sinful ways”)

      (“Why would a man want another man’s hard body and reject sweet pussy”?)
      Does that sound familiar??

      If you found the above statements offensive, then you’ll know where you went wrong. Your comment about Cat is both insulting and transphobic and honestly I cannot tell the difference between you and an ignoramus homophobe.

      • Chizzie
        November 20, 14:00 Reply

        @Max. Please leave my KD crush alone o. ?

        • Max
          November 20, 14:36 Reply

          You have to find someone else to crush on, this one’s got a lot of issues.

          • ronniephoenix
            November 20, 16:59 Reply

            I’m with max on this one, seriously I just can’t wrap my head around this.

            I don’t know how a person experiencing prejudice will throw prejudiced comments or opinions.


    • Duke
      November 21, 04:15 Reply

      My comment about Cait is totally not out of hate at all! Jeez! I have met at least two trans people. They both share the same sentiments: Cait is doing absolutely nothing for the community except maybe being on covers of magazines and events. There is even news about how she regrets her transition, even though that was said to be rumors. She should prove that she is in not for the money and fame, her popularity should help in enlightment.

      You know what? I am done explaining. I love trans people, I may not understand them but I love them all the same, maybe I am just still pissed at Cait’s comment on same sex marriage. (Remember that one Max? I hope you do)

  8. Tiercel de Claron.
    November 20, 12:30 Reply

    Another Jenner post.

    Erm…PP,there’s such thing as doing it too brown,you know.

    • ronniephoenix
      November 20, 17:02 Reply

      …….Umm it’s “another post dealing with transgender people”.

      Even if you hate her, at least show solidarity to the purpose.

    • Pink Panther
      November 20, 21:25 Reply

      TDC, It’s an LGBT blog. Transgenders are part of it. Caitlyn Jenner is Transgender. See where I’m going with that? Or should I map it out for you?

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