Random Questions: Post-Quarantine Plans

Random Questions: Post-Quarantine Plans

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, we are globally remanded indoors, unable to go out and live our lives as normal people.

But in light of the hope that we will get through this, that a time will come when the pandemic will be over and we can get back to living, the question then is:

What is the first thing you plan to do once quarantine is over and the world is right again?

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  1. Black Dynasty
    April 19, 08:26 Reply

    I honestly haven’t thought about this, but it’ll most likely involve food and the beach.

    • Delle
      April 19, 11:33 Reply

      Food!? Food!?

      After all the food in this lockdown, still food?😩😩😩

      Mine should be taking myself out. I’ll just go and perch in one corner of a Coldstone Icecream outlet and watch people move in and out WITHOUT FACEMASKS and the fear of a sneeze.

      • Black Dynasty
        April 19, 14:46 Reply

        😄 but the ice cream you just mentioned is food…

        I look forward to eating at my fav restaurants, especially those with food i can’t make at home.

  2. Malik
    April 19, 21:44 Reply

    No one thinks about such things here. What is sex?

    • Dunder
      April 21, 01:48 Reply

      😆😂. Sex is defined as what mummy and daddy do once every 3 years to produce children. 🙉🙊🙈

      Honestly, this period has me thinking of marriage. Like a fraction of my mind has come down with a long-term lockdown outlook. I now get the mentality of tying someone down with a ring. This period would have been hell for couples who got together that way but mehn… When you croak your last, won’t it be nice to have someone call the neighbors?

  3. Dunder
    April 21, 02:02 Reply

    I really should take writing classes… I have been postponing and trying to do everything- reading books, instructional videos, but I’m not even sure where to start. I know at this point, I’m not planning to write a book. Maybe a blog? I’m sure I’ll have more information and direction by the end of the week 🤞. With this COVID-19 experience, I’m learning that life is for living by the living. Carpe Diem!

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