#HowIResist Campaign 9

#HowIResist Campaign 9

Being different is not a good reason to discriminate against a group of people. And just because something is lawful doesn’t mean it is just. Human history is filled with examples of stupid and unjust laws. There used to be a time when women and black people were denied the right to vote in America. Apartheid was once lawful in South Africa. Black people used to be slaves with zero human rights. Arresting and humiliating gay people for no other reason than being gay is not a good way for the society to treat difference. It diminishes us. We must give up this idle preoccupation with the sex lives of other people. – Ijabla Raymond



I resist by wearing the label LESBIAN as unapologetically as I can. I resist by making each day count in my own personal fight against bigotry and homophobia. – Nwamaka



By waking up every morning and living for me. – Kennedy



I resist by educating myself that I am a full human being deserving of all the things society says I can’t have.

I resist by using my resources and influence to do whatever I can to help.

I resist by helping others behind me, holding doors for them to pass through for I know that when we have the numbers, we will have a seat at the table. – Dennis Macaulay



I resist by constantly telling myself that contrary to the teachings of the church, there is nothing abominable about who I am. – Jon Snow



Growing up, I thought I had a damning demon within. I isolated myself and created my own space to cage this monster from the blinding light, afraid to let the world see it.

Now, I have reached a point where I can’t hold out any longer. For each day I grow, I understand that what I was told of this demon was false. I learn the angles and shapes of the indelible scars within me and I want to show the world that these scars are beautiful. That this “monster” has wings as colourful as the rainbow.

So I Resist! I resist and throw away my cage. I resist for those still in their cages, hoping they’d realize that who they are is all shades of beautiful and perfect. – Law

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