Waka Pass Diaries (Failure To Launch)

Waka Pass Diaries (Failure To Launch)

December 11

Well, this was a first.

Everything was on point. The kissing. The smooching. The way his tongue trailed over my body and his lips suckled on my nipples. He wouldn’t suck my dick, but I was in a forgiving mood.

Everything was fine.

Until it was time for him to get his hard-on inside me.

And then it stopped being a hard-on. The erection began to die. The stick began to turn to spaghetti.

Dude began to cuss. “Oh shit! Not now! No, no, no! Muthafucker, stand up!”

I almost burst out into laughter. He was slapping on his rapidly-softening dick, trying to reawaken the hard-on. But the dick was not here for this. It was done before it’d even started. Dude continued to wank his dick, his other hand kneading my ass as though my ass would give his dick inspiration to rise again. His hand rubbed my ass cheeks and fingered my hole, while the other one furiously worked on his dick.

But did I mention this dick was so over this? The thing stayed stubbornly flaccid.

He wasn’t ready to give up though. “Suck my nipples please,” he said to me.

I obliged him and about 10 minutes passed while I sucked and teased those nipples as he wanked.

But the dick stayed flaccid and unresponsive.

His expression was steadily growing either frustrated or embarrassed. I figured the latter because he wouldn’t look me in the eye as he wanked.

So I sought to reassure him by saying, “It’s OK if we don’t do it today…”

“No, no, just give me a minute… I’ll get it up. Don’t worry, we’ll fuck…” He continued working that soft dick.

This is our first hookup, straight from Grindr. So I imagined he was horrified by what I must be thinking, how I must think he was a weak Top after how risqué our chats had been.

Again, I tried to reassure him. “Honestly, it’s OK. You yourself told me you’d had a stressful week. Maybe, it’s the stress. This happens all the time, OK? We don’t have to do anything today. We can see another time.”

“Really? Are you sure we’ll see?” He had finally looked at my face, with eyes that were pleading, that seemed to be telling me: Please don’t end things once I leave here today. Aloud, he said, “Because I can assure you, when we see again, I’ll fuck you really good.”

“I’m sure you will,” I said with a smile, trying not to laugh at how this reminded me of the time when I was in JSS3 and I came 5th position in class, against my father’s instruction for me to never fall below 3rd position. And while he raged at me over my result, I was crying and telling him, “Daddy, I’m sorry. Please, next term, I must come 1st position.”

“So you’ll call to tell me if you’ll be available next weekend, right?” he said as he got dressed.

“Yes, I will,” I said.

“And we’ll be chatting on WhatsApp until then, yes?”

“Yes, of course,” I said.

Until he got on a bike and zoomed off, I don’t think he believed that I wasn’t going to dump him, delete his contact and never see him again.

Even if I don’t see him again, it wouldn’t be because his dick failed. Oh no. It’d be because I just remembered that he didn’t suck my dick. That he’d said he doesn’t suck dick. I can live without getting fucked. But the dicks on Bottoms deserve to be sucked too!

Written by Pink Panther

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The way I break up is something else. If I don’t text you for a fortnight, hmm, just know it’s over between us. It’s either I’ve lost interest or an


  1. J
    December 12, 10:07 Reply

    Lie lie it’s because of the dick ???

    May be God is trying to arrest you Pinky?
    They call it erectile dysfunction abi? I can just imagine what he’s going through ?

    He should have come with that dildo that has a belt, what is it called sef ‘straps on’ or something? Poor Pinky this December go good for you shuuu?

    • Pink Panther
      December 12, 11:01 Reply

      Lol. What can I say? May be the Good Lord is letting the proverbial frogs pass through to prepare me for my prince, no?

      • J
        December 12, 12:29 Reply

        He could be your prince, this is just another medical condition that could be treated… You can encourage him to seek help, seems he likes you… As for him no sucking your cock on the first day, just give him time.

        • Pink Panther
          December 12, 12:54 Reply

          If I don’t give head the first day of hooking up with a guy, should I also expect the Top to understand and give me time?

          • J
            December 12, 15:04 Reply

            LOL I don’t understand, so giving heads equals to more affection and attraction right?

  2. KingB
    December 12, 10:22 Reply

    I was gonna say You Is A Wicked guy for deleting his contact until you mentioned he doesn’t suck preeq. You did the right thing jare. By the way, is this guy’s name Smart?? I see no reason why you would have a fine face, sexy lips, baritone voice, beards that connect, well built and very thick long preeq and not be able to get it up during the do God punish you for wasting my time that day. Vegetable Top.

  3. Mandy
    December 12, 10:53 Reply

    A dick’s failure to launch… Lol. Every man’s nightmare. Especially when his stroking game is at stake. I’m glad you handled it with sensitivity. Some Bottoms wouldn’t be so kind.

  4. Jinchuriki
    December 12, 18:21 Reply

    Yes Pink Panther. A bottoms dick is made for love too. How are you even a top if you don’t suck dick?

    Suck a dick today!

    And y’all bottoms should learn to eat arse too. ?

  5. Bee
    December 13, 15:18 Reply

    Jesus Christ. Pinky, I had an ALMOST similar experience on the (what’s today’s date …?), uhm, 8th. I met this (hot) guy right from Grindr and when our date was set, I deleted the app. He seemed nice.

    I prepped and prepped and prepped (and prepped!!! ?) for what would be my first time bottoming in 20 months and Oga said he doesn’t suck dick, and then failed to launch afterwards. I’m not sure what annoyed me most; the effort I put in to try to make him rise or the fact that he refused to blow. (Please, if you don’t give blowjobs don’t come near me; it’s not a one-way thing.) My words were, “Don’t think I’m disappointed ‘cos I’m not. Maybe, next time.” That was me doing that handling-pain thing that Nigerian women in abusive marriages do. (No, he wasn’t abusive.)

    The only difference is that he didn’t seem as eager to try again. Next time I see him: “Am I disturbing you? Please, tell me let me move on.”

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