Waka Pass Diaries (The Power Bottom In Me)

Waka Pass Diaries (The Power Bottom In Me)

July 21

I’ve come to realize something: with the right lover, I could actually be a power bottom.

I mean, I suspected this when I was with my last boyfriend, whose dick is no joke.

But when I met the guy I hooked up with this Sunday morning, when I SAW him, I realised the Hoely Spirit had finally presented a test before me.

First, a little bit of background gist. We’d been chatting and getting to know each other for a few months now. He doesn’t stay in Lagos; he is based in the East. So, our chats were anticipatory of the time we would hook up. In fact, the understanding that we were nothing more than potential fuck buddies was evident in how every one of our chats were less about being friends and more about sex.

One time he asked for a nude pic and I sent him one of my ass, as I was lying down on my side, and I captioned the pic: Waiting for your dick.

To which he chuckled and responded: You won’t be lying down like that if I bring my dick to your ass.

I laughed, not at all intimidated by his “warning”. At this point, I thought he was just making mouth.

Then on Instagram, in the comments section of a sexual post, which is the video of a guy with a visible eggplant, I came across a comment made by someone I assumed is his friend. This friend mentioned him, saying something about how his own dick would put to shame the guy in the post. And he responded with a lazy “LOL.”

At this point, I wasn’t so sure he was making mouth. I was wary. Anticipating, yet expectant. Sure, yet doubtful.

Then he visited Lagos and we finally met, me and this tall, good looking hookup of mine. We were at my place. We chit-chatted for a bit. But who were we kidding? We were here to fuck, not get to know each other. He made the first move. Sidled close to me as I was tapping away at Instagram and slid his hand beneath my shirt to capture my left nipple. My nipples are a very strong erogenous zone on my body, so sensitive that the right touch can send me straight to heaven and the wrong touch can make me feel repulsed by the person touching me.

This guy had the right touch. My brain was pleading with my fingers to finish typing the comment I was typing on that Instagram post, but my nerve endings were feverishly ordering me to put down the phone. I’m sure you can guess who won this battle.

I tossed the phone aside and he enveloped me. He is taller and bigger than I am, and he smelled really nice. His mouth and tongue and lips were all about my nipples, left and right. Hay god. This guy was torturing me. I felt tortured so much that when he finally brought his lips up to kiss me, I kissed him back more out of relief that my sensitive nipples had been left alone than any passion for the kiss. I kissed him with the zeal of someone who wanted to keep him focused on my lips instead of returning back to my nipples.

Then he stood up and began removing his clothes. I began removing mine. Then he pulled down his boxers, and ladies and gentle-gays, that was when I was confronted with the sight of a dick that made me gasp, “Oh shit.”

He saw my alarm and smiled, saying, “Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it.”

Oh, but I wasn’t convinced at all. I wasn’t reassured. I wasn’t confident. Every cell in my body was screaming “Run! RUN!! RUNNNNNN!!!”

But Konji was my rock and my provider. Konji comforted me and prepared a table before my enemies. My cup overfloweth with confidence.

Especially because this guy was skilled, patient and entirely focused on my pleasure. As his massive highness of a dick was making the grand entrance into my honey-hole, he was generously and simultaneously wanking me and sucking on my nipples. Inch by inch, he would go in. I’d wince. He would stop. Wank. Suck. Enter. Wince. Stop. Wank. Suck. Enter. Wince. Stop.

This was the cycle as he pushed inside me. That dick was HUGE. There was pain. But amazingly, this pain was negligible, considering how much pleasure he was stoking out of my body to counteract the pain. He even held the lube in his hand throughout this process, frequently squirting its content out to lubricate his dick, my ass, and to continue wanking me. No one was more surprised than me when I finally felt his hip connect with my derriere. Like, I had taken him all in to the hilt.

And then, in my head, I was like: Well, Entering is part 1. Enduring the thrust is another sequel altogether.

But this guy… Did I mention that he is skilled in the art of lovemaking? It was like, he is well aware of the weapon of ass destruction that his dick is, and instead of just feeling arrogant pride in it, he kept in mind an empathy for the Bottom whose ass he’d be sticking it into. So, he learned how to put that empathy into action. Hence, a sexual skill that was more about giving pleasure than taking his own.

It got to a point where, as I welcomed his thrusts over and over again, I was low-key asking myself: Is that all of this dick? Where is the rest of it? Provide the rest of this dick and give it to me. GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!

He must have gotten close, because he stopped thrusting so aggressively, slowing down his tempo and focused on wanking me until I came. Then he banged a few more times and came himself.

Pure Sunday bliss! Just what the doctor ordered.

Written by Pink Panther

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Editor's Desk 21 Comments

Tweet of the Day: When In Doubt, Ask Questions

Real talk – Something no one ever talked to me about were some of the risks/complications that can come from bottoming.(Anal abscess/tears/fissures…)When U don’t have a good knowledgeable health professional

Editor's Desk 37 Comments


That’s a question that most guys ask each other in the first stages of their acquaintanceship. And it has been asked in every way conceivable. How did you start? How

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Weak. Stupid. You can like to stoop low at times. I know. I just wanted to please him. You know I like him. Mtchew! It’s going to happen again…With someone


  1. Net
    July 23, 07:37 Reply

    The kinda sex that aches the body… God when!!

      • Audrey
        July 23, 14:24 Reply

        Got something close to this on Saturday after sneaking out of a camp meeting to hook up with someone I met from the Yellow app and dude did give me more than I bargained for(Dude was hung) BUT people of gawd I think I made a mistake to have told him that I’d love to hook up with him again as uncle immediately came up with different stories to exploit money out of me(I parted with a few thousands but that was it).People of gawd I took to my heels and blocked him on every platform blockable but dude has been blowing up my phone with calls since then.

        • Pink Panther
          July 23, 19:02 Reply

          LMAO!!! Better maintain your distance from him o. Before stories that touch begin to happen.

        • J
          July 23, 19:05 Reply

          But why blocking him? ??? This reminds me of what my mom said when she went to visit my brother in Lagos. Coming back to our hometown she said “Lagos youths are so wise and hardworking, they hardly have time to misbehave…but here in this village, they fuck you and eat your food.”

          That’s what happened to you Audrey ???

          • Audrey
            July 23, 19:52 Reply

            Azin eh my brother.Dude took my body and my money is still looking for more.
            Good dicking will not allow someones child to be great I haff tire.

            • J
              July 24, 00:25 Reply

              Darling you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving ?

  2. Jay
    July 23, 07:37 Reply

    Pink panther!!!!!! With that, no sex for u till further notice.

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 08:21 Reply

      May Amadioha seize your destiny for that. What kind of rough play is that one?

  3. Mandy
    July 23, 08:35 Reply

    Well hung Tops who give pleasurable consideration to Bottoms during sex are a dying breed. You got one of the few, PP. Will this be moving on into something steady or have you whammed, bammed, thanks sir?

    July 23, 10:13 Reply

    Chai. My case shall not be different o. I have tapped into this report as I await my testimony ?

  5. Jay
    July 23, 11:20 Reply

    @Pink Panther before my destiny is seized, continue to enjoy such dick in the Lord.

  6. Lopez
    July 23, 12:05 Reply

    You slut… Why are you telling this kind of story when people are at work

  7. Bells
    July 23, 12:47 Reply

    Lol @ “just what the doctor ordered”

  8. Beau
    July 23, 13:09 Reply

    I guess i nid to visit ur doctor and get my own prescription. This pharmacy must not run out of stock

      • Chidinma
        July 25, 00:04 Reply

        Just imagining a huge dick stretching one out. Yikes but more power to you.
        Was a bit of a show off though to say you were like oh is that all????✌?

  9. BoyRainbow
    July 23, 18:17 Reply

    Life’s too short. No gbogiri in heaven, fuck it here on Earth.

  10. J
    July 23, 19:21 Reply

    ” I finally felt his hip connect with my derriere.” Is that butt or ass cheeks in Igbo language? ???

    “Every cell in my body was screaming “Run! RUN!! RUNNNNNN!!!”” Run from your own house silly? ???

  11. J
    July 23, 19:47 Reply

    Pinky, if they tie all the dicks you had and put them on your head, you can not move a step further.

  12. liam
    July 25, 01:47 Reply

    the eyes of my imagination has been set loose and it’s as though I was there with you watching life porn
    oh lord please hook me up with such pleasure for konji days
    but you sha have pride

  13. Bitch
    July 26, 11:20 Reply

    ??????… That was a nice story tho…

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