Nigerian Man’s Tweets Expose The Homophobic Nature of The Nigerian Male Privilege

Nigerian Man’s Tweets Expose The Homophobic Nature of The Nigerian Male Privilege

Someone, a lady, once tweeted that no matter what they claim to the contrary, straight men understand consent. You just have to put them in a position where their space is invaded by a gay man, and you’ll see just how fast they get it.

The social media is chockfull of women’s narratives of the liberties heterosexual men take with them. From blatant sexual overtures to inappropriate endearments, sexual harassment they take it for granted is their due.

But let a gay man slide into a presumably straight man’s DM, and all hell will break lose.

Evidence of this is in the twitter thread narrated by the Nigerian man with handle @TemiXTemi.

This is a hilarious narrative. But it also sadly proves how often misogyny and homophobia are interwoven. And how normalized the disrespect for women and abuse of gay men has become in our society.

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  1. Mitch
    November 05, 06:45 Reply

    While the story sounds implausible (too many different plot holes and undelienated parts), it does shed light on the stupidity of heterosexual men and the foolish entitlement they have to harrass women. Men understand consent. They just skate over it when it’s convenient for them.

    You want to see a heterosexual Nigerian man get riled up?

    Have a gay man hit on him.
    Or, let a guy rape his sister. Especially if she’s underaged.
    You’d see him carry arms to fight and wage war, both physically and on social media.

    It begs the question: if they can do this when they’re directly affected, why do they still feel entitled to acting like brainless beasts towards women?

    • Mandy
      November 05, 08:28 Reply

      Nna, biko, what “different plot holes and undelienated parts”?

      • Damilola
        November 05, 09:25 Reply

        Exactly what i was bout asking.

        Pray tell, Mitch

  2. Higwe
    November 05, 07:29 Reply

    Saw it yesterday on Twitter …quite hilarious .

    Not everyone is like this though .

    There is one beautiful effeminate dude that patronises my dad .

    You need to see my dad’s apprentices gassing him up .

    They’ll call him pretty , beauty ,Akwa , omalicha and use all sorts of endearments .

    One even joked that if he were a girl , he would have fucked him till he couldn’t walk.

    Honestly cute to watch and to the best of knowledge , these guys are heterosexuals … aggressively so BTW.

    I don’t really know but I think Nigerian guys are fast loosening the toxic masculinity thread … especially in situations like this that it benefits them .

    And that cute guy never misses my dad’s shop whenever he’s in the market and he buys in bulk …

    The seller from the tweep’s story is pretty dumb.
    I’d keep up with the charade as long as it eventually leads to patronisation.???‍♂️

    • Pink Panther
      November 05, 08:17 Reply

      Some toxic homophobic males can’t help it. Their homophobia would always surface like a knee-jerk reaction to blind them to business opportunities.

  3. Delle
    November 05, 07:56 Reply


    Oh how this cracked me up. The stupidity of the average heterosexual male. So he actually intended to ‘fuck’ the (female) customer by calling her dear? This is preposterous.

    It’s sad the reasoning we have predominant in this society.

  4. Mandy
    November 05, 08:29 Reply

    If this guy is straight, then I love, love, love his sense of humour. That last line about the guy being his sweetie just kills me every time.

  5. Gif
    November 05, 11:25 Reply

    I’m much more shocked that a human being would turn down an opportunity of making money and building clientele just so he could prove to some silly people on SM that he is ‘straight”
    Chai!!! Some people just have stupidity and poverty engraved in their bone marrow!

  6. bamidele
    November 05, 13:02 Reply

    Often times we blame govt for everything ( and indeed the govt plays vital roles in the whole situation), whereas virtually an average Nigeria fails to face the reality of diversity in which humans live, even in villages, and one has to relate with different category of people. No society progress without making this reality a priority. One can imagine how many customers such a narrow-minded man would have lost; not to mention how some of our Nigerian men treat or regard women these days!

  7. J
    November 06, 13:39 Reply

    LOL I like his determination. This love is by force ooo ?

  8. ROCK
    November 06, 23:28 Reply

    But people are stupid o.
    Or maybe this is not his main business.
    Can’t be this stupid na
    U throw away the sale because someone threw your dear back at u.

  9. Cedar
    November 08, 04:08 Reply

    All I can see is a 2yr old throwing tantrums, simple.

  10. flexsterous
    November 09, 06:40 Reply

    it’s not a “straight men” thing its a “men” thing. men are vile and it makes me resent being attracted to them

    • Pink Panther
      November 09, 06:46 Reply

      Whoa. Women aren’t exactly a picnic either, you know that, right? All of mankind is the shit.

      • flexsterous
        November 09, 08:03 Reply

        That was my first comment on here by the way. Back on topic, when was the last time you as a male or any male for that matter felt threatened sexually by a woman, that you were afraid to be alone with them. In the 3 or so months I discovered this blog, I’ve read stories that sent chills down my spine, stories that were down right rapey, the entitlement men feel to your body when they buy stuff for you, where it becomes dangerous to withdraw consent.

        • Pink Panther
          November 09, 09:37 Reply

          Men are trash. Lol. That much is irrefutable. But saying you regret being attracted to men because of that is a little extreme, isn’t it?

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