Kito Alert!

Kito Alert!

His victims are yet to come around to telling their stories.

But here’s the general gist of his MO.IMG-20151119-WA0007

He claims to be a doctor; supposedly based in London, but currently in Abuja. He lures guys to a hotel in Maraba, where he sexes them, and then proceeds to forcefully collect their phones, through which he messages the contacts of his victims, to bait them into the same trap. He also goes on to blackmail his victims with threats of exposure to the family members.

He also reportedly operates in Accra, Ghana. And he always sends to unsuspecting targets the pictures of his former victims, claiming he’s the one. He never uses his real identity. But his last victim was able to get his real name to be Francis and these pictures above are that of this felon.IMG-20151119-WA0006

Take note, fellow KDians. A word – and a couple of pictures – is enough for the wise.

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  1. Bade
    November 20, 05:44 Reply

    Why would someone be attracted to this????

    • Duke
      November 20, 09:23 Reply

      E.G “The guy that likes them rough, unkempt and poor”

      • Tiercel de Claron.
        November 20, 12:33 Reply

        That’s quite low of you,Duke.
        Didn’t expect such coming from you.
        Seriously,I’m not liking what I see of us of late.

      • Teflondon
        November 20, 18:37 Reply

        Duke of course it’s easy for you to make remarks.. On someone that is totally open and honest.. While you hide behind your monicker because no one knows nothing about you. You know what I call wimps like you.. coward!

      • Jamie
        November 21, 08:37 Reply

        According to the notion that the receiver in sex is doing the top a big favour, and should be paid for it right? You seem to me to be more vulnerable to the idiot above, cos he’ll try to lure you with the most captivating faces to get the little money you got last time you were paid!!!

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    November 20, 06:29 Reply

    See this one wey be like darfur refugee is kito-ing somebody?

    You cannot break his head?

  3. Max
    November 20, 06:37 Reply

    He doesn’t even look threatening, I can take him any day. When gay people stop being chickens, then maybe we could start eradicating leeches like this.
    Main cause of Kito= Thirst.

    Thanks to whoever provided this information, let’s keep it coming people. If you know you’ve ever been kitoed or nearly kitoed by anyone, please send their info so everyone will know. You never know, someone here might know them (if I ever see a pic of someone I know personally as a Kito perpetuator, I’ll make it a project to destroy them). People like this shouldn’t be allowed to thrive in the society, our law doesnt know of their existence and even if they did, they’d actually support them.

    Its up to us to protect ourselves from people like this.

    • bruno
      November 20, 06:52 Reply

      it’s frustrating that nigerian gays seem more interested in cowering in corners than fighting for themselves

    • SageDude
      May 10, 23:25 Reply

      To make this whole kito issue annoying, most guy that actually kito guys are like us even most are bottom like real bottom guys and still feel it right to put someone in such destabilising situation as this, it take time for people to heal from such experience.

  4. Cjparker
    November 20, 06:38 Reply

    Is Francis he’s only name,at list we should have a 2nd or surname so we can be able to track him down

    • ikhines
      November 20, 07:44 Reply

      Yea right! Do you want his international passport number too?

      • Jamie
        November 21, 08:40 Reply

        LOL… I thought a face and first name could be an okay start!! How easy it must seem to some people how much it took to get this little info. Anyone can add some more…

  5. Sinnex
    November 20, 06:48 Reply

    Seems like he has a big member sha.

    For those asking who would be attracted to him….question for the gods. Una never hear of preferences.

    Wetin go carry person to Maraba.

    Nyanya, Maraba and Kubwa are no go areas as far as I am concerned.

  6. Mandy
    November 20, 06:52 Reply

    He looks passably attractive. So its no wonder why anyone would wanna hook up with him.
    Can we have one of the victims tell us his story please?

  7. R.A
    November 20, 06:52 Reply

    These pictures belong to @Shinkafe_official on IG. And I really can’t say if its just someone using his pix or not.

  8. Masked Man
    November 20, 06:59 Reply

    This one, doctor?
    This one, London?
    Does he even know where the airport is?
    This one that you can strangle and suffocate with one palm.

    • ikhines
      November 20, 07:53 Reply

      You are truly senseless with this comment! Oponu!

      • iamcoy
        November 20, 12:06 Reply

        Ikhines are u remotely related to this Francis?

        • Masked Man
          November 20, 13:28 Reply

          iamcoy boo, don’t dignify him with a response.

    • Brian Collins
      November 20, 07:44 Reply

      Whenever you decide to say something other than hmmm, I love you a bit more.

  9. ikhines
    November 20, 07:50 Reply

    We need to be careful with this issue. I have heard cases where bitter/rejected peeps go behind to post pictures of innocent guys as blackmailers. Some people’s level of bitterness is bothersome.

    • Teflondon
      November 20, 07:56 Reply

      Lmao! Ironically, I actually agree with you.

    • Max
      November 20, 08:08 Reply

      We do our investigations before we post anything here.
      KD has one of the best investigative team ever. ?

      • Tiercel de Claron.
        November 20, 12:39 Reply

        Hope you’re not counting yourself a member of the “investigative team”,Max.
        You wouldn’t know a predator,even when he’s smack dab in your face.

        • Max
          November 20, 14:19 Reply

          @TDC, can’t say I missed your forgettable essence around here. KD has been good without your #LargerThanLife, #HighDonkey and #AnnoyingDouche ass around here, so please do us a favor and vamoose. I know who you are btw and I didn’t need to look far to find out.

          • Tiercel de Claron.
            November 20, 17:55 Reply

            Smack dab in your face well nigh a year and you hadn’t a clue who I am,until PP set you aright recently.So much for “the best investigative team ever”

            Btw,I ken the source of your angst,tis but a mild chastisement of you.I see you learnt nothing of it yet.

  10. Delle
    November 20, 07:59 Reply

    Y’all are just talking about strangling and killing and taking down and chopping this guy forgetting it’s not all of us that are blessed in the muscle department! Na wa o.
    Thanks PP, at least I know what to do when I get an invite on BBM or a request on facebook from this rogue.
    See why I want to remain a virgin?! Nigerians ehn…

    • Max
      November 20, 08:09 Reply

      You don’t necessarily need muscles to hold up your own in combat.

      • Delle
        November 20, 09:03 Reply

        Oya lessons on how to do such won’t be a bad idea, would it?

  11. Chizzie
    November 20, 08:06 Reply

    But wait wait wait wait wait… Why would anybody be attracted to such a person,that’s one.

    Second why would anyone even believe that such a person is a doctor. He looks hands down poor and underfed, nigga is giving Posh666 a run for its money. And based in London? He doesn’t even look like someone that has left the shores of Nigeria before. Im just going to assume that he doesn’t use his pics when luring guys, cause if he does, then it’s the ppl being kitoed that have a greater problem.

    Im realizing that most crimes here, kito inclusive are committed by amateurs who honestly don’t think things through and just rely on the fear of their victims. Max is right, we can easily call their bluff if we show them that we aren’t afraid. Plus pepper spray my people!

  12. Chizzie
    November 20, 08:09 Reply

    spray it in the eyes and kick them in the balls then proceed to spit at them while they recoil in horror and steal their phones… That’s what I’ll do. An eye for an eye.

    • Diii'Okpara
      November 30, 11:25 Reply

      mw i nor dey market for deal dey or dem merchants ooo…before someone hounds me already

  13. Teflondon
    November 20, 08:22 Reply

    I think I understand why the admin would be reluctant to post stories like this because we should be having more post like this.. But the issue is how do we confirm the authencity of this kinda of stories and pictures. What measure is put in place to confirm these stories.
    As usual we are fast to judge and condemn which is the norm with gay people world wide.

    What I would say though, as it is the norm once someones pic is put here as a culprit is the birage of abuses on the persons look. How he is not upto “everyones taste” (even one Fulani will come and talk too). it’s easy for you all to hide behind your keyboards and monicker and condemn! Condemn! Condemn!
    While it is important for me to state that I do not sympathize with this dude if truly he commited those atrocities.

    • Chizzie
      November 20, 08:39 Reply

      Can you go a day without sounding like a self righteous prick, claiming to know it all but revealing that you know nothing.
      Posts like these are a rarity, so for admin to have posted this, you should know that a lot of “I”s were dotted and “T”s crossed. And as regards the issue of looks, you are one to talk? Remember what u said abt James? Everything about you is very pot meets kettle

      Anyways I get u feel the need to comment everytime but remember God gave us a brain for a reason, maybe use it from time to time

      • Teflondon
        November 20, 09:49 Reply

        Initially i didn’t want to reply your comment as i don’t want to give you that importance.
        However, i just need to state that i use to rate you but lost whatever previous admiration i had for you the day you revealed you are a KD Celeb. Lol Really? you aim to be a Celeb of a hardly known blog in Lagos talk-less Nigeria. these are your life goals? you really do have some complex and esteem issues.

        • Chizzie
          November 20, 11:15 Reply

          Wait so you took my word for it when I, in jest referred to myself as a KD celeb? I think the irony of the decade is having such level of gullibility displayed under a kito alert post, and once again uve clearly illustrated the pot meets kettle syndrome.
          I might as well have referred to myself as the Queen of England and u would’ve taken my word for it.

          Teflondon… Biko use that brain abeg. EOD. Let’s not digress from more pressing issues because of your propensity for buffoonery

    • Keredim
      November 20, 10:22 Reply

      I think it’s safe to assume, with a high degree of certainty, that Admin (& team) verified this story multiple times before posting it.

      Especially after that rather unfortunate debacle earlier in the year, when someone did a bad ‘copy & paste’ job from another blog and passed it off as their own and had it posted on here.

      Oh how quickly we forget?

      • Teflondon
        November 20, 10:35 Reply

        This! All these snide remarks!
        Keredim it’s getting old.. It’s getting old Keredim! YOU ARE getting old Keredim.(50 odd years or something like that)

        You give me way too much importance. I don’t deserve it. TBH

        • Keredim
          November 20, 11:03 Reply

          They are not snide comments,they are factual. And as long as you continue to be a dick head and be allowed to fester on here, I will remind you of that fact.

          I don’t know how I can age from “mid 40s” to “50 odd years” in 1 week. But hey, it’s your small world.

          Let’s peg it at 55 for this weekend.

        • Sinnex
          November 20, 12:46 Reply

          He is actually 46. Old enough to be most of the people here father.

          • Keredim
            November 20, 13:06 Reply

            …and therefore in your small traditional deeper-life-esque mind, should be seen and not be heard?

            • Teflondon
              November 20, 13:18 Reply

              Just like several over-age homeless foreigners overseas. I’ve seen a lot of your type Keredim. They make YouTube videos making all kind of noise in the little cubicle they find themselves. Very old people trolling all Over the net. They spend majority (if not all their) lifes on social media and blogs. They wish they could go back to their countries but are too ashamed or broke to go back.
              I’ve seen a lot of them around. They are angry at the world that people young enough to be their kids are making real progress and succeeding in life while they are holed up in a small cubicle fucking every ‘Akata’ ‘Oyinbo’ available both male and female just to survive.

              I know your kinds Keredim and trust me! you and the other oldies all over the world going through this predicaments are in my prayers.

              • Keredim
                November 20, 13:29 Reply

                May God Bless you for your prayers. I also prayer He deciphers them through the myriad of “ibon” you so generously bless us with here.

                And it’s the same “akata” you so desperately want your folks to send you to?

                Reach for another burger while say those prayers.

              • Keredim
                November 20, 13:33 Reply

                Btw, shall we continue this via e-mail?

                Like Chizzie rightly said, your buffoonery is taking away from the issue of the day..

                Offer is open to anyone else?

                • Dominic
                  November 21, 11:33 Reply

                  Iv always admire the way you comment. Tact and matured. So learning you are in your 40s was a pleasant surprise. Please don’t stop commenting. I miss Gad.

              • posh6666
                November 20, 14:44 Reply

                Lol Tef is really so angry and out of character today o,honestly this so much anger of urs towards oga Kere i feel isnt really necessary and undeserved.Just day before yesterday i think you were busy preening like a peacock ,screaming and yapping your head off,trying so hard to point out how you weren’t drama loving and today look who we have here all dirty and enmeshed deep in drama……..hilarious!

                • Pink Panther
                  November 20, 21:23 Reply

                  ‘Tef is really so angry and out of character today’?
                  Really? The constantly petulant attitude is him being out of character? Ok o.

                  • posh6666
                    November 20, 22:06 Reply

                    Nawao aunty pinkie this is me trying to be a nice person na,am trying to be nice for once to Tef my love

      • Terra
        November 20, 16:58 Reply

        Keredim is in his 40s? Truly? Because if he is, those of us that like daddies are very much present ?

  14. Ringlana
    November 20, 08:36 Reply

    Hmm cheei dis one a Doctor? I can’t fall for such.

  15. posh6666
    November 20, 08:40 Reply

    The prayer is may we never fall into the hands of such wicked guys,to all those saying his not attractive blah blah may u never be in a critical konji mode cos then people tend to take stupid decisions and truth be said he is sexually attractive to me but if truly thats his real pics may he be rewarded in the best way he deserves.Like i just wonder why are people this evil?why will u actually commit the act and then intimidate someone?its just like beating a child and telling him not to cry really really painful.

  16. Kristopher B!
    November 20, 08:43 Reply

    I don’t know who will be crazy enough to believe this human in the photo above is a doctor, not to mention London kwa? His full name is Francis Shinkafe Eyamba. Pinky, I hope you guys are 100% Sure he’s guilty as charged?

  17. posh6666
    November 20, 08:43 Reply

    Also one man’s meat is another’s poison people are just calling him ugly based on the alleged accusation against him,some of you have shagged a guy more ugly than him,his better looking than some of you so……..

  18. ronniephoenix
    November 20, 08:44 Reply

    I knew chizzie was going to “cyber bully” someone, thank God itsn’t me.

    • Keredim
      November 20, 09:15 Reply

      Ronnie, I love you to bits, but there is a difference between “cyber bullying” and calling out someone for making a baseless grandiose comment intended to draw attention away from a potentially life saving issue.

      Please learn that difference. ?

      • ronniephoenix
        November 20, 17:15 Reply

        Well keredim, I love it better when people love to pieces

        *puppy eyes*

    • Teflondon
      November 20, 09:36 Reply

      Ronnie you don’t need to thank God about anything.. let no one stop you from commenting or put a fear in you for saying things as you deem fit or being your self here.
      At the end, all they can do is yap away on their keyboard which truly takes nothing away from you as a person while you do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people that matter and make you happy.

      Let me summarize what i just stated
      “Never let irrelevant (emphasis on irrelevant) people’s opinion get you worked out, NEVER!”

  19. Cjparker
    November 20, 08:57 Reply

    He’s real name is shinkafe sheriff Bulama a native of ngala borno state and I am he’s worst nightmare

  20. Cjparker
    November 20, 09:02 Reply

    So all of u in kito daries that think u are dictectives Pls make sure u do ur research well before posting u can check the name on fb if I’m wrong

    • posh6666
      November 20, 09:06 Reply

      I found him on facebook he looks like a real roughneck kinda bad boyish using the same full name u posted.

    • Delle
      November 20, 09:09 Reply

      *flipping the pages of my 10th edition Oxford Learner’s Dictionary*

      • posh6666
        November 20, 09:20 Reply

        Lol all you could have done is correct him,english at the end of the day is a borrowed language most of you here sef have autocorrect to thank….

        • Max
          November 20, 10:26 Reply

          Always lending support to people who you share a common shortcoming with, bravo Posh, Bravo.

          • Stranger
            November 20, 11:31 Reply

            Lol. This guy. You’re too funny.

  21. Duke
    November 20, 09:35 Reply

    Everyone is following the bandwagon “who will fuck with this one?” When many of you will gladly arch your backs for someone less attractive. The major point is that he is an evil guy, his identity has been revealed and hopefully he gets the news that he is under the radar. His looks is totally unimportant now.

  22. Mitch
    November 20, 10:28 Reply

    He’s not that awful looking. He’s the kinda guy I’d wanna shag when I wanna break one of my self-imposed celibate programmes.

    As for trying to kito me………….hehehehehehehe! Let’s just say that’s an experience he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

    And Pinky, those fools in my school are at it again. Now, they are after another friend of mine. Expect a mail with their pictures from me soon.

    • Eros
      November 20, 12:22 Reply

      Oh there are bullies in your school too?
      Nawa ooo

  23. Khaleesi
    November 20, 10:58 Reply

    Thanks PP!!!! and to the team who orchestrated this, am so proud of y’all!!! Please, we need much more of these, believe me, so many scumbags such as these are lurking out there looking for other gays to devour, like our lives arent hard enough already. Its obvious that there are so evil gays who have made it their mission to make the lives of other gays harder, we MUST fight back because it could be anyone who falls victim to the “bottom-of-the-food-chain” flecks of filth. I have absolute faith that proper investigations have been done before these pix get posted because we know the implications of not thoroughly investigating.
    This guy though scruffy and slightly haggard is actually sexually attractive in several ways; but looking at him, its easy to see that he lacks the carriage of composure of a well educated person talkless a Doctor, and how is he able to dispossess his victims of their phones? does he have accomplices? if so, does anyone have a name or picture of any of them?
    believe me, the mere fact that the picture of such scumbags is posted here is enough to shut them down for good!
    Keep it up PP!!

  24. Chuck
    November 20, 12:56 Reply

    So what’s the next step? give him a taste of his own medicine? maybe lure him to a hotel and make him confess/ pay restitution

      • Tiercel de Claron.
        November 20, 13:33 Reply

        Careful what you type,Chizzie.
        Should anything untoward happen to him…….well,the internet only gives the illusion of anonymity.

        • Max
          November 20, 14:25 Reply

          We know you know who Chizzie is, heck everyone knows. So please stop trying to act like an all-knowing-voodoo-queen and STFU sometimes. @Tdc
          I’m quite aware of Chizzie’s notorious death threats and its consequences and I think he’s aware of it too.

          • Tiercel de Claron.
            November 20, 18:05 Reply

            Down boy,ere you get what you surely deserve as an aspiring rabid dog.

            My comment was directed at Chizzie n has nothing to do with me knowing or not knowing who he is.
            The anonymity of the web is but mere illusion and words once writ cannot be taken back.
            We all should be guided.

            • Max
              November 20, 20:19 Reply

              My eye balls nearly popped outta its socket while #RollingIt

              • Tiercel de Claron.
                November 20, 20:57 Reply

                There’s no End of the Year Award for Stupid on KD,Max.
                Quit making a show of yourself.

  25. Femi
    November 20, 19:12 Reply

    This is so real .. I AV a frend who has fallen victim to this guy they met on Grindr n of Cus he doesn’t use his real pic .. But the picture on here happens to b the real person my frend confirmed .. This is the guys contacts he uses on whatsapp.‪+234 902 822 5130‬ And +447494252341 both these numbers he has blocked me on both Cus AV been trying to track this guy for a month now .thats his real pic .. Someone posted a comment on here with an Instagram handle saying it belongs to d person who picture is on here .. If it’s d same pic then dats d guy handle but I checked it out d handle has been deleted ..

    • R.A
      November 21, 11:47 Reply

      Made a mistake with the handle, its actually @Shinkafe_offical. My bad

  26. Nightwing
    November 20, 21:15 Reply

    And that’s a wrap, take 5 people…you know what take the rest of the day off. ?????????????????????????

  27. Nightwing
    November 20, 21:17 Reply

    People are still commenting this late, this is unusual. ?

  28. The truther
    December 02, 10:17 Reply

    I tried to register in this site to post this idiot. He is a confirmed kitoer. Don’t fall for his tricks

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