Weeks ago, after the NYSC camp exercise, I moved into the accommodation provided by my Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). I was wary about the setup I would be the only male living with eight girls. I was also excited by the prospect of maybe hooking up with a couple of them that I’d seen and liked. I was thankful for the fact that I had my own room, which means I could sleep naked and entertain hookups, male or female, anytime I wished.

Then came the Saturday when one of the girls got married. Due to some unfortunate situation, I could not attend the wedding. When I got back to the lodge at the end of that day, the girls all started berating me for missing a co-corper’s wedding. I explained that I’d lost the keys to my room, hence I couldn’t get clothes to wear to the ceremony. This placated them.

The next day, Sunday, I overheard the girls talking about a small party that would be going down later that night in honour of the newlywed corper. As I listened to them, I knew without a doubt that they would want to invite me to the party and that they would play the guilt game on me, like: Hey, you missed the actual wedding, but you can make up for it by attending the night party.

I was praying they wouldn’t do this, but it was an exercise in futility. It happened and I had to say yes, that I would go to the party with them. It would’ve been somewhat wicked to turn down the invitation. I live with these girls; I had to get along with them.

According to the girls, we would be back to the lodge, at the most, by 1 AM. And we set out by 11 PM. We got to the car that was our ride to this party to meet three men – one of them a much older man, and the other two who couldn’t be more than a couple of years older than me. We got in, and off we went. The girls began fidgeting, and I could tell that they were worrying that the party had been a ruse for these guys to get into their pants. But they seemed mollified by the fact that I was with them. After all, I’m a man.

We got to the house where the party was to hold, and we soon realized that it would be just us – the corpers and the three guys – at the party. The guys explained that the newlyweds – our fellow corper and her new husband – had already gone off on their honeymoon. This caused some unrest amongst the girls, like, what if they hadn’t come with me? They couldn’t shake off the feeling that the men had planned this as a guise to do some bad things to them. But hey, thank God I was with them. I would defend them, they reasoned.

I don’t think of myself as a funny person, but sometimes I do and say really stupid things that get people rocking with laughter; so, it was no surprise to me when the girls just kept on laughing over everything I said. My God, we had no idea you could talk like this… You are very funny… You should spend weekends with us all the time…

I couldn’t tell if they were genuinely amused by my unintended jokes or just determinedly trying to relax from their collective anxiety over the current situation. Either way, I was pleased to see that they seemed to have calmed some.

The two younger guys (Bosco and Johnson) soon placed some soft drinks and two plates of barbecued steaks and chicken before us, and it was officially a party. We were all soon eating, gisting and laughing the night away. Too soon, it was 1 AM, and two of the girls were insistent on going back to the lodge. I talked to Johnson about taking them home and he agreed. The rest of us stayed behind. Even the older man, Fred, had retired into the bedroom; it seemed as though the apartment was his.

Just as the festive atmosphere began to wind down, we decided to play a game of Truth or Dare. Six of us (that is five corpers and Bosco) commenced with the game, while Johnson (who had returned from dropping the two ladies at this time) retired to a private corner with one of the girls for the two of them to get to know each other better.

The first time the bottle spun and stopped, its top facing me, I was dared to throw a cup of water over Fred, who was sleeping in his room. I begged so much for the task to be changed. So, I was asked to give one of the girls a lap dance. I made a fool of myself with that.

One of the girls was dared to bring Johnson and his newfound lover into the game, which she accomplished.

Then Johnson was asked to tell the truth regarding the question: “If you were to fulfill a sexual fantasy with any of the guys in this room, who would it be?” He didn’t waste time before pointing at me. Honestly, I did not make anything of it because I figured he chose me as the other guy was his friend. The girls laughed over this and the game progressed.

The girl, Janet, who asked Johnson about his boy fantasy was soon asked to tell the truth about her wildest sexual fantasy. Her sexual fantasy was apparently a threesome, involving a man and two women.

The bottle soon spun on me again, and Janet dared me to kiss any of the girls in the room. Of course, I readily kissed one of the girls I liked. But the other time I got the bottle on me, Janet (again) dared me to French-kiss Bosco for thirty seconds. I was instantly flustered. I felt like my ministry was about to be made public. I vehemently refused to do this, but Bosco was all ready to kiss me, even puckering his lips in my direction. “I will do it. That one is not hard,” he’d said amidst all the laughter in the room.

I couldn’t believe his eagerness, and I began to wonder if he was even heterosexual. He kept leaning toward me for that kiss, but I wouldn’t budge. I didn’t trust myself to not kiss him in the way that would betray my interest in guys. This was a pretty sharp crowd that I was amongst, and the dare was to French-kiss for a whole thirty seconds!

The dare was soon canceled, and soon after, we all retired to makeshift beds for a short sleep, waking up to return to the lodge by 6 AM.

And all through the new day, I kept wondering two things: Why on earth would Bosco not have a problem with kissing me? And why on earth would Janet ask a guy about his boy-on-boy sexual fantasy, tell us her own sexual fantasy involved getting with another woman and a guy, and then ask two guys to kiss?

Written by Prince Ame

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  1. Mitch
    November 05, 06:37 Reply

    Overthinking things.
    That’s what you’re doing.
    It was a game. People do silly things during truth or dare games. I’ve French kissed several different girls and guys, both heterosexual and homosexual and bisexual, during games like this.

    It’d do you a world of good.

  2. Higwe
    November 05, 07:04 Reply

    The best truth or dare is the one with money at stake .

    Money to be won and lost …no one would DARE be a party pooper .

    From your narration you’re bi …aye

    Which means you enjoy gbenshing selfsame irregardless of gender …

    If you had no issue checking yourself whilst kissing the girl you admitted you are/ were in a cathexis stage with , why is it so difficult to kiss a random John bosco for thirty seconds without betraying yourself ? ?

    Meanwhile I’d be careful around that Janet…it may seem as though , she’s onto something . ?

    • Mandy
      November 05, 08:26 Reply

      LMAO!!! Aunty is out there investigating who exactly is setting off her gaydar.

  3. Delle
    November 05, 07:52 Reply

    You’re asking all the wrong questions.

    Why were you so bothered about kissing him when it was all obvious he didn’t have an issue with that? If I were there, it would have been a tell sign that you have something to hide. Yes, vehemently refusing to kiss him makes you even more suspect, just so you know.

    Y’all should learn to let go sometimes. It was a dare. They asked for it, that should even be an avenue to satisfy a craving (except of course there’s no attraction then this epistle is really not necessary).

    Oh well, you’ll be fine. You’re still a heterosexual man in their eyes. How proud of yourself you must be ?

    • Mike
      November 07, 18:22 Reply

      A straight guy would pay his bail money, and go. Simple, kissing him would imply he’s bi/gay, forget the game of truth or dare, where people use acholic execuse to show their real self.

      As a gay man, bi but who ask me?. I would laugh and pay the bail money.
      They were all on alcohol mind you, alcohol is supposed to lower inhibitions, meaning that is not a situation to measure the other person’s resistance, meaning there is no way we can/ he can know exactly how irritated the other guy was with kissing another man. Alot of things could go wrong after alcohol has left their system.

      A group of four guys, drinking, playing PlayStation in a room, my room. I hate playing games, worst football and i hate alcohol too. But I was eager for acceptance, so I nigga-ed up.
      It was getting late, one by one they existed, except one person, who suspected I was bi, was probably curious, and my type. He decided to sleep over. Long story short, I got his consent, but not the way I wanted in his words “where I’m from in kaduna they kill gays, and I am not gay but if you want to do, you can do”. I pull up his shorts back in place, shook him up to dress properly. I wanted him to stand up, let the situation sink in and acknowledge what almost happened, then I turned off the light and slept.

      The next day, the story change, the rest guys knew I was gay from the horses mouth, but turns out they don’t mind, infact looking back, I minded more about the fact that they shouldn’t know my sexuality, than they minded about me being gay.

      A full grown ass black nigga, pulled down to his boxers, tweaked for me and gave me a lap dance. Then laid down on his bed waiting for me to mount. I turned him down , next day he went back to being a straight nigga and my nemesis.

      Moral of the story, after the games, after alcohol it can change really fast.

  4. Mandy
    November 05, 08:25 Reply

    I was going to say exactly what Delle said. Your vehement resistance to kissing him reveals more about your homosexuality than you kissing him would ever have. Also says more about how self accepting you are of yourself that you would overthink a GAME OF DARES (literally the only time you can get away with any “foolishness”) and imagine a mere 30-second kiss would out you.

    Every time these gay celebrities like Alex Ekubo and Uti get furious in their denials against public implications of their sexuality, what do we say in the community? Shebi that they are trying too hard and that their reactions is achieving exactly the opposite of the intended, which is to show them off as people with something to hide. Well guess what? You played yourself because that situation exactly applies to you. It was just a kiss in a dare. After all, you’d earlier kissed a girl.

    Next time, pucker up and stop overthinking it.

  5. Tristan
    November 05, 10:27 Reply

    Please where is the next truth or dare games taking place? Asking for a friend.

  6. Bickersteth-K7
    November 06, 22:21 Reply

    I think you’ll need to be careful around Miss Janet for now

  7. Mike
    November 07, 18:32 Reply

    I think what you did is really smart, cause wether gay or curious. It can get ugly really fast, they can be funny.

    Refer to one of the narrative here on kd, where after the guy came, he got up and started screaming homo.

    I can’t count how many times, as a teen a guy would not resist my touch, then let me complete the government job inside him, stand up, pull up his shorts and walk out the door, only to turn to my nemesis the next day or announce my sexuality to the rest clique. I lost a childhood bestfriend that way.

    And you should know, a straight man would resist kissing another man, as much as he can, cause straight men especially close friends see themselves as brothers, so imagine kissing your brother mouth to mouth.

    Its a pack mentally thing.

  8. Uzor
    November 10, 08:43 Reply

    I’m just here wondering how all y’all fit into Fred’s car!

  9. Dante
    November 10, 23:26 Reply

    I swear this story didn’t end well ?

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