I had just finished secondary school and due to some misfortune with JAMB (my surname was wrongly spelt), I was to retake the exam. At this time, my aunt asked my mum to let me spend some time with her in Lagos. I was tired to being at home, and because I’d never been to Lagos before this time, I readily agreed to vacation with my aunt.

Upon arrival at her home, she introduced me to everyone. There was the cook, a nice short-statured young man who I am still friends with; the drivers, there were two of them; and then Him. I’ll call him Bobo. He was 24 and I was 16.

After the introductions and I settled in, my aunt left me to my devices. She was a busy woman who would leave for her business very early and return late. Her husband was an equally busy man, and her children were older and had their lives to get to every day.

And so, every day, I was left alone to fraternize with the cook and Bobo. However, once the cook was done with his duties every morning, he’d go off and I’d be left alone with Bobo. Bobo was fresh, very good looking, and kind. And when I started flirting with him, keeping my come-hither attitude toward him not-so-subtle, he rebuffed me quite gently. I took his declination in stride and refrained from flirting with him.

Then one night, he came to my room. That wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was that during our idle chatter, he put his hands on me.

The next thing I knew, we were kissing and grasping at each other’s bodies, and dropping into my bed. I shoved at his shirt. He hurriedly shrugged the material off his body. He yanked at my trousers. I gladly shucked those down my legs. I went for his boxers, my hands trembling as I clutched at what was behind there. His erection bobbed out as he shucked his boxers, and I was instantly smitten by his cock. It was one I would never forget; it had a huge cap with fat edges, with a long piss slit that was pink. He was very aroused and was leaking pre-cum. The leaking was non-stop. I felt it smear my body as we continued to make out, and I tasted it when I went down on him and began sucking him off. He moaned and bucked against my mouth, holding my head steady as he raced toward his orgasm. Soon he came with a gasping breath, after which he got up from the bed, pulled on his clothes and left the room.

Selfish much? I was both deflated and elated at the same time.

The next morning, the cook called me aside and asked if I’d wronged Bobo, if I had perhaps insulted him or something. I said no, while wondering at the weirdness of the question. Then the cook told me that Bobo had cried throughout the previous night and was still in a state of dejection as we spoke.

I was startled to learn this, and immediately sought Bobo out. The cook hadn’t been exaggerating; the guy was a mess of tears and nerves. The moment he saw me, he got this expression of outrage on his face, right before he began on a ranting chastisement about how we – me and him – were sinners, perpetrators of an abomination, and how what we did last night had deeply wronged God. He raved about how we needed His forgiveness, and asked that we kneel together to ask for God’s forgiveness at once. I was too stupefied by what was going on to resist, and speechlessly, I got down on my knees and pressed my eyes shut as he led us in a long prayer. I said my ‘Amen’ to his ‘In Jesus name’. Thereafter, he made us read Psalm 51, and much later in the day, he met my aunt and got her permission for us – me and him – to attend a church program. Through it all, I exhibited not one show of defiance or resistance. I just wanted to get this whole guilt trip of his over with.

Eventually, Bobo’s religious fervor cooled. And I promptly began avoiding him like a plague. I was deathly afraid that in his guilt, he would blurt out the truth to my aunt and/or her family members. I did not want any further close association between us to risk setting him off.

But the devil had other ideas. Like play, like play, he began seeking my company again. He’d come to my room and look for excuses to stay and excuses make body contact with me. And whenever he touched me, I noticed that this would turn him on so. It was only a matter of time before – after one of his ‘inadvertent’ contact with my body – he dived in for a kiss. I moved my head away and told him to stop. He ducked his head – whether in remorse or guilt, I didn’t know – and mumbled something before leaving my room.

But my rejection that night didn’t seem to deter him. He wanted me and he persisted with his desire. And one night, helpless under the onslaught of his desire, I gave in. we began heavily making out, and then there was some heavy petting, blowjob and frottage. And when our orgasms came and passed, he kissed me goodnight and left for his room.

The next morning, I was called aside by the cook and informed that Bobo was crying. It was like déjà vu. And this time, I wasn’t alarmed; I was pissed. And I was having none of it. I did not seek him out to beg, grovel or pray. I was done with pandering to his guilt. Subsequent to this, he began to avoid me like I was some tempter sent by the devil to personally torture him and lure him from his faith.

His distance lasted only a few weeks, and he was back.

This was a vicious cycle that continued, and got better with the passage of time. Our sexual acts got bolder and better, with less frottage and more anal sex, and no longer just in my bedroom but in the bathroom as well. The morning-after crying phase also got shorter and fewer in between, but they were there. The guilt was always there to torment him after every time he got carnal with me.

We carried on like this until I left my aunt’s place. After I left, I missed him. There was so much about him I’d gotten fond of – his kindness, his gentleness as a lover. But he was fucked up. He was a gay man trapped in that juncture where his sexuality was constantly rioting with his religious belief. And I found it quite sad. To me, he was simply too sweet to carry on living his life that way.

Written by Lonz

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  1. Tobby
    February 02, 05:36 Reply

    So awkward, d writer get time ooo as for me after d epic show the so called Bobo nd I will never cross part till I left d house.

  2. Mandy
    February 02, 05:52 Reply

    This Bobo will be a dangerous person to fall in love with or to form any form of emotional attachment with.

    • Pink Panther
      February 02, 06:01 Reply

      Hello Max. *waving cheerily* I knew I’d find you here. 😀

  3. johnnie
    February 02, 06:55 Reply

    like that my sugar bobo that found Jesus overnight. some people are terrifying, they are just so confused. I am waiting for when my bf will say, bae I WANT TO MARRY

    • Max 2.0
      February 02, 07:19 Reply

      ???.. Forgive me for laughing, it’s actually depressing, waiting for the day they’ll come back and give you the speech.. Thats something that’s almost certain to happen, unless you save yourself the stress and trauma and find someone who doesn’t have Internalized homophobia or better still remain single.

    • #Chestnut
      February 02, 07:43 Reply

      @johnnie: oh,so I’m not the only who once had a “boo” that found Jesus overnight (literally,dude became “anew”,at night,after a dream about a pastor telling him things; by 5.30am,he was a different person entirely).

    • ambivalentone
      February 02, 08:27 Reply

      My dear, the ‘finding Jesus’ part annoys me all the time I think it. To think we were screaming HIS name every time we fucked ooo.

    • Jamie
      February 02, 19:30 Reply

      Mine went to the seminary…without telling me o! The most annoying part was, after finding out from someone, I realised from my research that by the time we last had sex together, he had already gotten admission… I hope he succeeds, and hope he doesn’t ever turn up to pester my peacefulness.

  4. juanez
    February 02, 07:36 Reply

    you were 16?….and he was 24?…ok o

  5. #Chestnut
    February 02, 07:47 Reply

    *sigh*: the old “Seduce-fuck-Cry-Pray-confess-denounce-REPEAT” cycle…

  6. Wife beater!
    February 02, 08:24 Reply

    Oohh…ds tale made me nolstagic.And to think he’s older sf*sigh*

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    February 02, 08:52 Reply

    Let me tell you people the story of a guy I shagged in Uni! It was him who came on to me himself and we did it! Iyalaya Every corner of the room was a hit back to back!

    In the morning bros left, later called me to meet him somewhere! I came and it was right in front of the Catholic chapel and he said we have offended God so we should step in and do confession with the priest and receive our penance.

    I wasn’t very comfortable as I am now in my sexuality still I remember telling him to go knock himself out that I had no sin to confess and left!

    Later that night guess who returned to my room? It was hilarious, we will shag finish and sleep and in the morning unkul is praying and cry-singing “Cast me not away from your presence oh lord” lol.

    We sha nack until unkul graduated and we lost touch lol. I can relate with this story completely

    • pete
      February 02, 10:03 Reply

      DM, will this unkul per chance be in the science faculty? We gotta discuss it over boole & fish.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        February 02, 10:17 Reply

        Yes oo! Faculty of Science unkul!

        Elekahia Bole’ and fish it is

  8. bruno
    February 02, 09:29 Reply

    people are fucked in the head. smh

  9. Law
    February 02, 09:49 Reply

    Most of them need help and exposure thats all…. I pity most of them tho.

  10. Shar
    February 02, 11:35 Reply

    Owwwwkaaaay trust me this happned to me last two years with my auntys houseboy…lets call him Nnamdi…worse 365 days of my life i was a continuous cycle of sex, tears, regret, prayers..,i think that’s where my violence towards layed down religious doctrines originated. Worse part… the dude is getting married in seven months. I dint know wat to think wen he told me.

  11. segs
    February 02, 12:47 Reply

    Life’s too short for homophobic people mtcheew just like someone I made out with

  12. Khaleesi
    February 02, 13:29 Reply

    Rolling with such messed up souls is a pathetic waste of time!! Biko i leave such pple to sort out their messed up psyches ….

  13. Teflondon
    February 02, 14:38 Reply

    I’m not in a position to make jest of Bobo.. We all had our different time/ period coming to acceptance of who we are. Some longer than some. Some more dramatic than some. I have gone through this Bobo stage of my life and I am not ashamed to say so. We need to encourage and educate, not insult anyone going though this. It’s not an easy phase of life. Hating yourself for that which seem so natural to you.

  14. Lorde
    February 02, 15:27 Reply

    I dated me one of those in my early budding days, let’s just say that even as a love-struck teenager who was willing to do anything fr love, I couldn’t handle it no mo….the last straw was when the brotha told me he thinks God is punishing him and stopping him from making progress cos of his sexuality, and I’m like “dude, u just finished school 2years ago, ur 25, you wan b CEO?”…. I jus weak forram…

  15. michael
    February 02, 20:41 Reply

    Mine became a pastor and started preaching and practicing holiness… Nonsence.

  16. Oluwadamilare
    February 02, 22:58 Reply

    Hahaha. Where r my own experiences naaw … Only hoes I be meeting. Mschew!

    February 03, 09:25 Reply

    JEEZZZ!!!! I witnessed this, last sunday……..
    I dont just get that shit, after pounding and squirting cum sweatily, they roll back and wear that annoying sad face, feeling all mortified….I JUST HATE THAT NONSENSE!!!!

  18. KingBey
    February 03, 12:09 Reply

    Haven’t I read this same story here before?

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